10 Best Football Cleats 2021 (COMPARISONS, REVIEWS & BUYING GUIDES)

Football is a sport with high movement intensity, the players have to run constantly at high speed throughout the playing and training time on different types of courts such as dirt, natural grass courts, the courts, or artificial grass. The best football cleats are therefore an essential and very important element for a football player.

Best Football Cleats 2021

Here are the best football cleats on the market in 2021:

Expensive football cleats: Nike Vapor Untouchable Pro 3 Men’s Football Cleats

Improve your playability in Vapor Untouchable III Pro. The cleats are designed to provide support, durability, and breathability by synthetic and mesh upper. These top football cleats feature carbon fiber panels to deliver outstanding traction, performance, speed and stability to keep you going throughout the game.


  • Have a positive effect on your performance, speed and stability 
  • The cleats offer excellent quality
  • The cleats feature lightweight
  • The cleats best flexible 
  • Fit in size. 
  • Elastic and responsive thanks to the carbon fiber outsole play
  • The carbon fiber outsole plate is very elastic and responsive, as many user notice. 
  • It is one of the best football cleats in American football.


  • Getting dirty very quickly. 

Popular football cleats: Nike Men’s Vapor Edge Pro 360 Football Cleats



The Nike Vapor Edge Pro 360, the most comfortable football cleats, are made for the fastest players on the field. The slightly upper section has a Ghost stringing system that offers exceptional intermixing capabilities, while the wider inner panel helps to improve the position and intermix in short dynamic layers. This is the new football cleats 2021.


  • Wraps around the entire foot.
  • The heel lining around the heel provided good locking, as various testers noticed.
  • Active traction on solid ground. 


  • There is no complaint about The Nike Men’s Vapor Edge Pro 360

Best low top football cleats: Adidas Adizero 8.0 Primeknit Cleats Men’s

Burn the opposing team in the new Adidas adiZERO 8.0 Primeknit which is the best low top football cleats. The cleats feature a cover with Sprint Lock reinforcement that adds support and locking, while the Sprintframe offers a better grip. 

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  • The Primeknit version of the Adidas Adizero 8.0 looks eye-catching
  • The cleats feature very comfortable to play. 
  • The cleats offer faster and lighter
  • Fit perfectly.
  • The best quality materials have been proven to be reliable and durable.
  • They are the lightest football cleats on offer. 


  • Primeknit material takes some time to insert, several owners report. 

Nike football cleats 2021: Nike Men’s Alpha Menace Pro 2 Mid Football Cleats

Show your opponents great sporting potential with the Nike Men’s Alpha Menace Pro 2 Mid. The capable, calming, and responsive grip of this pair of cleats makes your sport more enjoyable.

This cleat is the ultimate football cleat that provides comfort on the pitch for the players. These Nike football cleats are reliable traction.

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  • These are awesome football cleats and many players recommend buying a pair.
  • The outer plate is very elastic. 
  • The cleats provide a great grip on the pitch.
  • The cleats are beautiful, comment a few buyers. 
  • The other Alpha Menace Pro Mid snug fit on the feet, says one user. 


  • The cleat is not a well-regarded product. 

Top rated football cleats: Nike Men’s Alpha Menace Shark Football Cleats

This is the year you should shine with Alpha Menace Shark which is top rated football cleats of the year. Find the support, comfort, and grip that you need to impact the sole of your Nike Alpha Menace Shark Football cleats.

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  • The best cleats offer friendly to wide feet. 
  • It works perfectly and fit the size
  • The cleats feature look great and stylish 
  • The Nike Alpha Menace Shark is an incredible cleat for its price
  • These football cleats are very comfortable to play
  • It holds up well, even when played in wet conditions. 
  • It has great traction, some are aware
  • Don’t slip and grip the playing surface very well
  • It offers the right amount of heels and ankle support 


  • Very stiff and takes some time to establish itself. 

Fastest football cleats: Men’s Lunarbeast Pro TD Football Cleats

Nike’s Nike Lunarbeast Pro TD promises to offer high-quality footwear that is explosive, protective, and versatile. This pair of cleats mesh wrapped up around the upper to create a criss-cross pattern for supportive snug fit. The cleats use a removable 7-pin TPU toe cap for unmatched acceleration, traction, and performance on the games.

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  • The best cleats provide light durability and protection
  • Dynamic Nike Flywire locks your foot in for support. 
  • The proprioceptive collar is durable, supportive, and flexible. 
  • Buttons built for a powerful traction system. 
  • NikeSkin improves durability so cleats last all season. 


  • It can be difficult to put on, despite the knitted collar. 

Best football cleats for ankle support: Men’s Force Savage Elite 2 Football Cleats

The strong convulsions and excellent grip of the Nike Force Savage Elite 2 football boot will put your will on the opposing team. Men’s Force Savage Elite 2 football cleats are designed with improved versatility. Specifically, it is designed for talented athletes including stretch shields that offer explosive speed and physical agility with 15 triangular teeth and fast trigger.

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  • An excellent soccer cleat which is the best linebacker football cleats
  • A great product.
  • It has very good ankle support
  • Very strong. 
  • Comfortable to play with. 


  • The internal temperature of these football boots is too high to play on a sunny day.

Most comfortable football cleats: Adizero X Anniversary Men’s Football Cleats Ef7919

Celebrate Aziraro’s 10th birthday on the field with the adizero X commemorative cleats. Find the charm, stability and speed the players need to play adizero X. Now, you will have a lightweight and responsive feels that you need to perform at your best with Adidas Adizero X.

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  • Super light
  • Durability: Some customers claim that these 2021 football cleats are still good after a few uses. 
  • Supportive: The commenter thanked for the stable football cleats 
  • Ready for traction: the platform provides a secure grip. 
  • Fast improvement
  • Stylish: Several athletes praise the striking exterior of the Adizero football boots. 


  • Too tight: Some users find that the cleat spacing is tighter. 

Lightest football cleats: Nike Men’s Vapor Untouchable 2 Football Cleat

This is a premium cleat that delivers great performance. The stand-up collar and supportive Flywire cables provide excellent support and comfort. The carbon V-drive system also provides exceptional traction in the field. So if you have the money to spare, the Untouchable 2 is one of the best cleats for football you can buy.



  • These best cleats are light and suitable for soccer competitions.
  • The high collar provides excellent ankle protection
  • Some users have declared that these Nike tops are perfect. 
  • Support to increase speed
  • Fantastic traction during cutting and running. 


  • Having blisters after playing with these Nike football cleats.

Best Adidas football cleats: ADIDAS Adizero Men’s Football Cleats Ef8650

Enjoy the simplicity and ingenuity you need to do your best with Adidas Adizero. Lead your team to victory by completing Adidas Adizero Men’s Ef8650. The Adizero Ef8650 is designed to accommodate lightweight and unique grips, and deserves to be one of the best football cleats you should buy. 

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  • One of the most comfortable football cleat
  • High level of support to increase speed.
  • Many users report that these advanced football cleats are surprisingly lightweight. 
  • According to some users, Adizero has a special traction
  • Many owners were impressed with the quality of these Adidas football cleats
  • The Adidas Adizero is very stylish, shouting almost all buyers. 


  • These football cleats need a long time to get in, some owners comment. 

Besides, there are many great football cleats that you can choose eg Adidas Adizero 8 0, Highlight MC Football Cleats Under Armour, Highlight MC Football Cleats Under Armour Lux, C1N MC Football Cleats Under Armour, Force Savage Pro 2 Nike, Nike Force Savage Pro TD White, Nike Force Savage Pro SKU,… 

Tips for Picking Football Cleats

You can buy authentic Nike, Armour or ADIDAS cleats,…on the market for example at the supermarket, shopping mall, amazon com…. easily, But you are wondering how to choose the right one because there are so many models and types? This article will help you answer the questions.

For which garden surface do you use cleats?

When choosing a pair of 2021 football cleats, you need first pay attention to its use, the surface of the court, and the style of play that will determine it. Should you play 5, 7, or 11 yards or just play art.

Do you want to play on artificial turf, a natural yard, a smaller grassy yard, or a wooden floor, a cement futsal?

choose the best football cleats based on court characteristics

Choose the best football cleats based on court characteristics

Each type of football cleats that fit a playing field, a certain style of play, and sometimes even in the weather. You can not use a flat sole (IC) shoe to run on natural grass, you will definitely feel smooth, and also not a pair of high heels (FG) to run on a surface with no settlement on cement floors that can result in injury. 

Choose a football cleat that conforms to your foot

Do you like red, yellow? Do you like light shoes? Drill first, note that the shape of the foot determines which shoe is right for you. Usually thin and bone are the most popular. 

If your foot shape is thin, it will be easier to choose a shoe because most authentic soccer cleats are extremely tight in the legs, so you just have to pay attention to its length. If your friend has wide feet, you should try it carefully or get advice from the shoe seller on a suitable shoe for the shape of the foot. Because wide feet are often difficult to choose the right one snug fit. 

Is Nike suitable for thin legs? And is Adidas football cleats that fit for legs? What about Puma, Mizuno, Kappa, Armour, Newbalance ? or any other football cleats brands? These are only general estimates for reference. In fact, every manufacturer of NIKE, Armour, ADIDAS, or PUMA,… has a range of products for floating legs, thin legs, and depending on the product range. 

Each material has a somewhat or more elaborate shape. So the advice we give is: choose the right shoes against the size, try on your feet and feel the most comfortable, not too tight. wear, not too wide, which makes the game ineffective. It is also a good idea to consult counselors or friends who have used the shoe lines. 

Remember that the choice of cleats according to the shape of the foot helps players to feel comfortable and promotes the full use of the shoes. This is especially important when you can’t try it out when buying on eCommerce sites example amazon com. 

How is the cleat size appropriate?

How do I know if the cleats fit? This question can only be answered by yourself because everyone’s style of play is different. Some people will choose a pair of cleats that hug the feet tightly, do not have an excess toe to play with, but some people choose a comfortable style that does not stretch the legs.

how to choose shoes that fit

How to choose shoes that fit? 

Real pair of football cleats example NIKE, ADIDAS, Armour, or PUMA will be completely different from sports shoes, running shoes, or fake shoes, shoes made of imitation materials. Cheap football cleats are often made by hand, not from good synthetic materials, so the shape retention is almost absent. The shoes enlarge after a short time.

You can also not choose to go with normal running shoes, because in football competitions you move constantly, change direction, run, stand and kick because wide shoes make your running unstable. Air force shoots, too-tight shoes make you feel tight in the width of the legs, nose irritation phenomenon, bruises.

Our advice is to choose shoes that adapt to and fit the shape of your foot and leave a little more on the tip of each person’s longest big toe, thumb, or forefinger. this excess when the nose is passed, the legs will be pushed forward. Choosing football cleats that match the shape of your foot will help you feel more comfortable in the game and put the whole shoe into play. 

Select the shoes according to the playing position. 

Many of you need advice, should you choose the right shoes by playing position? Indeed, the real football cleat designers NIKE, ADIDAS, Armour. must study very carefully to make a set of shoes after testing. Weight, material, sole design, technologies, small details that make up the shoe depending on the spirit and type of football game.

Skinny and defensive shoes will have different designs or fast shoes, offensive shoes will have different designs. The final choice, however, depends on how we feel when you wear them. foot. As long as you feel the best, like the best, a pair of cleats that will help you promote your best ability, play most effectively, and then choose it!

A specific example: MERCURIAL is a line of shoes designed for speed players who tend to attack, but not necessarily only the money or the gang can be trusted, many players play in defense. Local or central midfielders also like this product line.

Choose shoes according to your style

After all, once you have made your decisions based on the above criteria, it is time to choose the cleat you want. Your color, your price range, equality, weight, style of play, surface example synthetic leather, carbon fiber,… . Sometimes a great pair of football cleats, you feel like you want to go to court, the excitement of running to court. Each person has different tastes and a variety of authentic soccer shoes as well as different personalities.

For example, CR7 always chooses outstanding colors, as it inspires him every time he plays.

Tips for Picking Football Cleats

Tips for Picking Football Cleats

Frequently asked questions

Why are football cleats broken?

A broken football cleat is a possibility if you wear the shoes incorrectly. Even football cleats for professional football players at a high price can break as usual. Most broken football cleats are caused by improper use of the pitch. Many times the use of football cleats on natural grass, but not to the standard level, can cause tears.

How to avoid this?

The problem with broken shoes when you play football makes many of you very uncomfortable. When I get used to football cleats (the quality of the leather, the glue is still very good) you have trouble breaking the nail. Broken football cleats are often difficult to repair or justify. To avoid the problem of breaking the football cleat nail while playing the ball, you can refer to some of the ways below.

  • Play on suitable terrain
  • Cut the height of the nail
  • Choose from high-quality football cleats
  • Choose the shoes that fit. 

Choose the best football cleats 

Are football cleats waterproof or not?

The synthetic material (eg synthetic leather,…) used to make the football cleat is mostly waterproof, but due to the opening in the ankle, water can easily penetrate through the top. 

Can it be used by both men and women?

Yes, football cleats have no gender. Is there a kind of question that gender is different as men’s and women’s legs differ? Of course, note the size of the shoes to fit, women’s shoe sizes are usually 35-40 and men’s from 39 to 48 based on wide feet.

Does the football cleat help to run well?

Both do and do not. Yes, football cleats are perfect for running on all surfaces, all types of scorpions designed for (AG, FG, HG, SG). No – they are not good for driving on concrete. Instead, there are better things to run a marathon like flip-flops.

Is it possible to wash in the washing machine?

It is not possible to wash football cleats in the washing machine. If your cleat has not been damaged over time, it has withstood a few rounds, they are most likely clean (or cleaner than before). The cleaner will still get better and better with extreme rotation and sharp metal clips that give very bad results on shoes. So read our guide on how to clean your football cleats correctly that the brands publish. 

Can it cause harm?

Probably. As mentioned above, some shoes have sharp metal rivets and can easily cause pain and injury. All football players have a responsibility not to harm other players. However, some people take on this greater responsibility than others like Nigel De Jong. 

Does it help you run faster?

It’s a difficult question to answer. Do football boots make you faster? Yes, the shoes, that snug fit, can make you more agile. Some football boots are made from lighter materials to make walking easier, and even superior features like spike profiles cleats provide acceleration, comfort and stability. 

Need to be cleaned?

Yes, check out our article on the steps to wash shoes properly to increase shoe durability. 

Can it be repaired?

Technically, yes. All are made of different materials, so theoretically, if you already know the method and know the nails, you can do it yourself. However, there are still some shops that specialize in repairing football cleats. If you find that your shoes are in very poor condition, change your shoes. Additionally, you should know exactly how long you will be wearing football cleats.

can the shoes be repaired

Can the shoes be repaired?

Do you help play the ball better?

The answer is ‘maybe’: football cleats, especially real shoes that fit, can help you reach your full potential by improving your skills.

Are shoes available with socks?

Projecting socks (or laces higher than the ankles) onto authentic football cleat is a new trend that has dominated the market. The look of these socks is right. It offers cleat comfort and a caring feel as it creates a tight lock around the ankle and ensures that the foot stays in place. 

Do the shoes smell like cat urine?

This question is somewhat subjective. I would say that the shoe smell is unpleasant, actually a lot like cat piss.


In the article above, we have introduced you to the best football cleats by ranking. In addition to adult products, there are also suggestions for children’s soccer shoes, how do you feel? Football cleats are the product you need for competitive training and warm-up exercises. Check out the article and will find your favorite shoes!

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