Top 10+ Best Baseball Gloves 2023 – Ultimate Guides & Reviews

The best baseball gloves are an indispensable sports accessory if you want to win in the field. High-quality and comfortable gloves support your amazing performance. What are today’s top-rate baseball gloves? Let’s find out.

Best baseball gloves 2023

1. Franklin Sports Baseball Glove

Franklin Sports Baseball Glove is the latest model and received the top rating as the best baseball glove.

Wilson has done a good thing in the design of the best baseball glove that can be used for all ground positions. This will give you the advantage that any baseball player wants, such as Wilson A2000. It is built to facilitate small hands. 

These mitts improve an important area such as the palm of mitts and can be fully adapted to meet with almost any size. It is also a very lightweight glove to limit the player down when they have to respond to a hard-hit ball that is next to them.

The Franklin Sports Baseball Glove is coming in both hands and has seven different sizes. Franklin baseball glove is durable and adjustable. Especially, if there is a crush of yellow, then it is perfect. Not only that, the grand ersatz leather will offer you a deep break in the span. 

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  • Durable and flexible.
  • The leather is long-lasting.
  • Suit all players’ positions.


  • Only one color is available.

2. Rawlings Sure Catch Youth Baseball Glove Series

If you want the best baseball gloves and you do not want to spend a lot of money, the Rawlings Sure Catch Youth Baseball Series glove is your best option, besides Heart of the Hide series. At under 100 dollars, this is the cheapest glove on this list, but it is not a cheap glove. 

It is designed with SureCatch technology which makes it easy for new players to catch the ball. In addition, it comes from 90% of the way broken in from the factory. The last 10% enables the mitts to mold to your kids’ hands and they are not needed to spend too much time trying to break into the glove.

Made from shell leather and soft finger linings, the Rawlings Surecatch mitts are very comfortable for young players. It is designed as a utility glove, which can be used in both inside and outside fields.

Rawlings Curse baseball glove comes in 5 different sizes. No matter what is your kid’s age, from 5 to 12, they will have the size you need. Finally,  the Rawlings Sure Catch Youth Baseball Series is available in both left and right-hand throw, so they are sure to have a glove that works for your child. 

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  • It is lightweight and durable.
  • It is a good option for a new player.
  • Available with both left and right-hand throw.
  • Reasonable price.


  • There is one user who claimed that the color is not the same as advertised.

3. Rawlings Select Pro Lite Youth Baseball Glove Series

Rawlings Pro Lite series and Heart of the Hide series are the best baseball gloves for youth in 2023. If your child is new in the game, they might want to spend the time to break the mitts. Because the new leather would be stiff,  so catching the ball is the best way to turn them off as fast as possible.

Therefore, Rawlings Pro Lite is the best baseball glove for youth. Rawlings Pro-Lite is perfect. There is 90% broken in from the factor a. Meanwhile with the last 10%, the glove molds to the kid’s hand.   However, by starting 90% of the breaking way in, it will take less time to get the glove game ready.

The Rawlings Pro Lite Baseball Glove series is a great choice for children from 9 to 12 years old and has two different sizes. In addition, it is suitable for both outside and inside fields that will be fit for most position players.


  • Great ball control.
  • It is lightweight.
  • The mitts work out very well.
  • It provides decent protection.
  • The size is perfect.
  • The material is awesome.
  • The design is impressive.
  • Long-lasting mitts.


  • There is no complaint about these mitts.

4. Rawlings Player Preferred Baseball

If you are looking for a recreational baseball glove that can beat all opponents, then the Rawlings Player Preferred Baseball Glove is for you, beside Heart Of The Hide series. These mitts have eight sizes to suit all field positions. 

It is made of genuine full-grain leather that is pre-oiled and broken into around 80 percent. The gloves also provide “Zero Shock palm padding providing greater impact protection for catching.  Pull straps and Velcro closures provide the perfect fit.

Users like the durability and comfort of top baseball mitts. They remark how broken and soft mitts are. After just a few days of play, mitts are completely broken in their specific form of the hand. The reviewers also reported that the leather was thick, but it provided comfort and perfect padding.

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  • A versatile choice for a recreational player.
  • Zero shock palm helps to reduce any discomfort caused by impact.
  • Adjustable fit.
  • Full-grain oiled leather exterior.
  • Reasonable price.
  • Quick and easy to break-in.


  • Some claimed that it does not fit the true size.

5. Rawlings Players Series Youth T Ball/Baseball Gloves

Ask any long-time baseball player in their first baseball mitts, there is a high possibility that most will remember. Young children will play their mitts in the playground, while watch pros playing on TV and the Rawlings Players Series Youth T-Ball Glove is an ideal option to get that first glove, besides Heart Of The Hide series.

The Rawlings T-Ball glove is a simple 9-inch glove. It has a worn-in, soft feel which means it is easy to close when the ball rolls toward your kid playing baseball. Mitts are designed for baseball as well as T-ball and clearly are good choices for catching and backyard the games also. The glove depends on a closed basket and a particularly soft inner lining. 

These best baseball gloves for youth come with different designs which include a pink, purple, red, and black option. This glove is especially the best baseball gloves review. Moreover, it is available for right and left-handed throws. In addition, contrary to many youth baseball accessories that your little league will soon grow up with, this glove is especially inexpensive.

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  • Made of high-quality leather.
  • It is lightweight and durable.
  • Very comfortable.
  • Great ball grip and control.
  • Reduces impact.


  • Some users claimed that it is not easy to break in as advertised.

6. Rawlings Sandlot Series Baseball Gloves

Rawlings gloves are reliable and worn by many players on Big League fields,  sandlot diamonds, and everything in between. The Sandlot series provides a professional inspirational model in vintage and throwback look. Each glove is meticulously constructed out of Rawlings’ oiled pull-up leather and requires about a 10% player break-in.

As the name suggests, it is a more common glove than its predecessor. It aims to play with friends rather than an octane stadium event. But please do not take this glove as inferior. As you can see, this is just the opposite.

Let’s say you want to use a brand-new Rawlings BB glove right now, not later, not tomorrow. After that, do not worry about having to deal with a non-broken BB glove as there is 90% broken coming from the factory of this glove.

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  • Padded finger back lining.
  • 90% broken from the factory.
  • Inexpensive.


  • Not suitable for a large hand.

7. Rawlings Renegade Baseball

Rawlings creates a line of the best-rated gloves called the Renegade series. This series is 11.5 inches or 12.5 inches in length for either left-handed or right-handed variety. 

This is the only pair of leather gloves with a lightweight mesh exterior to provide balance, durability, and shape retention. It has a high density cushioned palm and spatial pads that lie around the index finger to absorb any kind of shock which first basemen may experience during the game. The bag for the ball field is extremely deep on this catcher’s mitt to help reduce errant throws from other infielders, which is quite common during the first base. 

This catcher’s mitt is mainly broken in by Rawlings and requires players to complete the final breaking in the final 10% of the mitt. This can get started immediately as Rawlings does this by pre-oiling the mitt. This makes the mitt perfect for recreational play or slow-pitch play.

These gloves are relatively light, even compared to other expensive gloves on the market. Players who prefer a lightweight feeling will love this in this catcher’s mitt because they will not feel bogged down during the game. 

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  • This best baseball glove can be used for all positions.
  • Very durable and lightweight.
  • Provide additional protection.
  • Lightweight and comfortable.
  • Very nice leather catcher’s mitt.
  • Worth the value of money.


  • One user complained that the outer finger does not grip.

8. Franklin Sports Pro Flex Hybrid Series Baseball Gloves

Franklin Sports has a special glove with a high degree of innovation. Developed in composite materials, this glove includes a cowhide palm which is carefully blended with an external PU laminated PVC hybrid outer shell. This technology makes the glove comfortable to wear as well as gives it an extended ruggedness. 

In addition,  the gloves provide well-fabricated adjustable wrist straps which can tighten around any wrist which allow more control. In fact, the magnificent crafts allow the gloves to be used directly off the shelf as it comes already broken-in.

It is not because this glove is low price, it does not mean it lacks good features and high quality. This Franklin Sports Pro Flex Hybrid Series Baseball glove has features premium and additional comfort. There are five sides of sizes to choose from (11. 5, 12, 12. 5, 13, 13. 5 inches) and gloves are available for left-handed players as well as right hands. 

The cowhide palm inside has been added to include an up-layered PVC Hybrid Hull, so it does not hurt your hands too often. This glove also comes with an adjustable wrist block for increased versatility.

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  • Affordable price.
  • Available with 5 sizes to choose from.
  • Adjustable wrist strap.


  • General durability.

9. Wilson A500 Baseball Glove Series

What you need for your child is a comfortable, safe, fitting, and lightweight glove in the game. That is why this Wilson A500 is designed to achieve all the benefits of a comfortable glove for children.

These gloves improve an important area such as the palm of gloves and can be fully adapted to meet with almost any size. It is also a very lightweight glove to limit the player down when they have to respond to a hard-hit ball that is next to them.

The best thing about these gloves is that it’s a perfect 10.75 inch that can be used under all conditions and in all places, you are an outfielder or are standing in an infield position. You don’t have to worry about buying separate gloves for playing different positions on the baseball field.

Another good thing is its soft grain leather, which makes it easy to use without needing anytime to break in which you would have to take if you purchase a pure leather glove. These gloves are equipped with an H-web design and double palm and dual welting structure to optimize support to the pocket, like Wilson A2000.


  • Beautiful looking catcher’s mitt.
  • Very comfortable.
  • Soften without needing break-in time.
  • Great quality leather.
  • Equipped with an H-web design.
  • Awesome durable.
  • Exactly as advertised.


  • This glove may be a bit oversized for a T-ball.

10. Franklin Sports RTP Teeball Performance Gloves

Franklin’s RTP (Ready-To-Play) Performance Tee-ball Gloves are available in unique color schemes for both boys and girls. Both offer the sensation of the lightest and most comfortable gloves for every beginner who learns the foundations of the hobby of America. 

Franklin Sports RTP Tellow RTP Glove is the first glove of Tee-ball ideal for all young players. The super-soft and little design facilitate the task of young players to throw and take in and out. It also comes with its own super-soft mousse baseball, so you have everything you need to go to the game. The trip to each player starts somewhere and the tee-ball RTP glove is an excellent first step!

These tee-ball gloves are made with the RTPI II construction so that a transparent transition from the box to the playground – is not required. Keep your family’s young tee baller with the best glove for unparalleled comfort and support in the field. 

The smooth and soft quality of the Franklin Sports RTP Teeball Performance Glove is what you expect from the best gloves. Its shell design is lightweight. The other two benefits are no breaking-in required and easy closing for this structure.


  • It is lightweight.
  • Soft and comfortable.
  • Perfect for T-ball.
  • The best baseball gloves 2023.


  • It is too big for girls.

11. Rawlings Gold Glove Baseball Glove Series

This glove is a 20% factory break-in which is an additional reward. It is made of immaculate European leather. Due to the larger size of the web (12.75″), this Rawlings Gold is designed for the more experienced outfielder.

For those who focus on good shapes with the pocket of the glove, these gloves can be a real deal. As many really good baseball players know, a good pocket makes a huge difference. 

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  • It is lightweight.
  • Soft and comfortable.
  • There is a foam included.
  • Fit pretty well.


  • Small fingers than expectations.

How to choose the best baseball glove?


The grip is considered as important for the best gloves for baseball players. The highest qualified baseball glove improves a player’s mobility and the ability to catch the ball. 



Depending on your needs, padding can help you increase or reduce your mobility. The more padding, the better you can handle the weather well, but you cannot feel the ball as much.


No one wants the gloves sweaty. It is even more important in strong competition. Even if they are perfect, gloves always touch the skin and sweat.  Then, you lose your attention on the game.


You will have more confidence with a few gloves according to your preferences, together with quality elements. The more you feel confident, the better game you perform.

The right size

Nobody wants to play badly just because wearing a couple of gloves is too wide or too tight. Therefore, the choice of the right size gloves is extremely important. Please pay attention to this factor. 

The right size


You don’t have to buy expensive gloves to get better at the game. Instead, buy reasonable price gloves with their financial capacity. 

Leather Quality

Some people believe that the price of a baseball glove depends on the brand. In fact, it depends more on the quality of the leather used in the baseball glove. Then, for new people and young players, affordable synthetic leather should be very good. It doesn’t even need a lot of time to break in at all. 

It will not really be extended a few seasons and it doesn’t really mold in the shape of your hand. But young players grow fast. 

Beginners will also want a better glove when they take the game. After that, you have the oil-treated leather. The oil soft the leather up, so it makes them easier to break in. You still have the top grain leather which is very good, although it is a bit stiffer.


This refers to the glove part, which connects the thumb part with other fingers. It gives you a basket configuration to make it easy to catch the ball. Many manufacturers have separate webbing types, but they tend to be closed or open webs.

When you have a closed web, the leather is tightly woven and no gaps are included in the webbing. This makes it better for pitchers, therefore, they can grasp the ball and the hitter will not know what is the kind of grip on the ball. This keeps them anticipating the type of pitch that comes. Outfields also like this kind of webbing because it helps to block the sun when trying to catch a fly ball.


With open webbing, you frequently have a cross-sample for leather pieces. Therefore, there are gaps in the webbing which can help to track the flight of the ball through the gaps. The Infielders also tend to go to this type of webbing because the gaps can fall dirty. 


This is a gloved part that is at the back of the hand.

It’s both an open and closed design, and the best choice is often providing you a good feeling. In general, there is not much difference between them regarding performance. 

But infielders might want to go with an open back design as it helps more flexibility to the wrist, allowing infielders to deal with ground balls. 

It is also cooler due to extra ventilation, and it is a good thing about the summer season. On the other hand, the 1st bases and external fields can consider the closed design. It offers more stability that helps capture lines quickly. 


Instead, buy reasonable price gloves with their financial capacity. 

How do I know the exact size of my gloves

How to choose the best baseball gloves?


Why do I need to wear baseball gloves?

How can you reach the ball without a good pair of gloves? Baseball requires very high accuracy of handballs by hand, so gloves seem to be mandatory for this sport.

How do I know the exact size of my gloves?

Start by measuring your hand. Determine the length of the hand by measuring the top of the longest (usually the middle finger at the base of the palm. 

How to properly wash football gloves?

The best way is to wash gloves in cold water and then dry them in the natural sun. If you use the washing machine, read the manufacturer’s instructions.

How to properly wash football gloves

How to properly wash football gloves?

How long are football gloves commonly used?

A good pair of gloves will play in a whole season when properly stored. On the other hand, the lifespan is shorter when you wash it in the washing machine.

Why are some football gloves stickier than others?

This depends on the material of the manufacturer. High-quality gloves can join to be better than cheap gloves. 

How do I keep a baseball glove good?

First, you need to clean after the game and dry it. If gloves are too dirty with mud and sweat, use baby powder for a  better smell.

How do I keep baseball gloves good

What Makes Features are on the Best Baseball Gloves?

According to the experts, the best gloves for baseball players are made from high-quality leather. The best leather is soft and durable. Some manufacturers believe that kip skin made of small cows hiding is the most popular skin. Others believe that the best-hidden buffalos. In addition, some gloves turn inside, while others can use realistic deer. These are just some of these considerations when choosing the best gloves. 

What Gloves do the Pro Players Use?

For pro baseball players, they tend to use high-quality gloves from some selecting manufacturers. Rawlings (specifically such as are Heart of the Hide series, Pro Preferred Gloves series,..) currently the most popular brand of MLB. Wilson (eg. Wilson A2000) is the following. Then some brands are playing specialized. This includes groups such as  Louisville Slugger, Marucci, and Nike.

Is it possible to fix a baseball glove if it is torn?

If the small is torn, you can. However, if the baseball gloves are bad, you need to buy a new pair of gloves because it is difficult to fix them. 

Is it possible to fix baseball gloves if they are torn


These are the best baseball gloves today. Baseball is a sport that requires the accuracy of catches so you need to equip the best gloves. Also, you must also understand the factors to choose a pair of gloves on the market that best fits you most.


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