best football back plate

Top 10 best football back plate 2023 ( Buyer’s Guide)

The best football back plate is an important accessory to protect the player’s back when he plays ball. The back is one of the most important parts of the body…

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best football gloves

Top 10 Best Football Gloves 2023 – Ultimate Guides & Reviews

The best football gloves are accessories that every player should have. The high-quality football gloves protect your hands and help you improve your game ability. This is why many top…

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The 10 Best Baseball Cleats 2023 – Ultimate Guides & Reviews

The best baseball cleats may provide you an inspiration to perform well in the field. A good pair of baseball cleats can make you feel confident as well as comfortable…

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The Best Football Mouthguard For Braces 2023 – Review & Buyer’s Guides

The best football mouthguard is an important gear for football players. However, not all people take it seriously. As we can see, football is a sport with many collisions, so…

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10 Best Football Cleats For Wide Receiver 2023

In professional football or amateur football, the role of the wide receiver is of paramount importance. For this reason, it is essential to pick the best football cleats for wide…

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Top 8 Best Outdoor Basketball Shoes 2023 – Review & Buyer’s Guides

The best outdoor basketball shoes are an item that every player has on the ground. Good shoes will help you better check your presentation. In addition, you can also minimize…

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10 best youth football helmet to prevent concussions 2023

In football, players move a lot and have to push each other, so the protection of the body is very necessary. One protective part of the body is the head….

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Top 10 Best Football Cleats For Speed 2023 – Ultimate Guides & Reviews

The best football cleats for speed are what players are interested in today. In today’s market for soccer shoes, soccer shoe lines have been classified according to each effect and…

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The 10 Best Baseball Bats 2023 – Ultimate Guides & Reviews

The best baseball bats will be a good tool to help you to be confident in the new season. Today the baseball bat market is extremely varied that makes you…

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Best Football Helmet 2021 1

The Best Football Helmet 2023 – Review And Buyer’s Guides

As we all know, football is a fierce sport that requires a high level of competition. The scariest reality happening to an athlete is they may go down with concussions…

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Langley Rams (formerly the South Surrey Rams and Big Kahuna Rams) are a Canadian Junior Football team based in Langley, British Columbia. The Rams play in the six-team B.C. Football Conference, which itself is part of the Canadian Junior Football League (CJFL) and competes annually for the national title known as the Canadian Bowl.
The Rams were founded in 1948, where they were based in Surrey and known as the Surrey Rams and later the South Surrey Rams when the club briefly relocated to South Surrey. In 2006, the team was renamed the Big Kahuna Rams after a sponsorship deal was signed with Big Kahuna Sport Company. On December 5, 2010, the team was officially introduced as the Langley Rams as the team made the move to Langley to play in McLeod Athletic Park Stadium.
The Langley Rams made it to the Canadian CJFL Championship against the Saskatoon Hilltops in 2012. The game on November 10 ended 23 Hilltops to 21 Rams giving the Hilltops their third straight Championship.