The 10 Best Football Facemasks 2023 – Reviews And Buying Guide

The best football facemask is an indispensable item for football players. As can be seen, football is a difficult sport because its impact is very great. Therefore, it is very dangerous if the football player is not equipped with accessories to protect his body from injuries. Especially in the face area, where players urgently need facemasks. If he is injured, he pays the price as the injuries affect not only his ability to play but also his daily functioning. 

Best football facemasks 2023

Schutt Sports Vengeance Youth Facemask

First on the list of the best football facemask is Schutt Sports Vengeance Youth Facemask, which is highly recommended for anyone looking for a very durable carbon steel football mask.

We especially like the popular Schutt Sports Vengeance Youth Mask, which meets the brand’s standards of durability and performance. 

Therefore, it can help athletes enjoy football games with confidence and determination. The overall design of this mask features a double drawstring bridge that provides additional protection for the nose and eye area.

It also uses carbon steel, a durable material designed to provide reliable protection against impact. We are confident that this material will make players and coaches feel more comfortable because it is durable, has a high level of protection and durability. The Schutt Sports Vengeance Youth Facemask has a solid design that enhances vision and visibility. 

What is impressive to us is that this design can absorb large impacts caused by direct impact. In some ways, these are versatile rugby goggles suitable for different positions on the pitch. This is best football facemasks for youth in 2023.

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  • High ability to absorb great impact
  • Carbon steel material provides a strong and productive facemask.
  • A brow design helps to improve vision.
  • It is suitable for many positions.
  • Makes players more confident for better performance.


  • There is no complaint about this facemask.

Xenith Prime Football Facemask

Another best football facemask that I definitely recommend trying is the Xenith Prime football masks. This is perfect for any football player who wants to wear open face masks to look good on the field. I like to use carbon steel because this mask is proving strengths.

This strength can withstand all possible effects of impact and contact as it is manufactured to improve protection and visibility. I prefer this best football facemask in that it works well and efficiently, regardless of the position of the user on the field. 

I also like the polymer powder coating used in the mask as it increases its strength and durability. I’m also glad that this inexpensive product gives you the flexibility to choose from a variety of colors available. 

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  • Improve a better vision on the field.
  • Carbon steel material ensures a high degree of strength.
  • Can endure hug collisions and hits.
  • Suit for all playing positions.
  • Make of high-quality material.


  • Only can use with Xenith helmet and facemask clips.

Schutt Sports Varsity VROPO DW STG Football Faceguard

Number three in this list of best football facemask is another mask from Schutt Sports, which we think will entertain the players a lot – Schutt Sports Varsity VROPO DW STG Football Faceguard. Designed with carbon steel, so to speak it is so safe. This best football faceguard is one of the most used masks on football fields today. 

The ideal position for a perfect fit of this mask is the wide receiver, defensive ends, tight end, and running back. The 17-bar configuration of this facemask is very impressive because it can reduce the grip point to keep your fingers from touching your face. 

It also shows the same design that the NFL’s best defenders are looking for. This allows us to safely say that it has an intimidating style and extensive protection. 

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  • It is strong.
  • The design is impressive.
  • High-quality and robust carbon steel is constructed.
  • Fit for all football positions.
  • Safer and visibility due to additional brow design.


  • Not suit for youth football players.

Schutt Sports VEGOP II TRAD Carbon Steel Vengeance Varsity Football Faceguard

In the fourth rank among the best football masks is another from Schutt that impresses us, Schutt Sports VEGOP II TRAD Carbon Steel Vengeance Varsity Football Faceguard is a great choice if you are looking for one that is budget-friendly. It is affordable with compromising on strength and durability.

The fact that it uses advanced technology allows it to promote ease in attaching it to your helmet. This saves time in the assembly process. It is one of the most durable masks or protection for football making of carbon steel. 

It is equipped with a reinforced oral cover designed to meet the needs of different players who have different playing positions, including quarterback, wide receivers, tight end, and punters. 

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  • It is affordable.
  • High durability.
  • Not require too much time to attach to the helmet.
  • Can be suited for all players’ positions.


  • Some people said that it is slightly heavy.

Schutt Sports F7-F5 Varsity Facemask

This best football helmet has a solid structure and can completely protect your face. In this list of best football faceguards, this mask is also made of carbon steel, making it reasonably priced and reliable. 

The best thing about this product is that it offers a variety of colors so that the user can choose the best match according to their preferences. This way, players in different positions can rely on the facemask for protection while maintaining a good appearance throughout the game. 

In addition, it is specially designed for the comfort of helmet attachment, giving it more flexibility when wearing or taking off. With the features above, the Schutt Sports F7-F5 Varsity Facemask is still a good choice due to its high quality and affordable price. 

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  • Reasonable price.
  • Great structure in overall
  • Good protection for the facial area.
  • Suitable for many gaming positions.


  • A little bit heavy.

Xenith XRS21 Football Facemask

Also on our list of best football facemasks is the Xenith XRS21. They are mostly made of carbon steel for durability and strength. Another great benefit I like about this mask is its versatility. 

One of the reasons why we like this popular product is because it is so versatile that it can be used correctly in any position on the track. It seems to be doing well in positions especially well among defensive backs, running backs, quarterbacks, and wide receivers. We were also pleased with the durability and overall strength of this mask. 

It can carry tough use, especially on match day. You may also like the fact that it offers great visibility for the carrier, which is great if you want the best performance while playing. It has a unique style that meets the needs of young and college players. 

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  • Have the capability to endure tough use.
  • Can be used for most positions.
  • Ensure superior visibility on the fields.
  • Resist corrosion.
  • Promote strength and durability due to carbon steel materials.


  • Only fit with Xenith’s helmets.

Vengeance Carbon Steel Facemask V-EGOP-II (EA)

Your opponent will not know how your team can beat them when your players are fit enough to compete with the Schutt Vengeance EGOP-II carbon steel facemask. The Vengeance faceguard is made from high-quality material for high protection and durability, increasing the player’s visibility and covering the impact. It is suitable for running backs, tight ends, and others.

About the features of this best football faceguard, players are more dependable on protection thanks to premium carbon steel construction. Although the style is traditional, it is durable which can endure tough use during a hustling match. Additionally, the visibility is improved due to the extended brow design. Finally, this faceguard can absorb impacts and frontal hits very well.

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  • Suitable for youth.
  • Premium protection.
  • It is durable.
  • Well impact absorption.
  • Promote player’s performance.


  • Eyeglass and oral protection only.

Schutt Adult Vengeance DCT EGOP-II-TRAD Facemask

Schutt Adult Vengeance DCT EGOP-II-TRAD Facemask has a powerful new feature with Schutt’s latest technology, making them one of the safest and most advanced masks on the field as the strength, flexibility for players, and maximum visibility with innovative design

They are made of carbon steel, which has high performance and durability. Remember, this is a cost-effective option that meets industry standards for protection and durability. 

With a variety of colors, you can choose what suits your preferences. It will look great in the field without compromising your safety. It is durable and can meet the needs of different users. 

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  • Overall construction is good.
  • Great protection for users.
  • Available in different colors.
  • It is affordable.
  • Can work well with different players.


  • A little bit heavy.

Schutt DNA ROPO UB Varsity Faceguard

Another Schutt mask that I have the impression of is Schutt DNA ROPO UB Varsity Faceguard (Enhanced Oral Protection Only). If you are looking for an affordable best football mask, it is an excellent choice as it is available at an affordable price without sacrificing its strength and durability. 

I like the fact that it uses the latest technology that makes it easy for you to put on your head, which means you can save time in the process. It is also one of the most durable carbon football shoes in the world. I can confidently say that it is the best football facemask offered by Schutt.

It comes with a strengthened oral coverage designed to cater to the needs of many players with different playing positions, including quarterback, tight end, wide receivers, and punter.

I also like to announce that this shield comes with pre-installed hardware, which means it comes with some accessories that you need to attach or attach to your football helmet. It is also durable and avoids problems with fitting helmets. 

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  • Not require much effort to attach to the helmet.
  • Suitable to use with DNA Pro+ as well as the DNA Pro+ Elite helmets.
  • Can be used for many playing positions.
  • It is affordable.


  • Slightly heavy compared to other Schutt’s facemask.

Schutt VSP Carbon Steel Faceguards- EGOP II

In 10th rank of this list of the best football facemasks is the Schutt VSP Carbon Steel Faceguards- EGOP II, which we believe will give players a lot of satisfaction with another Schutt Sports mask. It is designed in carbon steel and it can be said that this mask is one of the most common masks used on soccer fields today. 

Relevant positions that this mask is guaranteed for include wide receivers, defensive ends, tight ends, and running backs. This setup is really impressive because it provides a high protection point to prevent the fingers from penetrating to your face. 

We are also pleased with the brow extension design used in this mask as we have also seen the effect of improving vision while still having the ability of the athletic team to absorb direct impact. 

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  • Strength thanks to carbon steel materials.
  • Decrease and absorb external impacts.
  • It is light.
  • Several colors are available for players.


  • There is no complaint about this product according to 100% 5-star rated on Amazon.

Factors to consider when you buy a football facemask


The best football facemasks are usually made of three standard materials, including stainless steel, titanium, and carbon steel. 

Carbon steel is known to be the most popular choice among football players. It is durable and tough and even offers a fair market price. However, it is heavier when compared to titanium and stainless steel.

If you are looking for a lightweight football facemask that still offers high protection, you will need a stainless steel football mask. 

Titan, on the flip side, is the top choice, often chosen by college athletes, professionals, and elite high school teams. Hence it is very popular. Masks made from this material are preferred because of their lightweight construction to increase the player’s speed. They are also characterized by endurance and strength. 

Be sure to choose the football mask you are making from the just mentioned above.

buy the best football facemask based on material

Buy the best football facemask based on material

Intended Purpose

One of the main purposes of the best football facemasks is to protect you on the field. Your goal is to find a mask that is really sturdy, durable, and protective if you want to protect yourself from potential damage to your face. 

Another possible goal for the faceguard is to improve visibility. This is useful, especially when the ball is lost for a few moments due to the sun or the light from the stadium.

You can also choose a soccer mask depending on the goal you are expressing yourself. You will find some good football masks on the market, with textures and light colors on the outside. You can invest in it if your goal is to present yourself and stand out from the rest of the players. 

buying a facemask with your intended purpose

Buying a facemask with your intended purpose

Gaming position

There are different positions on the field and each position faces different risks and threats to play. These risks will determine which facemask to buy. You should first check the arrangement of the bar configuration as it plays an important role in the level of protection and performance it can provide and is tailored to your position in the field. 

For example, a football mask with more horizontal bars above the A can protect the players. The problem is that it can also affect the player’s vision. However, it may not be suitable for a wide receiver or a quarterback because it requires a wide range of views for best performance. 

On the other hand, a mask with a configuration can improve visibility. However, you can not expect it to protect your eyes and mouth from external influences. In this case, it does not work for you, especially if you are linemen.

All you have to do is find the one that has a bar configuration, which gives you the degree of visibility and protection you need. 

based on gaming position

Based on gaming position

Advancements and features

Unique advances and features are what distinguish a facemask from others. It is best to buy a mask that has the latest technology and features on the football field. 

These improvements are aimed at giving players more protection, better visibility, and exceptional performance. Among the specific advances, you can see in the mask are lighter materials and flexible metal. 

Both can give the player additional protection. The flexible metal will be extremely flexible to absorb more blows, so you can expect it to be more effective in reducing facial and head injuries as well as major injuries. 

Factors to consider when you buy a football facemask

Factors to consider when you buy a football facemask

Frequently asked questions

Does a hardware kit come with a football facemask?

Usually, a football facemask is not included in the hardware kit. You have to buy it separately. Conventional kits have all the hardware needed to put a football facemask in a helmet. 

Typically, this kit includes steel cage screws, cage straps, and stainless steel cage T-nuts – all of which help attach the mask to the helmet. 

Does the facemask come with clips to secure the helmet?

The answer depends on the type of mask you are buying. For example, if you use a helmet that has at least one visor, chances are you will buy it with a mounting bracket designed to attach the visor to the bar. 

The mounting bracket also comes with a clip, so you can set up the mask and configuration bar and attach it to a helmet. 

Does a hardware kit come with a football facemask

Does a hardware kit come with a football facemask?

Which facemask suits my football helmet?

As one of the best investments, you can make to perfect your football gear, make sure you buy the best football facemasks that match your helmet, this way you don’t waste money on products that don’t suit you. 

Whether you are looking for a youth facemask or an adult, look for the appropriate masks and helmets. 

With that in mind, if you are wearing a Schutt helmet, you may also need to purchase a mask from the same brand to ensure that it fits. You can also find other types of helmets that fit into a variety of helmets or cases, regardless of brand. 

Which facemask suits my football helmet

Which facemask suits my football helmet?

What kind of face masks are used for different football positions?

Different football positions also require the use of different facemasks, which is a way to provide the right balance of vision and protection. If you are linemen, it is best to invest in a double wire mask to prevent certain objects (usually body parts) from entering your face. 

A double wire football facemask can protect your nose, chin, and mouth. There are usually vertical bands for extra protection for those who are defensive backs, wide receivers, running back, and quarterback, masks that increase visibility through protective layers are ideal. 

There is no alternating cable as it is a horizontal cable designed for greater visibility. If you are a professional footballer or a normal footballer, keep in mind that you need to contact other footballers. For this reason, you need a mask with a simple design, preferably a few strings to emphasize the vision.

What kind of face masks are used for different football positions

What kind of face masks are used for different football positions?

Which facemask metal is right for me?

Choosing the right football facemask also depends on your position on the field, your responsibilities in sports, and your own needs. In this case, you have three options – stainless steel, carbon steel, and titanium. Each of these metals offers varying strength, performance, and weight. 

If you want to spend more to get the highest level of protection, you can buy titanium. This is the strongest and lightest of the three, but also the most expensive. If you are looking for price and performance, you can use steel. 

If you’re a serious high school or junior league player, stainless steel is the ideal choice. If you want to save your budget, carbon steel is an ideal choice. It’s the cheapest that meets football industry standards. 

Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions


In conclusion, this article has just introduced you to the best football facemasks on the market right now. The football mask is an indispensable part of professional football because of the level of face protection it provides. 

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