How Much Do NFL Waterboys Make?

Contrary to popular belief, waterboy is a steady paying job. So, how much do NFL waterboys make? According to, NFL waterboys make $53,000 on average per year. This number is even higher when compared to some other workers.

In addition, they also receive other benefits such as free equipment or souvenirs. The NFL waterboys are also the closest to the players we often watch on the field.

Please scroll down to learn more about the specifics of the job and its requirements. Langley Grams will also teach you how to become an NFL waterboy, in case you’re interested.

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How much does a waterboy make in the NFL?

NFL Waterboy Salary Overview

The amount that NFL waterboys make on average is about 53,000 a year. However, not everyone receives such a salary. They need to reach a level of professionalism and importance in training staff to have the above treatment.

However, not everyone can easily do this job. Teams often look for family members to reduce costs. For those students who do internships, sometimes they get a stipend. 

Like football players, NFL waterboys earn revenue by appearing in important tournaments like the Super Bowl.

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Job Description Of A NFL Waterboy

Often the waterboys are a cross between the equipment team and the training team. As the name suggests, their main task is to make sure players are provided with enough water. In some cases, the waterboys may provide extra towels or do other supportive work as the coach requires.

The only thing to be aware of is that they must not interfere with the athletes’ actions when competing. Although the name of this job is “waterboy,” sometimes we will still see women in charge of this job.

Benefits And Downsides When Being A NFL Waterboy

When working as an NFL waterboy, you will receive many perks and benefits that come with the job. However, you will also face some problems. Let’s learn more about them in this section.

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An NFL waterboy can receive gear souvenirs from players.

1. Benefits of an NFL Waterboy

If you’re an NFL fan, just meeting and interacting with the players on the field is a privilege. You can even make money with hydration services for the players.

In addition, the NFL waterboys also receive additional perks and materials that not all regular employees have. One of them is two free tickets per year per person.

Free gear souvenirs from players from jerseys to jockstraps are also among the items that waterboy receives the most.

In some cases, the waterboys can go further in their careers. The main reason is that they often appear at the training sessions of the team. You may find the image of a waterboy in the NFL quite amusing and sometimes think it is a hard job, but this information will make you think again.

2. Downsides of an NFL Waterboy

The biggest downside to becoming a waterboy has to learn to be patient and bearable. In the hierarchy of importance, your position is almost the lowest. So the main thing is to be satisfied with what you have.

You won’t have too much trouble with the fans. As we said above, sometimes they even admire your position because you have access to their favorite stars.

Being a lowly job, the higher-ups on the team, even the star players, can abuse you. If you are too slow and slow to understand in a stressful situation, they may yell at you.

Pouring water into sweaty players’ mouths and holding their gross towels are the main actions of your job. Can you afford to endure it? Think carefully.

NFL waterboys also need to be physically fit as they will run a lot on the field. You won’t run as much as the players, but certainly more than average.

How To Become A Waterboy In The NFL?

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You will need to talk to NFL coaches about becoming a waterboy.

If you dream of becoming an NFL waterboy, you’ll need to find people with connections to professional football. Your best bet is to find a way to contact NFL coaches directly. They are the people who have the most considerable decision-making power for you.

Make it clear your desire and determination for the job. Don’t forget that it’s hard work and try to get through it.

Your next step is to visit the NFL website:

  • If you are on the homepage, scroll to the bottom of the page and select “Team” or “League” on the job listing.
  • In the next section, select “Internship and Entry Level Position.” To apply for the job, select the highlighted link at the bottom of the page.
  • Submit your cover letter and resume. Good resumes should include work-related experience. Take your high school waterboy experience, for example.

Alternatively, you can visit the TeamWork Online website. Select the link related to Football and the NFL, and you will receive instructions on how to apply for the jobs.

You can check out this video for a clearer view about how to become an NFL waterboy.

The Detailed Salary Of The NBA Waterboys

In NBA tournaments, the waterboys are pretty important because they are a part of the training team. Their duties also include exercise, rehabilitation, and preparation of the players.

Depending on each team’s training and nutrition regime, the NBA teams will offer different salaries for the NBA waterboy. For the Boston Celtics, they will pay $58,000 per year for the position. The number can even go up to 6 digits for those who work hard and play an essential role in taking care of the player.

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Thus, the NBA waterboys make more money than the waterboys can make in the NFL. A higher average salary is synonymous with higher responsibility. If they were merely waterboys or towel boys, they would get paid around $100 per game.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you still have questions about NFL waterboys, find the answers here!

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NFL cheerleaders also make a good salary.

1. Can you travel with your team if you are an NFL waterboy?

Of course, you can. Waterboy is also an employee in the team. In addition, their main task is always to provide water for the players. Therefore, they will always follow the team during the game.

2. How much do NFL mascots make?

You’d be surprised, but NFL mascots can make up to $60,000 a year. This amount has nothing to do with love or relationships with superiors. They get paid for skills and performances. In addition, they must be able to generate revenue.

3. How much do NFL cheerleaders make?

Depending on the team they join, their salary fluctuates. The Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders can receive $15-20/hour and $500 per game. If they work hard, they will earn about $75,000 per year.

By attending private company events and participating in advertising, they can also earn extra money.

4. Can an NFL waterboy get a Super Bowl ring?

Depending on team policy, waterboys and cheerleaders may receive Super Bowl rings. The winning team will decide to whom they will give a ring. Usually, those will include all players, coaches, board of directors, and general staff.

5. Do you need any qualifications to become an NFL waterboy?

The answer is no. You don’t need any qualifications to be an NFL waterboy.

Final Thoughts

So, how much do NFL waterboys make? Although they will face difficulties in their work, the benefits and incentives for them are also great. The NFL waterboy salary of $53,000 is a desirable number for many people.

If you are interested in this job, start looking for opportunities today. You will have a great chance to change your life if you can get access to the team.

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