How Much Do NFL Refs Make? All The Things You Should Know

The salaries of NFL referees remain an undisclosed mystery. Besides, in addition to each match, they also receive a bonus.

How much do NFL refs make? According to 2019 research, the average NFL referee salary is around $205,000 per year. The compensation for each official will be determined by their position on the crew as well as their length of service in the league.

Everything you need to know about NFL officials’ salaries is right here. Let’s dive into the details with Langley Rams!

What Is The Average Salary Of The NFL Referees Association?

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Brad Alley

The NFL referee salary is not listed anywhere. An estimate of a referee’s wage has been calculated based on interviews with former refs.

According to reports, the average NFL referee’s salary was about $205,000 a season in 2019. It is a significant gain over the $150,000 earned the prior year.

Referees in the NFL are not compensated for each game they officiate. NFL referees paid a predetermined pay for the whole season and a per-game bonus. Working in a postseason play earns a lot of money.

The game rate in the postseason is believed to be up to two times greater than in the regular season. According to estimates, referees may earn up to $1,500 every game. However, this differs from one study to the next.

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Who Is The Highest Paid NFL Referee?

For the 2020-2021 season, the top reported earnings for NFL scouts were Brad Allen and Walt Anderson. Walt Coleman is the highest-paid referee, having worked in the league for a total of 28 years, 27 of which were spent as a referee. 

Besides, Sarah Thomas earned the highest-paid female referee. On the other hand, their actual pay is kept a well-guarded secret.

How Much Do NFL Referees Make In The Super Bowl?

The remuneration of an NFL ref in the postseason game is much more than in the regular season. The highest payment for the one-time game, according to one source, was $5,000. An NFL official may also earn up to $10,000 in total if chosen to officiate the Super Bowl.

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How To Become A NFL Referee?

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NFL Referee

To become a referee in the National Football League, you’ll need time and experience. If you have a lot of experience, know a lot about the game, and have an open schedule, you have a better chance of getting into the NFL. The following are some of the prerequisites for becoming an NFL referee.

  • Education: The NFL does not need referees to have a specific educational background, but a bachelor’s degree in any discipline is commonly expected. An experience in Sports Management, Sports Health, or a closely related area is preferred for this position.
  • Experience: Having a lot of field experience is one of the most crucial requirements for becoming an NFL referee. Refereeing football games for at least ten years is required by the NFL. At the very least, five of the ten events should be important college football games.
  • Good physical and mental health: Given the nature of the job, which requires standing for long periods and frequent jogging, candidates must be in good physical shape.

What Are The Different Positions For An NFL Official?

Although they are all “officials,” the eight-man crew for an NFL game has a variety of titles. For each NFL game, an officiating crew consists of eight separate roles.

The referees, umpires, line judges, side judges, back judges, field judges, and replay officials are all involved. During play, all officials except the replay official are on the field.

The crew chief is another name for the referee. This individual is in charge of all other officials and is the one who makes the decisions on the field. The NFL referees are easily identifiable as the officials who wear white caps.

The other officials’ tasks differ, but they all watch for pass interference, offsides, game delays, and other offenses.

How Much Does A NFL Waterboy Make?

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There Are Many Factors To Become A NFL Official.

If all of that sounds like too much labor, you might try your luck as an NFL waterboy instead. You’ll be right in the middle of the action, with front-row tickets to all of the games.

You’ll get the opportunity to work with some of the league’s greatest pla​​yers while still earning a respectable wage. When they initially enter the league, NFL waterboys may earn as much as $35,000 per year, but like with other careers, that amount can only rise over time.

In addition, NFL waterboys are frequently requested to complete other tasks, increasing their pay.

Final Thoughts

You can imagine how difficult the job of an NFL Referee is. It entails extended and exhausting hours of physical exertion. 

Do you believe the NFL referee salary 2022 is commensurate with the type of job they perform? We hope this article about “how much does an NFL ref make” will satisfy you.

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