Politically Incorrect Fantasy Football Names! Dare Not To Laugh!

Do you think it is easy to come up with a great, fun, and creative name for your team? The answer is no! Have you ever come up with politically incorrect fantasy football names? It can be challenging and time-consuming to think up new team names that are both insulting and funny. And the worst thing you want is to name your team after the wrong sport or another famous person’s name.

When you can’t think of a good and original team name, and you need one quickly, here are some funny and politically incorrect fantasy football names.

Politically Incorrect Fantasy Football Names

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  1. A Team Named Fred: “Fred” is good for a male fantasy football name. A team named “Fred” will insult all of your friends and family without offending them. It’s a good idea to name your fantasy football team after someone that you don’t like
  2. Big, Black and Stupid: Is your opponent’s starting quarterback black? Then you should pick this name for yourself, because that is exactly what he is.
  3. Chunky and the HandJive: “Chunky” is a good insult for white people, especially men. Chunky is also a good name for a running back on your fantasy team, because he might easily gain weight after you draft him.
  4. The Chutney Pouch: “The Chutney Pouch” is a good fantasy football name for someone of Asian descent that loves to make his own curry at home, even though nobody wants to eat it.
  5. The Dairy Queen: Do you like to eat ice cream? Then this is a good name for your fantasy football team. The reason I say it’s a good name is because “ice cream” is an important part of the great American culture and people from all over the world love ice cream. (Insert a pun like “Chunky” or “Big, Black and Stupid”).
  6. The Galloping Gourmet: I know the phrase “the galloping gourmet” might not make sense to some readers. But it’s a fine fantasy football name if you think that your running back is supposed to be good at making “gallopin'” and he only eats meat and not vegetables.
  7. Honey-Boo-Boo: Honey Boo Boo is an eight-year-old, half black, half white girl. She’s also an obese eater who loves to eat and do nothing. What better way to insult a fantasy football opponent than by calling his fantasy football team “Honey-Boo-Boo”.
  8. The Chastity Belt: “The Chastity Belt” is good for a fantasy football player of any gender who is shy or conservative, especially on the field.
  9. The Flicker: “The Flicker” is a good fantasy football name for any player who likes to use his footwork.
  10. The Skihuauhh: “The Skihuauhh” is a good fantasy football name if you think “Jimmy Johnson” was a great quarterback coach. He’s also the name of an American wrestler, so if you’re female in your fantasy league, you might want to avoid this name.

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Political Fantasy Football Team Names

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Check out our Political Fantasy Football Team Names Round.

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  1. The Party: “The Party” is a fine fantasy football name for a team that is just like the Democratic party. It’s also good if you think your team should support candidates who are more liberal or deviant than others in their state. Otherwise, it’s a bad fantasy football name.
  2. The Tea Party: “The Tea Party” is a great fantasy football name for a team that is more conservative than others in your state. You could also call it “The Freedom Caucus.”
  3. The Independence Party: The Independence Party or “the Independents” are the opposite of the Democrats. They’re mostly conservative, so this team name makes sense if you need a conservative fantasy football team name on your fantasy football team.
  4. The Green Party: “The Green Party” is a great fantasy football name for a team that is liberal and more environmentally friendly than the Democratic party.
  5. Libertarian Party: “The Libertarian Party” is a great fantasy football name for a team that supports issues more liberal than those of the Democrats and Libertarians. The Libertarian party also makes sense if you’re conservative or libertarian in your political views in your fantasy league.
  6. The Reform Party: “The Reform Party” is a great fantasy football name for a team that stands up to the Republicans and other conservative groups. Many people may say the Democratic party is the most liberal and liberal while the Republican party is conservative and conservative, but not necessarily more liberal, so maybe this team name makes sense for your fantasy football league as it’s a lot like Democrats.
  7. Donald Trump fantasy football team: Make America Great Again.

While this is mostly an obvious name, it’s still a great team name if you’re looking to pay tribute to perhaps the most influential president in recent history.

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  1. Fantasy football team name: Obama/Biden 2020 Fantasy Football League.

This might be one of the more obvious fantasy names for a team given there are actually 365 days in a year and the president’s term is only eight years, but that doesn’t stop this from being funny and fitting for a fantasy cause.

  1. Trump for Governor fantasy football team name: Our Goal Is To Make America Great Again.

This is a fine fantasy football team name if you think your President Donald Trump should run for governor instead of President or if you want to support the man who will be the next president of the second most powerful country in the world.


There were a lot of fantasy football team names. I would have gotten through all of these in one day if I was playing fantasy sports, but that might still take me three days considering my expertise.

Hopefully you’ve learned something new and maybe even a few things you wouldn’t have thought of, so this Fantasy Football dream team names article is definitely helpful.

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