Funny Fantasy Football Names And Team Names You’d Love

Ever get bored with the same boring names like “Superman” or “Batman”? Well cheer up, cause we have some funny fantasy football names ideas that will shock you.

From hilarious to downright strange, we’re giving you some of the best and funniest fantasy football names on the internet!

Fantasy Football Game

funny fantasy football names langleyrams

Bring out your inner child with the name “Fantasy Football Game.” This name is for the person that plays in multiple fantasy football leagues around town, and even has a few in office pools.

Fantasy Football is a great way to provide an escape from the daily grind. Nothing beats making your friends team fearful by naming a certain player, each day, with pro wordplay and hilarity.

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Some fantasy providers offer a naming convention. For example, Yahoo!, CBS Sports, and DraftKings all have tips for how to name your team. This is usually done with a list of suggested name ideas for the position you are picking first in the draft.

The Fantasy Football Team Name

The Fantasy Football Team Name is great if you aren’t quite sure who to pick for your fantasy football team or don’t know who to join with. You may have the “Fantasy Football Team Name“, but you can definitely make it unique as you can even use the names of players from previous leagues that were not so great.

The Fantasy Football Team Name is usually reserved for the veteran of the league, but you can always poke fun at someone who isn’t very good at fantasy football by telling them that you have “the Fantasy Football Team Name.

Fantasy Football League Names

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If you’re in a league online, check some of these names out and see if they can bring some creativity to your group.

Fantasy Football League Names are great names for fantasy football leagues because they usually represent several different themes and are usually built around the entire league as opposed to one person.

This name is a great one to look at if you’re part of a league that’s based around a more casual, team-oriented environment.

The Best Fantasy Football Funny Team Names

  1. Fantasy Football Potato.
  2. Fantasy Football Meat.
  3. Fantasy Football Ham, Pork, and Beans.
  4. Captain Diaphragm and Mr. Muscles.
  5. Fantasy Football Squad: The big name for the fantasy football squad is “Fantasy Football Team Name”, but you could always have fun with it by escalating names that don’t necessarily fit together.
  6. Fantasy Football Supreme Commander of the Universe.
  7. Fantasy Football Dark Side of the Moon.
  8. Fantasy Football The Dark Knight.
  9. Fantasy Football Cannibal Corpse.
  10. Fantasy Football Star Wars.
  11. Fantasy Football Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire-Face Elder Wand.
  12. Fantasy Football Dramatic Irony.

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10 Bad Fantasy Football Team Names

  1. Fantasy Football Mafia.
  2. Fantasy Football Jail Break.
  3. Fantasy Football Revenge.
  4. Fantasy Football Doomsday Killer: You don’t want to use names of people that aren’t fantasy football players, but you could have the “Fantasy Football Team Name”. Then when your team is struggling and you are not getting the same amount of points as your competition, you can say “The Fantasy Football Team Name is having a tough season this year. I better do something about that.”
  5. Fantasy Football Death Star.
  6. Fantasy Football Nuclear Warfare.
  7. Fantasy Football The Outsiders: The Bad Guys.
  8. Fantasy Football The Land of Misfits and Outcasts.
  9. Fantasy Football The Gunslingers: Every team needs a gunslinger, just like every team needs a stud running back.
  10. Fantasy Football The Cheaters: Once you get in the big leagues, everyone has all of these great names, so you can’t be using the same old boring ones that were used in your little league from college.

The Best Creative Fantasy League Names

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  1. Fantasy Football Playoff Bump: This is a great name for a fantasy football team that you picked up when the playoffs start.
  2. Fantasy Football Opening Week of the Season Bullet: The key to having this name is to make sure your “Fantasy Football Squads” play well during the opening week of the season.
  3. Fantasy NFL Grinder: If you’re not at the top of your game, but still find yourself in the playoffs – then this name goes perfectly with you!
  4. Fantasy Football Late Season Winner: This is a perfect name to have if you pick up a sleeper at the trade deadline or later in the season.
  5. Fantasy Football Surprise Champions: If you find yourself at the bottom of your league, but finish really strong, then this name works perfectly for you!
  6. Fantasy Football Wildcard Loser: If you aren’t happy with the way you did in your league, but still made the playoffs – then this name is for you!
  7. Fantasy Football Late Saver: If there are only a few players that can help you win your fantasy football league, but they are going to be late round draft picks – then this name works perfectly for you!
  8. Fantasy Indy Winner: The name “Fantasy Indy” will work well for you if you make it all the way to the championship game or win it all.

10 Fantasy Football League Names

  1. The League of Extraordinary Douchebags: If you are into the nastier side of fantasy football – then this is the perfect name for your league!
  2. The League of Fantasy Football Superstars: This name is perfect for a fantasy football league where you know that all of the best players out there are going to be on a team like yours.
  3. The League of Professional Football Players: This is a great name also if you’re into high-level players that all perform up to expectations and follow the right protocols.
  4. The League of Fantasy Football Legends: You’re probably going to have several legends in your league – but this is the perfect name to include all of them!
  5. The League of Fantasy Football Final Four: This name is a great name for a fantasy football league where you have the top players in the league competing right to the very end.
  6. The League of Fantasy Football Champions: If you are lucky enough to have a team that wins it all – then this is the perfect name for your fantasy football championship!
  7. The League of Fantasy Football Superstar Heroes: This is a great name to include all the huge names that are going to be playing in your league.
  8. The League of Fantasy Football Top Guns: If you have a great team and you want to go out there and match up against some of the best teams out there – then this is the right name for you!
  9. The League of Fantasy Football Pro Football Stars: If your league has all pro players with all the best guns – then this name works great for you!
  10. The League of Fantasy Football Champions–Part II: If you have been in your league for a while and want to make a quantum leap, then this is the right name to use – but don’t be mistaken for part 1.

The Ultimate Fantasy Football Fan

This is for the avid fantasy football fan who not only watches Monday Night Football, but also plays in a bunch of fantasy leagues. If you’re looking to let everyone know that you’re the ultimate fan, then this is the name for you.

This name will especially impress the fantasy football fan that likes to play in as many leagues as possible or is motivated by a desire to win a championship. For the ultimate guy, using the name “Ultimate Fantasy Football Fan” could have you winning championships in multiple leagues.

Fans of this name are already known for being die hard and loyal. “Ultimate Fantasy Football Fan” will do just that and make your team one of those to beat every year.


Being creative is very important for your fantasy football league. You don’t want to have a boring team name, but you do have to be careful because too many fantasy football team names could cause a problem.

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