Top 10 Best Football Gloves 2023 – Ultimate Guides & Reviews

The best football gloves are accessories that every player should have. The high-quality football gloves protect your hands and help you improve your game ability. This is why many top players believe that choosing a soccer glove is just as important as choosing a soccer shoe and a soccer helmet. Whether you are a professional player or an amateur who wants to choose a suitable pair of soccer gloves, this article is for you. Join us and discover top-rated football gloves.

Best Football Gloves for 2022

Best Overall: Under Armour Men’s F7 Football Gloves

Under Armour, famous for its impressive collections of sports shoes and equipment. This brand is also widely known in the football world as one of the best. Football gloves are one of Under Armour’s best sports products. Among them are Under Armor F7 which is rated as the best football glove 2022.

 And like all other Under Armour products, it is designed to keep your hands cool while playing on the football field. HeatGear also maintains breathability and keeps a cool temperature while wearing gloves. Overall, Under Armour Men’s F7 are one of the most versatile gloves that help players achieve absolute comfort. 

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  • Ultra-durability and breathability.
  • Provides great support.
  • Designed with wicks sweat and dried fast materials.
  • Custom fit closure system.
  • Several colors available to choose.


  • The silver is sparkly glitter.

Top Rated: Franklin Sports Youth NFL Football Receiver 

One of the best gloves for football is Franklin Sports Youth NFL Football Receiver Gloves. Now you can enjoy the fit and grip you need to get the best catch.

It’s designed with hook and loop closure. These gloves are officially licensed by the NFL with the actual team logo and color, so you can support your favorite team. The flexible and breathable polyester backing has rubber prints. Built-in silicone palm grip technology with extended thumb and forefinger. In addition, they are covered with a neoprene strap.

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  • One size can be fit most.
  • It is one of the best receiver gloves for football.
  • They are officially licensed by NFL.
  • Catch every football.
  • Very comfortable.
  • It is breathable.
  • It is the perfect choice for the best games.
  • All-weather gloves feature
  • Flexible and lightweight.


  • It’s not as stylish as other gloves.

Most comfortable: Cutters Julian Edelman Football Glove

Cutters Julian Edelman Football Glove is one of the best grip football gloves on the market. If you pay attention, these gloves are the ones used by the best athletes in the world.

The design of these gloves is famous for C-Tack technology, which helps give the player a better grip than any glove. Additionally, this item is 100% other fiber. And the properties of these gloves are to give the hands comfort, ventilation, and safety. Neoprene cuffs provide wrist comfort throughout the game, durable seams that can withstand hard grips, and combined with a smart panel for maximum durability.

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  • C-Tack technology improves grip.
  • C-Tack helps increase the traction area for your hand.
  • It has a smart synthetic panel.
  • Comfortable and durable.
  • The back of the hand is flexible and lightweight.
  • The all-weather gloves feature provides a great performance.
  • It is easy to wash in the machine.


  • It is more expensive than other glove products on the market.

Cutters Rev Pro Football Gloves

Cutters brand always produces the best football gloves. Cutters Rev Pro is one of the top quality gloves. 

The patented C-TACK technology offers the best grip for maximum performance. In addition, the gloves increase strength in these battles by reloading the REV-TACK on hold. The palm is made of high-quality perforated material for a cooling effect. Neoprene cuffs offer wrist comfort and tacky grip during play and sturdy stitching combined with a smart panel for shock resistance and maximum durability. 

If you are wondering what are the best football gloves, Cutters Rev Pro is the answer.

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  • It is breathable, comfortable, and safe.
  • Palm design provides comfort through coolness.
  • C-tack technology provides a good grip.
  • Machine-washable.
  • It has several colors for players to choose.
  • Allow great flexibility and mobility.
  • Can be used in all kind of weathers


  • It is pricey.

Adidas ADIZERO 8.0 Football Reciever’s Gloves

Defeat your opponent with a big catch with the Adidas ADIZERO 8.0 Football Reciever’s Gloves. These gloves are developed with Griptack technology and Primeknit material design enables these gloves to achieve the best balance, tacky grip, and super sticky, resulting in an improved control ball.

It is 100% synthetic. In addition, Adidas’ exclusive TECHFIT all-round fabric adapts perfectly to the shape and structure of each hand to ensure a perfect fit. Thanks to the CLIMA-COOL technology, people feel cool and dry in hot weather. Lastly, the injection-molded rubber tongue offers a safety lock without any tightening or sliding hook and closes the ring for a personal fit.

Adidas ADIZERO 8.0 Football Reciever’s Gloves was ranked as one of the best football gloves of 2022.

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  • Provides great performance in all kinds of weather.
  • It is an excellent fit.
  • It is very comfortable.
  • The Adizero 8.0 is very supportive for talented players.
  • 100% synthetic technology delivers lightweight.
  • The brand offers several colors for players.


  • It is quite expensive compared to other gloves.

Under Armour Men’s F6 Football Gloves

For professional soccer players, the name Under Armor Men’s F6 soccer gloves is not too strange. For many years, gloves from Under Armour have always been rated as being of the highest quality. And if you are looking for a pair of gloves with a good griptack palm, this product is for you. 

These Under Armour gloves meet NFHS/NCAA/NOCSAE standards. Moreover, the HeatGear fabric keeps your hands cool, dry, and super light. The sweat-absorbing material helps to dry hands quickly in hot climates. GrabTack palms with ultra-durable materials for maximum catchability.



  • Machine washable.
  • Very fit.
  • Fast dry.
  • It is durable and ultra-light.
  • It is breathable which allows the best mobility.
  • It also provides better control the ball.
  • Highly safe for fingers as it reduces twisting.
  • Meet NFHS/NCAA/NOCSAE standards.


  • The size and color of this version are very limited. 

Kids EliteTek RG-14 Super Tight Fitting Football Gloves

Kids EliteTek RG-14 Super Tight Fitting is certified by SFIA. Its GripTech Palm technology provides enough grip to improve ball catching performance in games. In addition, the gloves help the player well in all kinds of weather. If you are a player and you need the best grip football gloves, the Kids EliteTek RG-14 Super Tight Fitting are exactly the gloves you need.

In terms of design, the gloves’ skin fits perfectly in your hands and creates the feeling that you are not wearing gloves. The lightweight gloves with lots of ventilation keep your hands moisture-free in humid temperatures, so you can focus on your game. The glove design offers an improved grip and a thin design for high performance, so you can stay in control and improve your skills at all times.

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  • It has a good griptack palm.
  • Durable gloves that provide a great performance.
  • One of the highest quality football gloves.
  • Very easy to custom fit.
  • 100% money-back guarantee.
  • Provides fantastic hold thanks to GripTech Palm technology.
  • High adjustable and breathable.


  • Not many colors to choose from Kids EliteTek RG-14 Super Tight Fitting Gloves.

Under Armour Boys’ F6 Football Gloves

Under Armour Boys’ F6 Football Gloves has elite technology for fit and comfort that allows you to play an important role in great games. GrabTack and HeatGear technologies distinguish Under Armour Boys’ F6 Gloves from other products with a specially designed closed system that helps football players find their own comfortable and fit their hand. 

This item is 100% other fiber. It is the football gloves with the best grip as it fulfills NFHS/NCAA/NOCSAE standards. In addition, these gloves are designed with a moisture-absorbent material that can keep your hands dry in all conditions. Seamless one-piece palm provide maximum flexibility for players. If you are looking for a top-rated pair of football gloves, this is the one for you. 

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  • Washable in the machine.
  • Very comfortable thanks to moisture-wicking material.
  • Meets NFHS/NCAA.NOCSAE standards.
  • Easy wearing by custom fit.
  • 60-day manufacturer warranty.
  • Always keep hand light, dry and cool.


  • It has fewer colors than other brands.

Adidas Adizero 9.0 Football Receiver Gloves

One of the best Adidas football gloves is Adidas Adizero 9.0 Football Receiver Gloves. These great gloves have many of the features the top football players are looking for. 

They are designed with exclusive technology, premium synthetic materials, and great comfort, so you are ready to be in any game at any time. Next, in the football glove is GripTack, Adidas ’exclusive palm technology treatment that offers unparalleled grip and performance in all weather conditions. You can use these gloves skillfully to catch the ball. Overall, this is a great set of gloves from Adidas.

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  • It has an unbeatable grip.
  • Amazing moisture wicking which keeps hand dry and cool.
  • Provides natural movements and motion.
  • Perfect fit.
  • Designed for comfort and consistent grip.
  • One of the best receivers gloves for football.
  • There are many color choices.


  • There are no negative reviews on the gloves yet.

Adidas Freak 4.0 Padded Football Receiver Gloves

The Adidas Freak 4.0 padded soccer receiver gloves are designed with a variety of elastic materials for a versatile fit. The Adidas Freak 4.0 Padded Football Receiver Gloves also have a protection zone and a strong GRIP TACK palm material makes it easy for players to make tough catches.

The gloves are designed with exclusive technology that offers the comfort and performance you need to win. It also has high-density injection molding on the back of the thumb and forefinger for maximum flexibility and shock absorption, so you stay focused on the game. It is also designed to mimic the movements of your hands with ergonomics.

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  • It is one of the best grip football gloves on the market
  • It provides an excellent grip.
  • Unbeatable protection.
  • Extremely comfortable in all kinds of weather.
  • High quality and outstanding gloves.
  • Always keeps hand dry and cool.


  • There are fewer colors to choose from than other gloves.

Benefits of Wearing Good Football Gloves

In football, players have to stop and catch the ball with their own hands. Sometimes there are collisions with the very strong forces of the opponent. With unprotected hands, when you grab the ball, it will lead to injuries such as arm fractures, ligament fractures. This affects the health of the player as well as the outcome of the game. That’s why equipment gloves for football players are really necessary. 

The best football gloves bring many benefits for the players, as follows.

Protect your hands from injuries

Players cannot go to the football field in bad weather without wearing gloves. Players face the risk of injury due to bad weather, such as cold or intense sunlight. At the same time, players will also get hand injuries when they collide with their unprotected hands. And the gloves are the solution for players to minimize hand injuries. 

The foam inside, the relatively hard surface that surrounds the outside, prevents the fingertips from absorbing strong external forces of impact. Some advanced soccer gloves are also designed with finger guards that prevent the fingers from bending backward or the player from getting serious unwanted injuries. 

Supports the ability to catch the ball

Another point that cannot be ignored when talking about the importance of football gloves is the ability to hold the ball. 

Player gloves often use a thick layer of foam on the inside. They will create good friction that helps the goalkeeper catch the ball rather than with bare hands. In addition, the friction in the gloves helps the player to grip the ball better than with bare hands in a wet sweat, especially when the players have to be active on the court for hours.

Benefits of Wearing Good Football Gloves

Benefits of Wearing Good Football Gloves

How to choose the Best Football Gloves?

Choosing the right pair of football gloves is very important. That’s why we share guidelines to help you choose the right glove to prevent injuries and improve your catching accuracy. Just like choosing other accessories like soccer shoes or helmets, buying soccer gloves becomes quite difficult if you do not know what the criteria are. 

Especially in the current market, there are many styles, shapes, and colors of soccer gloves that can make you confused. And whether you are an amateur or a professional soccer player, if you read the following guide carefully, you will surely know how to choose the right pair of soccer gloves. 


The grip is considered as a separate piece from the base glove material. This traction pad is included in most, if not all, soccer gloves. These are commonly known as super sticky soccer gloves. With these top-rated football gloves, you improve your agility and ability to catch the ball. Your skills are best shown the moment you decide to catch the ball. And if you’re wearing a glove, you’re really good at passing the ball instead of dropping it.

So choose football gloves with a stable grip.


No one wants to take a sweaty hand out of a glove. It is even more important in strong competition. Even if they fit perfectly, the gloves will always touch your skin and make you sweat. Here, breathable fabric is useful: light, comfortable, easy to cross, grab and hit. So buy breathable gloves.


Depending on your needs, padding can help you increase or decrease your mobility. More padding means that you can handle cold weather well, but that you will not feel the impact of the ball as much. Less padding means you can feel and squeeze better balls, but your hands can feel worse in cold weather. Therefore, depending on your needs, you can choose the padding when buying football gloves.


When it comes to your best style of football gloves, it all depends on their aesthetics and how well they fit in with your other accessories such as uniforms, helmets, and cleats. 

If you spend most of your time in your backyard, appearance doesn’t matter. But if you’re someone who cares about your looks on the pitch, a glove that matches your style is essential. So choose a glove that you think suits your style. It is one way to show your personality and be more self-confident while playing soccer. 

Choose the right size of football glove

Not only because of the style, a pair of football gloves that fit the size of your hand is also the best option. The right size for your hand helps make the ball catching process more efficient.

To see if the gloves fit in your hand, you can try two methods:

  • First, Try it out directly This glove test involves squeezing your fingers gently and carefully so that the tip of the glove does not come out when you comfortably stretch. 
  • Second, You can ask us for advice on choosing the most suitable size of football gloves.

Choose the right size of football glove

Choose the right size of football glove

Choose football gloves according to price

The price of football gloves is always directly proportional to their quality. Football gloves always have a high price, quality and long-lasting durability are also better. To learn how to protect your hands, choose the gloves you think are best for you. Choosing a pair of poor football gloves will probably have a serious effect on your hands during the game.

Choose gloves with hard palms for exercise

If you are buying football gloves for training purposes, you should keep in mind that you should choose gloves with a strong palm. Compared to soft gloves, it has poor shock absorption and poor grip, but it is the type with exceptional durability. Of course, it would be nice to have a pair of soft gloves, but it would be a waste and expensive if you used it only a few times. Therefore, it is best to use hard and sturdy goal gloves for training. 

Choose gloves with hard palms for

Choose gloves with hard palms for exercise

Choose soft and friction gloves when using them in competition

In addition to practicing, you must wear football gloves with soft palms to catch the ball firmly and accurately in official matches. Despite the poor durability, the gloves bring you a better feel and they are easy to use.

However, due to the good grip, the force on the palm is also greater during official competitions, which will make the gloves very fragile. You must also try on gloves before taking them to the official competition. And if you want to extend the use, opt for a pair of soft gloves with slightly thicker palms. 

Choose soccer gloves with the right foam

Foam on soccer gloves is one of the most important parts to make sure your hands are safe. This helps to increase friction and makes it easier for the player to touch the ball more successfully. With a strong ball phase, the foam can prevent the ball from reaching the player’s hand quickly. 

However, the foam will also be most likely to spoil, you can tell how to choose a glove by choosing a pair with thick and smooth foam, and of course, the price is higher than the gloves. usually normal one. Therefore, in some cases, when gloves cannot be used, change them to protect yourself. 

Choose a football glove suitable for the weather

Gloves are the most important part of football, but manufacturers also produce a wide range of glove surfaces in different materials based on prices and weather conditions.

How to choose the Best Football Gloves

How to choose the Best Football Gloves?

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need to wear football gloves?

As mentioned above, soccer gloves are a must accessory for any player, whether you are a professional athlete or an amateur. 

First, the gloves help to protect your hands safely, avoiding injuries in case of a collision with the ball or the opponent. Next, the gloves guarantee the comfort of your hand in all extreme weather conditions, so you can focus comfortably on the game. Ultimately, the glove will help you improve your catchability so that you can get the best results.

How many types of football gloves are there today?

There are now 2 main types of football gloves:

  • Linebacker: designed for different uses in both defensive and offensive positions. The gloves are designed with great breathability and can be overworked where you need to grab or throw.
  • Receiver: Designed with good grip, but also for all difficult catches. These gloves help to reduce the overall speed of the ball, regardless of the distance and the starting speed. As a result, you are less likely to fumble and miss the ball. 

Best football gloves

How many types of football gloves are there today?

How do I know the exact size of my gloves?

Start by measuring your hand. Determine the length of the hand by measuring from the tip of the longest (usually the middle finger) to the base of the palm. Remember to wear gloves comfortably but not too tight as this can restrict blood flow. However, most of the best football gloves are adjustable, so do not worry. And you can contact us directly for detailed advice on choosing the right glove size for you.

How to properly wash football gloves?

For best results, we recommend that you wash the glove in a cold water environment, then hang it up and let it dry naturally. 

We always encourage you to use hand cleaning door protection gloves. Although this method is longer, it takes more time and effort, it helps you to protect your gloves best against depreciation, damage, and fading.

If you want to use a washing machine. Please check the material and brand of the football glove you are using before putting it on the machine. To reduce glove damage, pull the inside of the glove to flush it directly. 

If you want to clean the surface, put your gloves in a cloth bag. This way of washing player gloves does not help the glove washing process to come into direct contact with the camcorder. Seal the cloth bag tightly to make sure that while the machine is running, the gloves do not fall off.

When using the washing machine, it is not necessary to wash with warm water, as the temperature and spin speed of the washing machine can easily damage the gloves. If the gloves are good, you can leave the grill mode for a cleaner wash. Finally, choose the lightest washing machine mode for washing, Do not forget to add detergent to clean gloves.

How to properly wash football gloves

How to properly wash football gloves?

How long are football gloves commonly used?

The best football gloves are expected to last more than one season, if not years. However, if you are buying a pair of gloves for your child, you may need to replace them for a season or two as they will grow very quickly. 

Why are some football gloves stickier than others?

This glove is a receiver player, so it is suitable for grabbing instead of throwing. If you are playing in a position that requires a lot of throwing, you do not need to buy these gloves.

How do I keep football gloves good?

First, clean the gloves immediately after use. After a period of playing on the football field, the football gloves will surely get dirty and smell of sweat. Sweat along with prolonged dirt will corrode, oxidize gloves and cause the inner foam lining the inside of the glove to harden and deteriorate more quickly, so it is necessary to wash the football gloves with cold water immediately after use.

Washing gloves often increase the life of the gloves. If it is too dirty, we should use baby shower gel to remove the stains. Do not use soap, detergent, detergent. Then dry thoroughly and keep the gloves in a cool place. This is the most efficient way to keep your football gloves. 

How to remove odor from football gloves properly?

The best way for you to deodorize a soccer glove is to clean it every time you use it in order for the soccer glove to reduce external stains. Do not store them indoors immediately after use. Every time you wash your gloves, you should let them dry completely. If the gloves are not completely dry, the odor will worsen. It is best to use the sun to dry them. The higher the sun, the faster the drying gloves get rid of the odor.

However, if you have to wash your football gloves during the rainy season, it is impossible to take advantage of the sun. At this point, you have a good alternative to using a dryer. Note: When drying the gloves, keep them at a distance. Do not use the rush technique by drying directly on the gloves. Because many gloves are mostly of rubber quality, it is very easy to affect your safety.

Best football gloves 2021

How to remove odor from football gloves properly?

Is it possible to fix football gloves if they are torn?

As we all know, there are many reasons why football gloves get torn, such as buying poor quality gloves, washing them incorrectly, being hit too hard, or being stung by sharp objects. For excessive tears, the repair is difficult. But with not too many tears, there are ways to heal the glove. 

You can use the following methods:

  • Use rubber scraps that stick to the tears. 
  • Sew glove tears.
  • Sew with a soft rubber cushion.

Frequently Asked Questions 2

Frequently Asked Questions


We have just shared with you the best football gloves available today. It can be said that gloves are an important accessory in football because of the many benefits it brings. A good set of soccer gloves will help protect your hands, create a sense of comfort and support you throughout your game. By exchanging information on how to choose soccer gloves, you can hope that this article will give you the best knowledge and experience. Wish you had a perfect choice. 

Why trust Langley Rams?

Langley Rams is a very reputable football website. Here we have leading experts, very knowledgeable and with a lot of experience on the football field. One of our most famous experts is Scott Fujita. Fujita has more than 20 years of football experience in roles ranging from an athlete, coach to team manager. That’s why Fujita promises to give you the best advice on choosing the right football gloves to protect your safety and help you play as best as you can. 

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