Top 10 best football back plate 2023 ( Buyer’s Guide)

The best football back plate is an important accessory to protect the player’s back when he plays ball. The back is one of the most important parts of the body so if you have a back injury then you are in a lot of trouble. That’s why you need something to best protect your back. And the back plate will be the solution for you. Let’s take a look at the best backplates on the market today.

What kind of back plate is best for football? 

A backplate that is considered good for football should have the following elements.

Size & Shape

A good football back plate should make sure that it is the right size and shape for the user. It is important because:

  • Determine how good the backplate is to cover your back.
  • They determine the suitability of your back plate for your height and body shape.

When it comes to coverage, bigger is better. You need to consider the physical size of the back plate and make sure it is large enough to protect your lower back and kidneys. Therefore, the best football back plate must first have the size and the shape that suits you best. 

Weight & Protection

The next element to make the best football backplate is weight and protection.

Weight and protection are listed there because they relate to some degree. If nothing changes, a football plate with the best protective foam when it is thicker and weighs more. Football back plates often use EVA foam to absorb shock and are fairly simple in design. Basically, the thicker the foam, the better the absorption effect.

So you have to choose between performance and protection. To minimize the loss of your speed, choose a lighter back and sacrifice the level of protection. 


Durability is very important to make the best backplate in football. There are two reasons for this:

  • A durable back plate retains its physical integrity and aesthetics for longer. 
  • The durable back plate can provide a level of protection during use. 

Mounting Hole Layout

Some footballers may ignore the design of the mounting hole layout, but this is very important to consider as it is one of the criteria to make the best football back plate.

As you can see from the reviews, some back plates have a single column of mounting holes attached to each strap, while others have two columns. Of course, with 4 sets of vertical mounting holes, the back pads fit on the wider variety of shoulder pads. 

In addition, some back plates have three horizontal sets of mounting holes, while others have only two. In short, the more holes you have, the better. The greater the distance between the back cushion and the shoulder, the more room you have to adjust the height of the back. 

Mounting Hole Layout

Mounting Hole Layout

Shoulder Pad Compatibility

The distance between the shoulder pad and the mounting hole on the back plate can vary greatly, so you should also pay attention to the compatibility of the shoulder pad.

In fact, the back plate has a flexible strap so you can attach any back plate to any shoulder pad. However, the strap must be rotated and bent repeatedly to secure the back plate to the pad, which can adversely affect the durability of the strap. Also, the back plate could not fit right on the back. 

Shoulder pad compatibility may not be a big issue, but if possible, use a compatible shoulder pad and back plate. This will make your life easier and ensure that the back plate fits snugly against your back. As a result, you have one of the best back plate football.

Usually, the back plate and shoulder pad of the same brand will work wonderfully together, and some brands also specify which back plate and shoulder pad can work together.

Shoulder Pad Compatibility

Shoulder Pad Compatibility


During the game, as the back plate is attached to your back, your lower back is prone to sweating. There is no way to get rid of sweat, but you can reduce it by buying a breathable plate. 

The breathable back plate has holes in the fabric for ventilation. These will not make you feel super-cool while playing the game, but you will not feel so hot. Therefore, if possible, choose a back plate with ventilation openings. 

Style & Colors

Finally, what defines the best football back plate is the style and color. It goes without saying that these do not affect the level of protection of the football back plate. But if you care a little about style and color, you may want your back plate to match your other protective clothing. And from there, you will have more confidence to do your best on the football field. 

What kind of back plate is best for football

What kind of back plate is best for football?

Best football back plate 2023

Schutt Sports Football Backplate for Shoulder Pads

Ranked as the best football back plate is the Schutt Sports Football Backplate for Shoulder Pads. 

It is a back plate designed to provide the best security in the field. This football plate can provide a high level of protection when combined for use with high quality rib protectors. We know the high value of the high-density EVA foam used in this back plate. This material provides proper comfort and ventilation to avoid the risk of excessive sweating during play. 

Schutt Sports Football Backplate for Shoulder Pads is equipped with straps and fabrics that are not only comfortable but also provide maximum protection. It also has an elevated wavy back, which is a great advantage for protecting exposed areas. 

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  • Fits all types of shoulder pads.
  • Very eye-catching with beautiful colors.
  • Offers maximum protection. 
  • Breathable thanks to high-density EVA foam technology.
  • Comes with comfortable straps and fabric. 
  • Available in 8 colors.


  • Some reviews say it is a bit small.

Battle Sports Backbone Adult Football Back Plate

Battle Sports BackBone Adult Football Back Plate is rated as the best youth football back plate.

If you ask what kind of back plate is best for football, this is one of the football back plates that we think should be included in our review of the best back plate designed for football games. This back plate is made to handle all the actions on the football field.

The highly padded foam lining is proven to provide additional protection throughout the game. This football back is also equipped with a durable strap to keep it stable during stressful games.

Battle Sports Backbone Adult Football Back Plate has an impressive and beautiful curved design. This structure has the great advantage of ensuring that the energy and effects produced by strong shocks are efficiently distributed on the plate. With this advantage, we firmly believe that this back plate football will provide maximum protection for the user’s back. 

71ZDA4Jmi2L. AC SX679


  • Quite comfortable when wearing.
  • Suitable for every player at all ages.
  • Absorbs impact well and provides the best protection.
  • The foam inside provides excellent protection.
  • Its sleek and curved design ensures efficient distribution of heavy hits.


  • A little difficult to attach for new users. 

Douglas Custom Pro Mr. DZ Football Backplate

Speaking of the best football brands, the name DOUGLAS cannot be ignored. 

The Douglas Custom Pro Mr. DZ Football Backplate can effectively protect the player’s back in the best way. From there, you can get satisfaction from this best football back plate.

It can protect your back from pain caused by high impact, severe pressure, and other blind spots. It not only protects the lower back but also protects the spine and the kidneys from the strongest impact.

Another reason why this back plate football stands out is that it comes with built-in grommets, which proves that such pads are an advantage as it allows the player to freely lift or lower the back plate. 

81FeK3bz9SL. AC SX679


  • The padding is hard and comfortable. 
  • Provides optimal and professional protection for the lower back.
  • Can handle high impact force, blind spots, and high pressure.
  • You can adjust this backplate.


  • Only one color available.

Xenith Football Back Plate

The Xenith back plate football is an excellent choice for Xenith shoulder pads. But even if you have shoulder pads from another brand, this plate can be used.

The highlight of this best football back plate is the adjustable straps. It has several positions for connecting the straps, so you can adjust the distance between the spacing. Therefore, the Xenith panel will work with most shoulder pads on the market. 

Basically, the Xenith football back plate is a good choice for people with Xenith shoulder pads. But rest assured if you have a shoulder pad from other brands – with adjustable straps, this back will work.

71DBLm5 OZL. AC SX679


  • Perfect when worn with Xenith shoulder pads.
  • Can be used with other branded shoulder pads.
  • The strap is adjustable.
  • There are sizes for youth and varsity.
  • Excellent quality.


  • Only available in black.

Battle Sports Chrome American Flag Football Back Plate

Battle Sports Chrome American Flag Football Back Plate is designed to provide maximum protection and comfort for players of all ages, helping to reduce shock and provide reliable lower back protection. Its design features include high impact with foam interior at curved design for max energy disbursement.



  • Beautiful design.
  • Universal fit everyone.
  • Good ability to absorb and distribute force.
  • Adjust the temperature in the back for more comfort.
  • One of the best back plate football.


  • There is only one color.

Shock Doctor Football Back Plate

Express your style on the field with the  Shock Doctor Showtime Back Plate. Get maximum protection with high-impact design and contoured foam while displaying your style. The Shock Doctor Showtime Back Plate maintains the right balance between impact resistance and comfort. It is rated as one of the best football back plates in the world.

61dGlXiFdYL. AC SX679


  • Very light and good protection. 
  • Very good impact absorption.
  • Breathable design helps release heat.
  • It is very easy to attach to the shoulder pads.
  • Available in 4 colors with a beautiful design.


  • The price is quite high.

Schutt Sports Air Maxx Football Back Plate

When we talk about the best football back plate, we can not ignore the Schutt brand products. One of the best is the Schutt Sports Air Maxx football back plate

The back plate keeps you focused on the ball game as it reliably prevents back strokes. So you do not have to worry about hurting yourself. The back plate is designed to be strong and durable, making it ideal for varsity use.

The Schutt Sports Air Maxx football back plate looks fantastic and fresh when worn on the field. It also has a pleated design that provides maximum protection for the player. This design includes a block pad that is known to be highly absorbent to provide safety and comfort while playing on the court. Another advantage is the simulated high-efficiency system for optimal air distribution and management. With such a system, you stay fresh throughout the game.

810lG0fRomL. AC SX679


  • The design looks very solid.
  • The ability to absorb power is very good. 
  • Provides the highest level of protection. 
  • Very light for absolute comfort.


  • Not suitable for small body players.

Adams Youth Football Back Plate for Shoulder Pads

ADAMS is a well-known brand in the football equipment industry. Their product, the Adams Youth Football Back Plate for Shoulder Pads has always been well rated by users. As it is produced by a reputable brand, we are entirely convinced of its quality and excellent performance. So, it has been seen as the best football back plate from Adams.

The lightness of this backplate does not put extra pressure on the player’s shoulders and back, so it never restricts your movement or slows you down on the field. 

Another advantage of using this back plate is its fiber padding, which you can easily attach to the shoulder strap. In addition, although it has been fit, it can be adjusted. In addition to flexibility and ease of installation, the fiber mat also provides a suitable cushion for the multi-purpose back plate.

810lG0fRomL. AC SX679


  • Very suitable for a youth player.
  • It is very easy to attach.
  • There is a good cushion.
  • It is very light.
  • Do not put extra pressure on the player’s back and shoulders.
  • It can be adjusted after attaching to the shoulder pad. 


  • Not suitable for players in a large physical condition.

Gear Pro-Tec Z-Cool Varsity Back Plate

Another football back plate that we would recommend to anyone looking for a high-quality football back plate is the Gear Pro-Tec Z-Cool Varsity. 

A large part of this football backplate is the Z-COOL moisture distribution system, which is effective in ensuring good blood circulation and ventilation. 

We also find that the Z-COOL system effectively prevents sweat and ensures that you stay cool and dry while playing. The Gear Pro-Tec Z-Cool Varsity Soccer Backplate also uses a 3D flow system, which is excellent for the ability to increase the comfort of the plate when worn through evaporating sweat. 

71wiWhc%2BorL. AC UX679


  • Provide good ventilation and airflow system. 
  • It can absorb sweat and moisture well. 
  • Get rid of sweat with the 3D flow system.
  • Create a comfortable feeling thanks to the adjustable strap.


  • It does not match shoulder pads from other brands.


Finally, we have the best football back plate from Riddel, which is a great choice for Riddell shoulder pads. Some people may also like the sheer design. Personally, I prefer the back cover more than ever. In addition, it is also a cheap football back plate, but the quality is excellent.

The back of Riddell’s design offers excellent quality and thick foam for protection. The height of the back plate is also perfect, and the size is suitable for most players. Even for big or small players, the size is just right. 

51KyoGWyzlL. AC SX679


  • An excellent choice for Riddell shoulder pads.
  • High quality with super good protection.
  • Suitable for both adults and children. 
  • Cheap price, but super good quality.


  • Some people do not like its colors.

Why should I use a football back plate?

Reduce back injuries

The main reason for equipping a back plate is to protect the spine. There are many horror stories about football players being seriously injured against the opposing team. Usually, the shoulder pad does not cover all your back, especially the lower spine, therefore, it does not absorb all of the opponent’s tackle. That’s why the best football back plate is essential to protect your lower spine.

Reduce back injuries

Reduce back injuries

Allows you to move faster without fear of injury

Some people may think that the thicker the back plate, the better it is to use during games. But because football games move at high speed on the field, you need a back plate that does not leave you like a duck sitting to watch the opponent get the advantages. So you have to move fast without having to worry too much to get injured. And these best football back plates protect you, giving you the confidence to move faster

Can be added to your current protective gear

Not all participants in football matches have a back plate football. Yes, it is true. You will find that if you search for the word ‘back plate football” online, you will only find a few websites. 

However, if you use a back plate, not only will you be protected, but your uniform will look more eye-catching. A beautiful and complete uniform will improve the work ethic of players and teams. From there, the team plays better and wins.

Why should I use a football back plate

Why should I use a football back plate?


What does a football back plate do?

The ultimate goal of a football back plate is to protect you when you play football, as it is one of the protective gear you should invest in. In particular, it protects your back from possible injuries. Once you’ve attached it to your shoulder, you can place it on your lower back. 

Once installed, the best football back plate can be very helpful in protecting the back, spine, and kidneys by reducing the impact and pressure that these areas will experience in the event of a collision. 

Why do football players wear backplates?

Football players must carry a back plate as protection. Whether you are a beginner or a professional football player, remember that you need some protection for other body parts. Remember that football is a shock sport, therefore, the best football back plate is useful.

In the event of a collision with another player, you risk injury. When used, a back plate can be the best solution to protect you, especially your back, spine, and kidneys, from the heavy loads and effects of these areas. 

Why do football players wear backplates

Why do football players wear backplates?

How to choose the right size of football back plate?

Check the length and width of your back to find the perfect size for your football back plate. Next, you need to check the size of the manufacturer or brand from which you want to buy the football back plate.

Make sure the size you choose fits your personal physics. In fact, the right size is something nice, but not limited. Also, make sure it is compatible with the football shoulder pads

How to put on a football back plate?

As mentioned above, you can carry the back plate by attaching it to the shoulder pads. In order to do that, the first thing you need to do is find two metal holes that you will find on the back of the pad. You will need to line up with a back plate with holes in the shoulder pads. 




In conclusion, this article has just introduced you to the best football back plate on the market today. Whatever sport you do, you need to protect your body parts. Football is a collision sport, so you need to protect yourself, especially your back and spine. 

Why trust Langley Rams? is a site that specializes in football. Here we have a team of professionals with a lot of experience on the football field, especially Scott Fujita, who has worked with football in various positions for more than 20 years. Advisor Fujita will give you the best advice on how to choose the most suitable football accessories. 

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