Top 10 best kids football cleats 2021 ( Buyer’s Guide )

Choosing the best kids football cleats is very important as it helps kids protect their feet and unleash their full potential on the pitch. Therefore, high-quality soccer cleats are always a priority for parents when buying shoes for their children. However, choosing the best shoes for your child is not easy as there are many things to pay attention to. Understanding this, the article will share experiences of choosing to buy the best soccer shoes for children. 

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Best Kids Football Cleats 2021

Nike Vapor Untouchable Varsity 3 Bg Big Kids Football Cleats

Your child will win all games with Nike Vapor Untouchable Varsity 3 Bg football boots. The shoes promise to deliver the speed that users want on all fronts. Besides, wearers will love the lightness and comfort that these shoes provide. If you are looking for a shoe that is light, comfortable and provides good speed for your child, this shoe is the best choice. Currently, the Nike Vapor Untouchable Varsity 3 Bg is rated as the best football cleats for kids.

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  • It is suitable for kids with wide feet.
  • It is lightweight and comfortable.
  • No need to take time to break-in.
  • Allowing kids to increase their speed.
  • It fits true size.
  • It has excellent quality.
  • It provides enough support for kids’ ankle.


  • It is a bit uncomfortable with newly purchased shoes.

DREAM PAIRS Boys Girls Football Cleats 

The upper part of DREAM PAIRS Boys Girls Soccer Football Cleats Shoes is synthetic for better ball handling along with a light and comfortable design. The shoe has a padded sole that adds comfort and combines a higher DP for maximum comfort and durability.

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  • The shoe is comfortable for kids to wear.
  • The overall look is eye-catching.
  • It is worth the price.
  • It has an innovative technology that promotes ball grip.
  • The shoe holds up very well.
  • Many kids feel great when wearing it for the games.


  • Some kids find it a bit hard to put on the shoe.

Under Armour Kids’ Spotlight Franchise Rm Jr Football Cleats

Get ready to play with this Under Armour Kids’ Spotlight Franchise Rm Jr Football Shoe. The cleats are designed to help your child become a champion with improved support, stability, and traction. This shoe has a durable synthetic upper and a soft woven tongue for lightweight support and breathing. The full-length EVA outsole ensures comfort and stability under the feet. These soccer cleats also have molded studs to increase traction on any playing surface.

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  • One of the best kids football cleats.
  • It is a good quality cleat with an affordable price.
  • It is very comfortable.
  • It has ankle support.
  • It holds up very well.
  • The style is modern.
  • It is a wide-feet friendly for kids.


  • The cushion needs to be added.

Adidas Kids’ Goletto VII Fg J Football Shoe

Your child is always ready to take on any challenge on the Adidas Kids’ Goletto VII Fg J football cleat. Lightweight shoes provide comfort to the child’s feet when he plays ball. In addition, the outsole provides increased speed on all types of grass. The Adidas Kids Goletto VII Fg J shoe proves its worth on every stage. Your child will be forever inspired by wearing these best football cleats for kids.

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  • The shoes deliver a good value of money.
  • This pair of shoes has a comfortable sensation.
  • The overlook design is impressive.
  • It has excellent traction.
  • It has a good ball touch.


  • It has a tight and narrow fit, said by a few reviewers.

Under Armour Kids’ C1n Mc Jr. Football Shoe

Your child will win on all fronts with the Under Armour Kids’ C1n Mc Jr. Football Shoe. The Under Armour Kids’ C1n Mc Jr is the best kids football cleats and your child will perform better than expected on the football field. Your child will have an explosive speed as the shoes provide a solid foundation for comfort and stability when they run and cut down the gridiron.

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  • It is a very good-looking football cleat for kids.
  • It fits like a glove.
  • It is completely comfortable to wear.
  • It assists a better performance.
  • It has good ankle support.


  • The cleat is a bit hard to put on.

Adidas Unisex-Child Adizero 5 Star 7.0 Football Cleats

The Adidas Unisex-Child Adizero 5 Star7. 0 is designed to help children’s soccer players reach the fastest speed and move on to the next level. The shoe delivers exceptional traction, ankle support, and comfort. If you want to choose a shoe that is not only light but also accelerates your child, this is the best kid’s football cleats choice. 

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  • It looks great.
  • It helps kids to perform very well on the fields.
  • These cleats are light.
  • It is very comfortable.
  • It has great support with its low-top design.


  • The break-in process is hard and may hurt your foot.

Adidas Freak MID MD Cleat – Kid’s Football

Show your child’s athletic ability and let them shine on the pitch with the Adidas Freak MID MD Cleat. This football shoe features a contoured collar, reinforced upper, Razor Frame stabilizer frame, and strategically placed SprintStuds heel to help kids take control of their performance.

The Adidas Freak MID MD Cleat is an affordable shoe offering from Adidas. It will not disappoint your child in matches. Overall, the Adidas Freak Carbon Mid is a great choice for parents who are looking for comfortable soles for their kids so they can move freely and show off their best talent.

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  • Most kids feel very comfortable wearing this shoe.
  • The style is impressive.
  • It has a high level of ankle support.
  • It allows kids to move freely in the pitch.
  • It is well-made.
  • The cleat has a great fit.


  • A slightly heavy.

adidas Kids’ Copa 19.3 Firm Ground Football Cleats

For a budget-friendly soccer shoe, the Adidas Kids’ Copa 19.3 Firm Ground is a good choice for your kids. Being a low-level model doesn’t mean these shoes are low quality. Adidas Copa 19. Shoes FG has a calf sole that runs over the sole of the player, creating a sense of competence. While a little comfortable at first, a shoe is more suitable over time as the material expands and conforms to the growing edge of your child’s feet.

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  • The pair has a comfortable fit.
  • It has a fresh look.
  • It has a great fit.
  • Wearers find it lightweight.
  • The shoe is well-padded.
  • The ankle support is decent.
  • It provides a great ball control.


  • A bit tight with newly purchased shoes.

Nike Kids’ Vapor Edge Shark Football Cleats

The Nike Kids Vapor Edge Shark football shoe is a well-researched shoe for kids with first-class features and an affordable price. For example, The brand has made this football shoe with a micro-texture upper made of high-quality synthetic material. Therefore, the children talked about how comfortable these shoes were when they played football on the field. These shoes, therefore, offer excellent value for money, as well as the best child football cleats.

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  • Kids said that they feel very comfortable to wear.
  • The price is amazing for parents.
  • It has high-quality materials.
  • Many kids like the way the tongue is connected throughout the entire length of the shoe.
  • It fits the true size.


  • Some users complained that it takes time to break-in.

Nike Kids Alpha Menace Shark BG Football Cleats

The Nike Alpha Menace Shark improves your kid’s performance and gives them the confidence they need in every game. This Nike soccer cleat is specially designed for safety during training or in big matches at a high level. The lightweight top sole setup with Nike FastFlex technology keeps your kids going at all times. 

Nike mid-top football boots have a synthetic upper for durability. A Phylon midsole provides cushioning, while a Shark rubber outsole provides strong traction. It is one of the best kids’ football cleats rated by users.

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  • It is a wide-feet friendly shoe for your kids.
  • It fits perfectly.
  • The design is very stylish.
  • The quality is excellent at a reasonable price.
  • Very comfortable for your kids to play.
  • It is quite durable.
  • It holds up well even in wet weather.
  • It has strong traction.
  • It is a good choice for football, softball, and baseball.


  • It needs time to break-in.

What to Look For When Buying a Kids Football Cleats?

There are many aspects to consider when buying children’s soccer shoes. You will carefully consider what types of shoes, how to choose the size, and how to try on shoes for your children. 

Choose the right shoe

There are many different types of soccer cleats. So when choosing the right shoes for your child, you have to see what surface they play on. Most children’s soccer shoes fall into the following 3 categories:

choose the right shoe for the kid

Choose the right shoe for the kid

  • High top nailed shoes: Help your child play well on natural, well-covered lawns, especially where the ground is soft and flat. If your child is playing on the artificial field, it should not be selected. Note that the shoes are at a moderate height for children, the number of nails must be suitable for children. This will allow the child to move more easily and maintain balance. 
  • Turf football shoes (TF shoes): This type of shoe is completely safe for children to practice ball, suitable for artificial turf fields. This shoe has a comfortable and breathable shape. Therefore, if your child is new to football, parents should choose these shoes to help children do their head movements well.
  • IC shoes: This shoe is designed especially for indoor football, with a flat surface, with light grooves to increase the friction, the adhesion to the court. These shoes are only suitable when your child is playing in the garden or yard. Only when children are skilled and can handle situations well, let them wear these type of shoes on artificial turf. 

Choose soccer shoes according to your game needs

The purchase of soccer shoes for children should also be chosen according to their needs. If you only play with movement or join a football club to train, you should choose TF shoes. This type of shoe helps children to have more excitement to play, also limits injuries, and gradually helps children to be more stable in their skills. 

If your child has grown up, kicked a football, and has a passion for following professional football, depending on the surface of the playing field, you can choose high top nailed shoes.

Choose the right shoe size for your child

Unlike other types of shoes, the selection of soccer shoes has to hug the feet and help your child feel comfortable with every step. So do not hesitate to contact us for the most detailed consultation.

That should be noted:

  • Do not refer to a normal shoe size to choose soccer shoes, as soccer cleats usually need a smaller shape
  • Need to determine the shape of the kid’s foot to choose the size
  • Do not choose a shoe that is too large even if the kids are growing fast because it makes it difficult for them to run

The material and color of the shoes need attention

When choosing the best football cleats for kids, parents should choose fresh materials. Avoid choosing shoes that feel stiff which could affect your children’s feet. This can injure the child on the feet. In particular, it will scratch the skin on their feet. So choosing shoes with soft materials helps protect children’s feet. Help your child play football with the best feel in every game or training.

choose the right shoe material 1

Choose the right shoe material

In terms of color and style, choose what your child likes. Children generally love colorful shoes. If you choose the right shoe for your child’s taste, they will be more confident and passionate about exercise. From there, they will perform better in every game to become champions

Buy soccer shoes for kids at a reasonable price

The most important thing that parents care about is the price factor when buying soccer shoes for their children. Parents always expect a pair of good quality shoes at a reasonable price. However, it should be noted that when it comes to purchasing reasonably priced football boots, fake football cleats should be avoided. Do you know why?

Fake shoes are usually of poor quality and this affects the skin on the kid’s feet. In addition, the foot protection on the fake shoes is so poor that it increases the likelihood of your child being injured. So choose an affordable pair of shoes, but always make sure to buy a pair of genuine high-quality shoes and you should say no to fake shoes.

best cleats for kids football

What to Look For When Buying a Kids Football Cleats

Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose the best football cleats for kids so important?

It is easy for children to give up their hobbies for small things. They can give up a sport because of the wrong shoes, and certainly, no parent likes it. That is why shoes are very important for children. The best cleats for kids football protect children from injuries as well as the dreams of the future player. 

What’s the most important thing when buying kids football cleats?

In our opinion, the most important thing to keep in mind is the comfort of the shoes that your child wants to buy. Make sure your child is comfortable in these shoes because there is nothing worse than having to play with uncomfortable shoes. Comfort is directly related to shoe size. So make sure it is 100% correct for the kid’s foot size. Note, ask your children if they are comfortable with the soccer shoes you are going to buy for them.

Can I buy children’s soccer shoes online?

Of course, buying soccer cleats online for children has many benefits. Some of the benefits include lower prices, a variety of products, and door-to-door delivery. 

As for the size of the choice, it will not be a problem if the parent knows the size of the child’s foot and chooses the right size. Or you can contact us directly for a detailed consultation. 

Legal rights also protect you when you shop online or in a store, so a full refund is available if your shoes are damaged or not as described.

Is appearance important when buying children’s soccer shoes?

Clearly, the appearance of a shoe sometimes determines the performance of a game on the field. Kids tend to prefer bright colors, therefore, parents should choose shoes not only to be comfortable but also to ensure it looks good. In fact, a nice pair of shoes will give kids a lot more confidence, increasing performance on the pitch.

best football cleats for kids

Choose a shoe style that your child likes

On the other hand, choosing a pair of shoes with a good look, in harmony with the clothes, will improve team spirit and increase the team’s ability to win the battle. So be sure to choose a beautiful pair of shoes that your child likes and feels confident wearing to play with friends. 

How much is a reasonable price for a kid’s football cleats?

Obviously, this is largely due to your budget. We can only say that the kid’s feet develop very quickly. A new pair of children’s soccer shoes will no longer fit after 6 months. So think how much you can afford, predict how many kid feet will grow in the future. And what you should keep in mind is that you choose a pair of shoes that are reasonably priced, but the quality of which must be guaranteed. 

Can I buy used children’s shoes?

Of course. Various used shoes are generally fairly new and have very good quality. However, to choose a high quality used cleat, you need a lot of experience in evaluating the quality of the shoe. If not, you could buy poor quality shoes. That’s why we always recommend the customer to choose a brand new pair of soccer shoes for their children, as parents sometimes have no experience of evaluating used shoes. 

What kind of football boots should I buy for kids (AG, FG, SG)?

Depending on the surface of the court your child plays on. You can refer to the types of shoes that are suitable for each garden in the upper part that we mentioned. Remember, a cleat compatible with the pitch will help your child play better and win every game. 

Which brand should I choose?

Brands are very important, let’s just pick the big brands we mentioned in the first part. This is the top of the best cleats for football for kids. The cleats for kids we mention are top brands with quality that are claimed by millions of users. Major shoe brands will research very carefully when developing football cleats to ensure comfort, protect children’s feet, and maximize their play potential. So choose a pair of soccer shoes for kids from a reputable brand. 

best kids football cleats

Frequently Asked Questions


Buying the best kids football cleats sounds difficult. That’s why we’ve researched and shared what you need to know when buying kid’s football boots. We share all the knowledge, suggestions, and advice to ensure that you can make the best decision. We hope you can choose the best football cleat for your children because we understand that a pair of shoes will make their dreams come true. 

Why trust Langley Rams?

At, we have some of the best football consultants. Our experts, including Scott Fujita, have worked in football for many years in various roles. Especially with Scott Fujita, he is considered an expert with a lot of experience, as Fujita not only trained in professional football but also has a lot of practical experience. So far, Fujita has worked for more than 20 years in football as an athlete, coach, and manager.  That’s why Fujita will give you the best advice when choosing football cleats.

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