The 10 Best Youth Baseball Bats 2023 – Ultimate Guides & Reviews

The best youth baseball bats will be an excellent tool for your child to become an outstanding player in the field. Are parents or children, you all recognize that the new season begins and many challenges will have. Therefore equipped with the best youth bats to help your children feel confident to face challenges. The article below is going to share with you the list of best baseball bats for youth players in 2022.

Best Youth Baseball Bats 2022

1. Easton 2021 SPEED COMP -13 USA Youth Baseball Bat, 2 5/8 Barrel

Designed with the lightest Easton Hyperlite composite material, 2020 Speed Comp USA Youth Bat is one of the best youth baseball bats. This traditional one-piece is built with a zero-carbon handle, consisting of 90% carbon fiber for a more rigid sensation and a minimal vibration, and includes a grip of 2.2 mm Flex for premium comfort under your hands.

Seamless, one-piece construction is highlighted by the Easton Hyperlite composite (the lightest Easton composite materials) to create an ultrafast USA baseball bat. If we move through the bat, it is worth the new Zero-carbon handle which is built up from 90% carbon fiber and has a zero-degree layup. All this works together to create an extra-rigid handle and dampen the negative vibrations from the hand of players.

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  • These composite bats have good pop.
  • It is lightweight enough for kids.
  • Maintain a good fast and steady swing.
  • A good youth bat.
  • Certified USA bats.


  • It may be cracked if you use it improperly

2. Easton TYPHOON -12 USA Youth Baseball Bat

This bat is the best bat for youth baseball players when it comes to a high-end US Youth USA baseball bat. It’s fast and light. This Easton has a two-piece bat with tons of features. It has ultra-liter component material and a combination with carbon fiber contributes to its speed and weight. You also find a speed end cap that allows a larger response to batted balls.

High-quality foam reduces the vibrations that make it more comfortable and easier and swing. The equilibrate bats give the player the opportunity to feel a stiffer contact that many games love. In addition, Easton always makes some of the best BBCOR baseball bats on the market as well.

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  • The fastest swing youth bat in the game.
  • Extra stiff handle.
  • Ultra solid feel.
  • More flexible and responsive barrel.
  • The bad has good pop.
  • One of the lightest hardball bat on the market.


  • One user complained that the bad has no pop.

3. Easton SPEED -10 USA Youth Baseball Bat

Easton Speed -10 is the latest bat in 2021. They are amongst the most popular throughout history. To make a very bold statement but this company has been at the top for a long time and they don’t go anywhere. Although it is quite new, it is rated one of the best youth bats in 2021.

A great thing that gives the Eason’s competitive advantage over competitors is that they always have players when they are with their bat. I never experienced problems with these bats and I was loyal. I feel like they were guaranteed, too because they continue to create bats that help players. 

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  • Provides a stiffer feel on contact while maximizing power.
  • Ideal for casual practices or casual matchups.
  • Solid speed and power.
  • Provides comfort in hands.
  • Very light that makes better contact with the ball.
  • Certified for play in all BBCOR baseball leagues.


  • One user claimed that the bat was bent quite a bit.

4. Rawlings 2021 Exclusive Chaos USA Youth Baseball Bat Series

Built by premium, carbon fiber materials, Rawlings 2021 Exclusive Chaos USA Bats allow you to maximize your power each at-bat. The re-construct composite layers provide an extremely long barrel and a large spot. These best youth baseball bats in 2022 have been carefully designed using an internal carbon system that supplies performance like no other bat at this level. 

Its restructured F2 Focused Flex also gives you the mildest, most comfortable contact, and Lizard Skins ™ grip that provides you unshakable control on the plate. All this is packed in incredibly light -10 and -12 patterns. As a result, you get a perfectly balanced feeling with incomparable pop to help you drive more balls through gaps. 

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  • Promotes consistent performance and quality.
  • Highly responsive, aerospace-grade alloy.
  • Make contact with the ball more easily.
  • Quicker bat speeds for young athletes.
  • Make players stand out on the field.
  • It also looks awesome and is approved for little league.


  • There is no complaint about this bat.

5. Rawlings 2021 Exclusive Remix USA Youth Baseball Bat Series (-10)

One of the best youth bats for baseball players on this list for children is Rawlings Rawlings 2021 Exclusive Remix USA Youth Baseball Bat Series (-10). This bat is not expensive, but has a good quality and is attractive. As you can see, Rawlings made this bat in three different colors and three different sizes for fitting the children’s hobbies and requirements. And the primary reason why these bats are ideal for children is the weight. 

The higher the less weight, the easier it will swing. And this bat is a 12 drop weight that is ideal for children and young people. Overall, if you want to find a reasonable bat so your children start with baseball, this bat is the best choice without a doubt. 

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  • Powerful solid.
  • Ideal for youth.
  • Durable and lightweight.
  • Easy to swing.
  • Ideal for entry-level players beginning to learn baseball.
  • Make contact with the ball easily.


  • Illegal in USA little league.

6. Franklin Sports Teeball Bats – Kids Youth Baseball and Teeball Bats

Franklin Sports is another reliable manufacturer that provides high-quality tea balls. The Franklin Sports Teeball bats 1-piece alloy bats come in several options, to ensure you can choose one that suits the most with your player. 

Franklin Sports Teeball bats appeal to the young players for their comfort. It is a sweet grip around the lever and the length of the handle and the -11 length to weight ratio ensure that it has a good swing. Moreover, these bats are budget-friendly and have a good price-quality ratio. These bats can help under confident children become more pro when they are with this bat. A child of up to 5 years old is fun to turn this bat. 

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  • Good swing.
  • Budget-friendly.
  • Different sizes are available.
  • Maintain a firm hold of the bat.
  • Several colors are available.
  • Comfortable grip.
  • Value for money.
  • Different size options.


  • The knob is prone to denting.

7. Rawlings Raptor & Remix Youth USA Tball Bat Series

The following best baseball bats for youth list is the  Rawlings Raptor and Remix Youth Bat series. You will find on -12 drop weight bats that as a young man can easily swing. The thick aluminum barrel ensures that the hitter reaches a sweet spot every time. 

If you choose a bat for a new player, the Rawlings Raptor & Remix Youth bats, which has given their prize, for a recommendable choice. These bats are light with a thick 2 1/4-inch barrel and come with synthetic leather to get a decent swing. 

The bats will be quick to catch your attention with their design and colors, and the ongoing aluminum construction consistently acts even after a dozen strikes. For the first-time bats, you can expect a lighter turn, thanks to the perimeter weight end cap.

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  • Lightweight and easy to swing.
  • Available in vibrant colors.
  • Affordable price tag.
  • Provides players with a larger sweet spot.
  • A top choice for entry-level players.
  • Make better contact with the ball.


  • Might dent with hard hits.

8. EASTON Ghost X Hyperlite -11 (2 5/8″) USA Youth Baseball Bat

With the Ghost X Hyperlite -11 version 2019, Easton developed a unique USA bat with the stiff sense of a single piece structure associated with the light and pleasant feeling of a fully composite youth bat. 

It houses Easton’s EXACT Carbon composite carbon material that has been specially developed to improve the degree of grilling by maximizing flexibility, the increase in response time, strengthening the power and the sweet spot area through the 2 5/8 large barrel. 

While younger hitters continue to refine and develop suitable hitting mechanisms, lightweight bats will help become better basic. This bat is an excellent composite option for these young players who may need one or two seasons until you get a drop -10. 

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  • 1-piece construction for better feeling at hands.
  • Optimize barrel performance.
  • Provides a more flexible and responsive barrel.
  • Provides a lightweight swing weight.
  • More speed behind the ball at contact.


  • One user said that it had no pop.

9. EASTON Beast Speed -10 (2 5/8″) USA Youth Baseball Bat

The best youth bat for a batting cage is the Easton Beast Speed – USA Youth baseball bat. The strongest point in this bat is that it can offer a quick and correct swing. Therefore, many parents buy it for their children although it is even expensive. 

This bat has the material of the ATAC alloy – the unique construction of Easton, that will give you the lighter and stronger feeling of the best shot. The new speed ability will provide more flexibility and response to the player. 

And finally, this bat is very light, but not too light. Moreover, the bat handle has the DSP from Lizard Skins to offer more cushion and tack. With all these functions you can trust to improve your kid’s skill with this bat. 

61skZ7 NzL. AC SX569


  • Good bat for the price.
  • Lightweight and ideal for kids.
  • Well-made and solid construction.
  • Lightest and strongest aluminum barrel.
  • Flexible and responsive barrel.
  • Provides a lightweight swing weight.


  • It is pricey.

10. EASTON Beast Pro -5 (2 5/8″) USA Youth Baseball Bat

Take your offensive game to the next level with this USSSA bat baseball asset of Easton Beast Speed. This best baseball bat youth is made of ATAC Alloy (Advanced Thermal Alloy Construction), which offers the lighter and stronger aluminum barrel on the market. Its barrel size of 2 3/4 inch offers a mass sweet spot, so when players make contact, it can send hard-hitting balls where you want.

Easton has also introduced a new speed of a cap in this Beast Speed USSSA bat that provides a flexible and reactive barrel for a trampoline-type effect on the ball while improving the bat’s sound and by providing a satisfying smack once the contact has been made.

61wY56CylvL. AC SX569


  • Provides the lightest and strongest aluminum barrel.
  • More flexible and responsive barrel.
  • Enhancing the sound of the bat.
  • Provides a heavier swing weight for more mass behind the ball at contact.
  • Provides the ultimate feel, cushion, and tack.


  • There is no 1-star rating for this bat

Buying guide for the best youth baseball bats

Bat Performance Factor

So, what factors do you need to know when you buy the best baseball bat for youth? Length, weight, material drop are the four most important features you should consider. 

Choose the Bat’s Length

The first feature and the most important that you should consider if you are looking for the best bat for a 10-year-old child playing baseball is the length. If the bat is too long, your children can not control it. If the bat is too short, your children can make a precise and robust shot. 

So how can you identify which length is perfect for your children? The length of the BAT depends on the size, weight, strength, and skill of your children. 

If you go to the store, you can ask your children to keep the bat with the barrel of the bottom. If the lever of the bat reaches your child’s hip, it is fit. However, if it reaches his waist, it is not a good size for your children. 

If you purchase the bat online, you can select the bat size according to the height of your child. The ideal length for your 10-year-old is approximately 27 to 30 inches. 

Choose the Bat Weight

After choosing the appropriate length, you need to look better to find the perfect weight. The bat must not be too light and should not be too heavy. If it is too light, it can’t produce constant shots. If it is too heavy, it will lead to fatigue of his hand or even injury. 

If you select the weight of the bat, please give attention to your child’s age and stamina, and skill level. In general, a 10-year-old kid is about 71-170 pounds on average. Therefore, the ideal weight for them is about 17-20 oz. 

Buying guide for the best youth baseball bats

Choose the Bat Weight

Choose the Drop

Drop is not a popular concept between beginner and famous amateur baseball. However, it is not as complicated as you imagine. You must have drawn a difference between weight and height to know in the drop.

If the weight of your bat is 20 ounces and its length is 30 inches, the drop would be 10 “. And this drop is variable between different leagues. However, the average little league for children in 10 years usually prefer 3” drop bats. 

In other words that as the youngest players, the highest drop rate is the bat. And it means that it will be a significant difference between length and weight. It’s because the young players are not strong enough to control heavy bats. 

Choose the Bat’s Material

The material is at the heart of a bat. The batting material will determine the weight, length, drop, and more. Generally, bats often come with three major materials of the compound, alloy, and wood. 

  • Composite material: Composite bats are the most common bats recently because they are not so expensive. Even people love this bat for its trampoline effect. This bat allows players to crush the ball with the most pop. Therefore, your children can increase their swing. 

In addition, a compound bat often comes with a more significant sweet spot and lower bending stiffness and vibration. Therefore, it is ideal for a young player with a hybrid bat. 

  • Alloy Material: The Alloy material is the lightest bat material. Alloy bats are the best option for a starter because it’s easy to control bats.

Besides, the alloy often has less sweat sport compared to composite materials. However, it is durable and comfortable in hand. 

  • Wood Material: The wood bat is the most expensive bat, without a doubt. It is also the most massive bat that just suits an advanced or professional baseball player. If you know how to use it right, you will see that this bat can offer you the best performance. However, it is not recommended for a young player. 

Buying guide for the best youth baseball bats

Choose the Bat Weight

The Anatomy of a Baseball Bat

It is easier to determine which features to look for in a bat when you understand the composition of it. 

The anatomy of the baseball bat remained relatively constant over time, although changes were applied (such as amendments to the alloy and composite material). Due to the addition of regulations and changes in the game style of the game, bats have adapted to what we know today.

There are 5 parts making up a bat.

  • Knob: the end, or lower of a bat, similar to the disk object that prevents the player’s hands from sliding off to the end of the bottom of the bat. 
  • Handle: the part of the bat, where the hitter’s of the hand is.
  • Grip: a rubber material that applies a grasp of the hitter on the bat.
  • Barrel: The thickest region of the bat, the part that contacts the ball.
  • End Cap: The cap that on top of the bat; designed to increase control of hitter and determine the swing weight

In addition to these five sections, the modern bats can be classified in one piece or two pieces

  • One-piece bat: a bat, which consists of the same material throughout its length, therefore shows the name “one-piece” very small flex that keeps the energy. A one-piece bat is a good choice for power hitters who want a balanced feeling and don’t bother the occasional hand with bad hits.
  • Two-piece: a bat, which connects a separate handle with a certain barrel. This allows a greater bending that creates a faster speed of swing. 2 piece youth bats are a good choice for accurate players who want to avoid stinging vibrations. 

If you choose which bat is suitable for you, make sure you know why it has the different features that it does. Deciding between one-piece or two-piece Construction is the difference in your player’s performance when beaten. 

How to find the best youth baseball bats

The Anatomy of a Baseball Bat

Bat Performance Factor

The solid factor of a bat known as Bat Performance Factor or BPF is the value used to measure how fast a ball will be bounced.

This is commonly referred to as a  trampoline effect, as it describes the bounce on the ball given by a bat. This is important to believe that parents and coaches always look for youth bats with the most pop to maximize player performance. 

With reference to youth bats of baseball, the Bat Performance Factor is important to understand because there are three requirements. 

The standard for BPF in many youth organizations is 1.15. This was taken as an approximate BPF, which gave a wooden bat. A youth bat that corresponds to this requirement is stamped with a mark “1. 15 BPF”, which facilitates identification when approved for use in your league. 

USA Baseball governs baseball in the United States and has developed a set of standards that all bats must participate in rules, called “USAbat’. 

Mostly, the best youth bats fit into these criteria. Some of the popular organizations that follow USABat guidelines are:

  • Little League Baseball
  • Dixie Youth Baseball
  • PONY Baseball
  • American Amateur Baseball Congress (AABC)

If you do not know what standards your child’s local team has adopted, it is better to communicate with your child coach or league director to confirm. BPF’s understanding is important to find the best bat for your children. 

Bat Performance Factor

How to find the best baseball bats for youth?

Pick up and feel it

One of the best ways to choose the right bat is to pick it up and feel it. If you want a bat for your kid, let it keep the bat in your hands, swing, and have a real feel. These practical tests mainly allow a player if comfortable with the length, weight, adhesion, and other aspects of a bat. 

It is also a more intuitive way to choose a bat. You can still consider other factors, but we strongly recommend that you keep and swing at least once before you decide on its advantage. 

The Anatomy of a Baseball Bat

Consider its drop

The weight of a bat is related to the net that differs from the length and the weight of a bat. For example, if a bat is 30 inches and weighs 20 ounces, it has a low weight of minus 10. Drop-Weight is basically how heavy or light is the bat. If the drop weight is high, the bat is lighter in a profile, since less weight is distributed according to its length. If the drop weight is low, the bat is heavier. 

Now, if the player is physically strong and prefers a powerful hitter, a bat with low drop weight is very good. Alternatively, if the player is a contact hitter and needs a bat with a good and easy swing, higher drop the road to go

Material of barrel and its size

With the regulations of new USA bats, the players have now entitled now about the previously standard barrel diameter of 2 ¼ inches. This means that barrels are allowed with a diameter of 2 5 5/8 inches. You need to select the right barrel material and size if you choose a US bat. 

If the barrel is built by the alloy, it is rigid and offers a solid stamp, but depending on the trampoline effect or bounce. At the same time, a light alloy barrel is typically heavier than a composite barrel. Composite bats offer excellent measures with a higher degree of bounce. 

When it comes to a barrel, the choice is very dependent on the player. An experienced and seasoned player can take fewer barrels and do miracles with it. A player still honing his skills can feel better with a larger barrel that gives a larger bat surface for more accuracy. 

Material of handles

The barrels of the bats of the USA are also built from different materials. The most common is a mixture of composite materials. The mixture is typically used lightly with a barrel. Along with these two make very rigid bats that fit perfectly in the hands of a strong hitter. 

Component handles, on the other hand, bring more whip to the bat. It’s more flexible, so it allows you to add more dynamic power and speed when it swings the bat on the plate. As a result, the speed of the handle adds to the barrel more hitting force.

Piece construction

For the USA bats, as baseball matches in other categories, are built-in one-piece, two-piece or three-piece designs. Each design has its benefits and fits a particular type of player. One-piece USA bat comes completely from a single material and without breaks. This gives them a stiff and ongoing feeling. A one-piece bat is good for players who trust their strength to beat hard. 

Two-piece bats have a barrel and handle, often constructed from different materials and united. In most cases, two-piece bats present an alloy barrel and composite handle. They can also present a composite barrel and composite handle joined together as two separate pieces. Two-piece bats provide more whip effects and better speed. 

Three-piece bats resemble two-piece bats with a vital difference: they have a small fitting connecting the barrel and the handle. This small connection essentially dampens all feedback vibrations and offers a more comfortable swinging experience. These bats are suitable for players who want the speed of a two-piece bat and the comfort of feedback-free without hitting.

Swing weight

Swing weight is another essential factor when it comes to USA bats. As a general rule of thumb, the greater the swing weight, the less the swing speed. When the swing is less, the swing speed is larger. The two are inversely proportional.

So if the player is a power hitter that can count on his own speed and his own strength, he can exercise a bat with a swing weight for more and more efficiency. A contact hitter on the other hand needs more speed and should preferably go with a lighter bat. 

The bats of the USA also distinguish on the distribution of their weight. Bats that have a perfect equal weight throughout all the bodies are balanced bats. Balance bats have a more predictable impulse of the swing and offer greater accuracy of the hit.

End-loaded bats, on the other hand, have a little extra weight towards the end of the barrel. This makes them heavy. These bats are perfect for power saving on the plate, even if they have a slightly unpredictable swivel moment and require some getting used.

Leagues approved

It is important to verify if a certain bat is approved for use in the league where the player will participate. In general, any bat with a USA certification stamp is approved for use in AABC, AAU, Pony, Babe Ruth, Dixie, and Little League.

How to find the best youth baseball bats?


That is all about the best youth baseball bats and buying guide. Choosing the best bats for children is an important job because it will help your child to have the confidence to show their talents in the field.

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