Who Sings Sunday Night Football! Top Names!

Who sings Sunday night football is always something people care about. Sunday Night Football has been the most watched NFL game in history, and this is coming from all walks of American life. Millions of Americans tune into the game every week to watch their favorite team compete against other fanatics from around the country.

Sunday Night Football

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Sunday Night Football was originally planned to be broadcast in the United States on the NBC television network from 1960 to 1975, but the NFL was unsuccessful at obtaining an American television contract for its games during this time period.

NBC briefly broadcast a few Sunday night NFL primetime games in 1977; however, due to poor ratings they pulled out of broadcasting the games in 1978; ESPN started broadcasting NFL primetime games from 1979 until their last season of 2005.

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Who Sings Sunday Night Football Theme Song

The NFL Sunday Night Football theme music was composed by Frank DeVol

It debuted on September 8, 1970 for the first time when the New York Giants played the Pittsburgh Steelers in NBC’s first Sunday night game in 30 years and has since been used in every Sunday night NFL primetime game.

The theme is arranged by David Farnon and his orchestra, which was recorded at the NBC studios in Burbank, California and was performed by Farnon’s 100 piece orchestra.

It is the longest running sports theme song in history and has become a culturally iconic part of American history.

The NBC Sunday Night Football theme song was ranked number four on NFL Films’ list of the top ten signature tunes, behind only the Washington Redskins’ Hail to the Redskins, Notre Dame’s Fight Song, and New York Giants’ March.

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It came in ahead of such recognizable songs like The Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders’ “Get Ready Dallas”, the Minnesota Vikings “Skol Vikings” and even John Facenda’s narration for NFL Films.

The song has been used in other NFL on NBC broadcasts, such as The Football Life , and prior to the start of the 2006 season, it was played in a promo with former placekicker Gary Anderson (best known for his missed field goal attempt in Super Bowl XXXVI).

In this promo, Anderson walks around a snowy, abandoned street at night and wonders aloud why everyone else is watching an NBC game instead of him. He is then shown kicking a door open and screaming that they can only get it on NBC.

The song was also prominently used in a season two episode of the popular TV series “That ’70s Show” entitled “A Little Kiss Part 2”. It still airs on some stations, most recently on Metro Sports in Syracuse, Utica and Binghamton, NY.

The song is not played at all during the 2008 and 2009 NFL seasons in order to save money because these are contract years with the networks.

However, the song returned in 2010 with a new intro and is brought back in pregame show. It is still used on occasion during games also.

Singer for Sunday Night Football

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Sundays are for football! And no one knows that better than the incredible singer Sunday Night Football.

Now, you might think, how could a song have anything to do with professional football? It’s not as if you can hear it on the sidelines during a game.

Well, that may be true. But what it does is light up fans nationwide every time they hear this infectious tune throughout the week leading up to Sundays.

The song was written by Ross Copperman and Wendell Mobley in 2012 and is sung by Caitlyn Smith, also known as Cailtyn Knoxville who has been described by her fans as “the next Taylor Swift.”

This talented singer was born in Jackson Hole, Wyoming but raised mostly in Nashville TN, where she lived until she decided to take a stake in her career and move to Los Angeles where she began recording demos at the age of 18.

This song, and Knoxville, are also becoming stars in their own right as she has been featured in countless publications and recently landed her first acting gig on the hit TV show The Bachelorette. She was even given the “Women to Watch” by the Los Angeles Times.

This song also highlights all the things that Knoxville loves in her life. She loves football, she loves Tennessee, and she loves Sunday nights. This is the perfect song for fall, and we hope it becomes a hit on Sundays for years to come!

Popular Theme Songs of Sunday Night Football

1. “Wagon Wheel” – Old Dominion

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Old Dominion’s “Wagon Wheel” is also the theme for Sunday Night Football, and it has been a mainstay for years. It even won the Country Music Awards for best song in 2007, which was pretty impressive given the fact that most country songs don’t even make it onto mainstream cable television.

The song is a country-inspired ballad about two kids who have found love in their relationship and is a great way to set up the show with its slight twangy tune. It is such a safe and nice start, but the lyrics are just great.

2. “Every Last One” – Counting Crows and Alison Krauss

This is one of those songs that you can’t really put a title on because it’s not really a country song, and it’s not really rock. It kind of straddles the line between the two, making it perfect for this show. It features the pairing of Counting Crows with Alison Krauss, which is always worth checking out.

3. “This is Football Country” – Blake Shelton

Blake Shelton’s song may not be a common choice for Sunday Night Football, but it fits in pretty well with the whole vibe of the show and is a great song to listen to regardless of what you’re watching on television.

4. “Drink in My Hand” – Eric Church

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This is just a really folksy tune that has been covered by a lot of different artists. It’s one of those songs that can take a lot of different shapes and forms, but still has a great and appealing quality to it. It is a fitting song for any game.

5. “Country Roads” – John Denver

You really can’t top this tune, and it is one of the most popular tunes in country music. No matter where you are or who you’re with, you can always count on someone to play this song. It’s the perfect theme song for Sunday nights because it is very upbeat and charming.

6. “Takin’ Back My Country” – Dierks Bentley

This is an up and coming country artist that isn’t really famous yet, but will become very popular in no time. It really seems to be a great song for this time of year because it’s so fun and happy.

7. “Take On Me” – A-Teens

A-Teens’ “Take On Me” is also very upbeat, and it has the perfect amount of energy to get your blood pumping before the games start. It’s a great song to listen to if you’re in a good mood, and it just seems like the perfect mix of things for football.

8. “Tequila Makes Her Clothes Fall Off” – Luke Bryan

This is another one of those songs that is more rock, but still falls under the category of country. It’s a fun song that has been in the charts quite a bit and with good reason. It’s a fantastic tune for any NFL Sunday.

9. “Achy Breaky Heart” – Billy Ray Cyrus

It may seem like a strange choice on this list, but it does fit in very well with the Sunday night football genre. It’s a fun and upbeat tune that doesn’t take itself too seriously but still has plenty of energy to get you ready for the game. It’s perfect for the end of an exciting game!

10. “Nothin’ But The Taillights” – Kenny Chesney

This is another country song that is upbeat and just plain fun. It has a very southern vibe to it, which is a great match for the Sunday Night Football theme. It’s a song that really fits in well with the whole aura of football on Sundays.


Sundays are for football! And no one knows that better than the incredible singer behind Sunday Night Football. Now, you might think, how could a song have anything to do with professional football? It’s not as if you can hear it during any of the games, but it is the perfect song to listen to during game day.

The lyrics are fun and upbeat, and they really make you feel like you’re watching football on a Sunday afternoon. It’s a great song that gets you excited in no time, and it’s perfect for tailgating as well! If anything, this is just a fun start to your Sunday night before the game starts because it gives you something great to listen to while you get ready.

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