How Much Do Courtside Seats Cost in the NBA?

If you are a true basketball fan, you will know the advantage of sitting in the courtside basketball seats. They give you access to every single most exciting moment in the game.

However, how much are courtside tickets? And how to get courtside tickets?

Courtside NBA tickets price range is relatively high. On average, you need to spend $300 to $50,000 to get a courtside seat.

Langley Rams will provide you more details in this article. Let’s read to learn more!

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Sitting courtside is an interesting experience.

Courtside Seats Overview

At first, we need to understand what courtside seats mean before diving into the relevant issues.

1. What Are NBA Courtside Seats?

They are “located” directly in front of the field and about 1 to 2 meters from the baseline out of bounds. These positions are very close to the basketball team’s bench. 

Therefore, you have the opportunity to sit very near to your idol players. You can talk or interact with them if you’re lucky enough.

This position provides the most comprehensive and objective view of the match. They even come with some amenities like beverage or food or concierge services compared to regular chairs. Here, you have many opportunities to access the entire NBA game. Hence, it’s a very expected seat for NBA games.

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Floor seats

2. Courtside Seats NBA Are Popular Positions.

As mentioned above, the courtside seats are very close to the fields. Therefore, you can track the movements of the players in the most thorough way.

There is no distance between the court and the audience in basketball. Therefore, the courtside seats occupy an excellent position for those who want to see their idol’s dribbles up close.

In addition, the position makes the audience feel like they are “immersed” in the NBA game. They can even watch the game from the perspective of a player or a player on the field.

One reason is that the number of courtside seats is not many. Moreover, they reward people with dignitaries or celebrities. Only a tiny number is available to ordinary people.

All of the above reasons make the seats so hot and expensive. Let’s see what one customer thought after spending $7,000 to buy a courtside ticket in this video!

I Spent $7,000 on NBA Finals Tickets. Worth it?

How Much Are Courtside Seats in the NBA Game?

Courtside tickets price range is relatively high. You may have to spend $300 to $50,000 to get courtside seats.

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The specific amount will depend on:

  • The popularity of the NBA club.
  • The performance of that club.
  • Arena of fields where the match takes place.
  • Is it almost time for the NBA playoffs?

Because it depends on many factors, the NBA courtside ticket price is different from year to year.

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The NBA courtside ticket price is so high.

1. The Popularity of the NBA Club

Of the above factors, the popularity and influence of the team can significantly affect the price of courtside NBA tickets.

It was completely understandable because who wouldn’t want to watch a fight in such heat. Of course, these games will attract more fans to participate.

For example, you can easily buy the cheapest NBA courtside tickets for low-market teams. But it takes a lot of money to buy a courtside ticket to Warriors, Lakers, or Rockets.

The fans even have to pay thousands of dollars for each such ticket. Conversely, you don’t need to spend too much sitting courtside to watch Atlanta Hawks or Utah Jazz games.

However, not always a team can always keep its heat. Of course, the courtside tickets NBA price also changes with that heat. Either way, paying high fees for top-notch performances is still something worthwhile.

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2. Features of Games

Courtside NBA tickets’ price is highly dependent on typical features of games. For example, you can see the NBA Playoffs game has unstoppable heat. The money spent to sit courtside in the NBA Playoff is often twice as much as regular season games.

However, this cost to sit courtside is still nothing compared to the NBA finals courtside ticket price. Who wouldn’t want to see the final, right? 

In this game, if you have the opportunity to face an idol player, there is nothing like it. Thus, NBA floor seat ticket prices are so high.

In the 2019 season, the average courtside NBA ticket price was 5,000 USD per one to Toronto Scotiabank field. Similarly, you need to pay 3,000 USD for sitting at Oracle to watch Warriors.

3. Impressive Numbers Related to Courtside NBA Finals Ticket Price

It’s no exaggeration to say that it’s hard to win tickets for courtside seating positions. One is that you have to have money. 2 is that you must be the VIP customer of the games. Or you must have dignitaries. Otherwise, it will not be easy for you to get courtside seating.

Here are some numbers that demonstrate the high rate of floor seats in NBA games.

According to statistics at the NBA Finals in the 2019 season, one guest spent more than 100,000 USD for two courtside seat tickets. That means that he is willing to pickpocket more than 50,000 USD for only one seat.

The average amount of VIP courtside tickets was nearly $48,000 per one in the NBA Finals in 2018. The ticket prices of Game 1 are almost five times lower than the ticket prices of Game 2.

The final boss is a floor seat in the 2017 NBA Finals. A VIP guest spent 133,000 USD for a pair of courtside seat tickets.

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The ticket for NBA courtside location is the most expensive.

How Can You Buy Courtside NBA Tickets?

Below are some ways to own courtside NBA tickets:

1. Buy Courtside Tickets to a Low-Market Team.

You know, not everyone can afford to buy tickets to see the well-known teams. Anyway, sitting courtside at the NBA game is pretty fun even when you watch low-market teams. You will save lots of budgets and still experience the feeling of being in the NBA game.

2. Buy Courtside Tickets on the Official Website.

You can visit the official website to purchase the expected courtside tickets. Let’s select the basketball category and click the no. of the desired position. 

3. Buy Tickets From 3rd Party.

There is another service to buy the tickets that is 3rd-media. People often call it the “black market.” However, this method usually costs the buyer a lot of money because you have to pay a lot more for the services they have provided.

4. Buyback Tickets From Others.

Some people will give up tickets for some reason, usually around the time of the NBA game. It is the right opportunity for you to buy back tickets from them at a reasonable amount.

However, some people also hold tickets and resell them at a higher price to make a profit. In general, we still recommend that you choose to buy from the official or franchised website.

Final Thoughts 

The topic “how much are NBA courtside tickets?” explained your question about the desired positions. In general, a fan needs to spend a lot of money to get this position if he is not a special guest.

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