How Long Is A Soccer Game?

Are you a soccer enthusiast? The king of sports games is an indispensable thing in our life. To fully enjoy the beauty of soccer, you need to know the rules of the game as well as the playing time. So how long is a soccer game? Let’s join Langley Rams to find the answer. 

How long is a soccer game?

The answer is 90 minutes for a typical professional soccer game. A soccer game is with two 45-minute halves.

How many minutes in a soccer game? How long is a soccer half? This also depends on the number of players of a squad participating in the competition. Below we will consider soccer matches with the official number of players participating in each team: 11 people, 9 people, 7 people and 5 people. Let’s find “How long do soccer games last”?

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How many periods in a soccer game?

1. Team with 11 people

This is the most familiar and most popular form of professional soccer competition. Then everyone knows “how long is a professional soccer game” right?

According to football sports laws, each 11-a-people soccer match will have 2 official halves. Each match has a length of 90 minutes excluding added time. Extra time is at the discretion of the referee. The black kings will give the amount of additional time based on the time the league is suspended for any reason. Let’s find out with how many players on a soccer team.

In the world cup league, 11-player squads are also common

After each official half, the players will play regulation time for break time within 15 minutes. The time is enough to recover somewhat and also enough to discuss tactics.

In leagues, the results are forced to determine the winner. If the official time of the match between the two teams is inconclusive, the next kicking time will depend on the tournament rules. At this time, the referee will give the two squads overtime or go straight to the penalty shootout.

The players will have regulation time of 15 minutes more for each extra half (2 halves) without break time between them. The players will switch fields and immediately join the second extra half.

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After 2 extra halves but still no winner, the penalty shootout begins. Teams will be allowed to rest for about 5 minutes before the procedure. The time for this one chance confrontation totaled about more than 15 minutes.

With just a few basic calculations, we can calculate the maximum total time of a soccer game is around 150 to 160 minutes.

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How much time is in a soccer game?

2. Team with 9 people

How many minutes is a soccer game for teams with 9 players?

Ball games with 9-player teams are usually played in tournaments or friendlies. Therefore, the time regulations are not too strict.

There are some soccer leagues like 11-people-team in terms of rules and inning time.

3. Team with 7 people

How long is a soccer game for teams with 7 players? The official time of the soccer match with the 7-people team is also divided into 2 halves. Each round lasts 40 to 45 minutes depending on the age of the competition.

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As follows:

  • For age groups of teenagers: Each round lasts 25 minutes.
  • At the age groups of children: Each round of competition lasts 20 minutes.

The break time for each half is 10 minutes.

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Young soccer game

4. Team with 5 people

For the rule of soccer games with 5 people per team, the time is 2 halves of 20 minutes.

The interval between the two halves shall not exceed 15 minutes.

Several factors increase the playing time of a soccer games

How long is a soccer game? Soccer time will increase by extra time, consultation time and break time between halves.

1. Extra time

Each half will have different extra time. The referee will make a decision on extra time in the following cases.

  • Extra time due to player due to substitutions.
  • Time added to take care of and take out injured players during the soccer games.
  • Extra time for the time a player makes a mistake and the game is paused for a few minutes.
  • Makeup time for time lost.
  • Extra time in some other special cases.

At the end of each half, the referee will summarize and make a decision to announce extra time. Normally, the extra time only lasts about 3 to 6 minutes. Each different round will have different extra time.

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Youth soccer

2. Consultation time

According to the rules of the soccer federation, there are some regulations on consultation time.

During a soccer half time, each team will have the right to have a consultation only once. The consultation time is within one minute. In addition, players must comply with the following:

  • Only the coach is authorized to request a 1-minute consultation time through the timekeeper. It can happen at any point in the soccer half.
  • The team is only allowed to consult while in control of the ball (with the right to take a penalty kick. kick-in or a free kick ball).
  • During the consultation time, players are only to gather in the field and outsiders are not to enter the field. If the coach wants to give advice to his team, he is only to stand on the touchline where the substitute players’ benches are.
  • If you don’t use consultation time in the 1st half time, you can only use 1 time in the 2nd half time.
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How long are soccer matches?

3. Break time

In general rules, the rest time between halves is 15 minutes. However, the break time can be changed with the consent of the referee.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How long is a women’s soccer game?

Women’s soccer games will consist of two half. It usually lasts 90 minutes long. It’s not much different from professional men’s soccer matches. Women’s football has two halves and 45 minutes per half. The break time between the two halves is 15 minutes.

2. How many halves are there in a soccer match? – Two 45 minute halves

Yes, there are two 45 minute halves in each of two halves. 

2. How long do college soccer games last?

The regulation time of each football league may be different. For youth soccer, the allotted time is usually shorter.

For example:

  • High school games typically have two 40 minute halves.
  • Youth soccer games (college football games) last for two 20 minute periods.


This topic about “how long are soccer games?” gives you some basic knowledge about this kind of sports game. Do not forget to access our website to get more useful information.

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