How Many Rings Does Steve Kerr Have During His Career?

Steve Kerr’s basketball career is one-of-a-kind. It is challenging for us to find someone as successful in both competitive and professional coaching. While having played only 30 matches in his entire career, Kerr’s achievements will surprise you.

How many championships does Steve Kerr have? He owned five championship rings while playing professionally. After becoming head coach of the Golden State Warriors, Steve Kerr led the team to three more championships. Thus, he has a total of eight championship rings.

Let’s find out in detail about this player’s career through the article by Langley Rams!

How Many Rings Does Steve Kerr Have?

  • Highlight stats: 6.0 points per game, 1.2 RPG, 1.8 APG, 0.5 SPG, 0.1 BPG.

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Steve Kerr – Career Overview.

Steve Kerr’s basketball career was extraordinarily successful and comprehensive in every respect. With a pro-player job, he has a total of five NBA titles. Three of those are with the Chicago Bulls, and two are with the San Antonio Spurs.

Steve Kerr led the Golden State Warriors to great success in his coaching career with three championships. He is the most successful rookie head coach in NBA history. He has led the team to grasp the NBA title in the first year of his career.

On the court, Steve Kerr’s long-range shootings always make opponents nervous. On the coaching bench, his calmness and clear thinking reassured the players a lot.

After finishing his career at the Spurs in 2003, Steve Kerr also tried his hand at being an analyst and General Manager of the Phoenix Suns. Not long after, he landed at the Warriors in a new role and was a huge success.

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All Career Stages Of Steve Kerr

Born in Beirut, Lebanon, Steve Kerr is the son of a religious family. Kerr’s father – Malcolm H. Kerr – is the president of the University of Beirut. Even so, he showed a passion for basketball from an early age.

The significant loss when his father was murdered at the age of 18 could not defeat Steve Kerr. He came back strong and honored to be in the Olympic ranks. Sadly, Kerr could not appear in important matches because of injury.

Through many ups and downs, Steve Kerr continued to assert himself when he won the FIBA gold medal in Spain in 1986. At that time, the professional door opened wide for him.

In 1988, the name Steve Kerr officially appeared in the NBA.

1. Early Stage

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The early stage of Steve Kerr.

The Phoenix Suns were the first NBA team to pick Steve Kerr in the 1988 NBA Draft round. After 26 games, they traded him to the Cleveland Cavaliers.

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At the Cavaliers, Kerr began to put in great performances playing alongside talented point guard Mark Price. This guy’s jump shots made a deep impression on the entire audience at that time. It was Steve Kerr who contributed to the team’s destructive victory over the Heat by a margin of 1991.

In the third season, Kerr was again involved in an exchange. His destination this time is the Orlando Magic. With the dominance of Shaquille O’Neal and the star’s seismic hits, Kerr did not leave much of an impression.

Things only started to change in 1993 when Steve Kerr signed with the Chicago Bulls. Since then, we begin to see the story of a legend.

2. Chicago Bulls Stage

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Steve and Michael Jordan.

Steve Kerr’s golden age began at the Bulls. His jumps and defenses always put teammates at ease, and his ability to hit the three-pointer has earned Kerr a few moments of a lifetime. Let’s find out with how many rings does lebron have.

There was no denying that the Chicago Bulls were then building their dynasty under the leadership of G.O.A.T, Michael Jordan, and head coach Phil Jackson. Even so, Steve Kerr has done his role very well.

His most iconic moment in his playing career came in the 1997 NBA Finals against Utah. A three-point buzzer-beater gave the Bulls a Game 6 win. In the same year, Steve Kerr also topped the NBA three-point shooting competition.

Along with the Chicago Bulls, Steve Kerr won three consecutive NBA championship rings in 1996, 1997, and 1998.

3. Post-Bulls Stage

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Kerr in Antonio Spurs.

In January 1999, Steve Kerr left the Bulls and moved to the San Antonio Spurs. He won the title that same year. This record is quite impressive as Kerr is the only non-Celtics player to win four consecutive NBA championships.

In 2001, Portland Trail Blazers was Steve Kerr’s new stop. During the 2001-02 NBA season, he featured in 65 games.

Kerr’s bond with the San Antonio Spurs is not over yet. He returned and played under the Spurs jersey in 2002. Together, they defeated the Dallas Mavericks into the 2003 NBA Finals to claim the NBA title. It is also Steve Kerr’s final title as a professional player.

With 910 regular-season games, a three-point ratio of 45.4% in the same year as NBA championships, we can safely say that Kerr has had a great career. But this guy doesn’t want to stop here.

4. Coaching Stage

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Kerr is holding head coach position of the Warriors.

Before becoming the head coach of the Warriors, Steve Kerr briefly worked at Turner Network Television. He, along with Marv Albert, acted as commentator.

In 2007-2010, the three-pointer joined the Phoenix Suns as General Manager. The Suns’ winning percentage at this point is pretty stable at 63.1% (155-91).

Steve Kerr’s career officially turned a new page in 2014 with the contract of head coach for the Warriors.

By learning the Chicago Bulls’ triangular attack style, the Warriors were lit with a new fire. They completely transformed and won their first NBA championship in 40 years against the Cavaliers.

With this achievement, Steve Kerr became the 7th coach in NBA history who can bring miracles right from his first coaching season.

Even better, Steve Kerr went on to win the NBA Coach of the year title in 2016. The team he led had a fantastic score of 73-9, breaking the Bulls’ all-time record.

Two years later, in 2017 and 2018, Kerr continued to lead the Warriors to the NBA championship. During his reign, the team always had more than 67 wins.

Frequently Asked Questions

This section will answer more questions about the legendary player and head coach Steve Kerr.

1. How did Steve Kerr change the Golden State Warriors?

Before the arrival of Steve Kerr, the Warriors’ performance had only one word to describe: mediocre. The team has lost itself with too many consecutive defeats.

Kerr’s first miracle for the Warriors was to change the gameplay. He applied it very well to the Warriors with a triangle offense formation inspired by the Chicago Bulls.

Kerr also plays a huge role in motivating and encouraging the morale of the players. He paid particular attention to Curry and Klay Thompson. With some changes in offensive tactics to disturb the opponent’s defense, Kerr succeeded.

2. How tall is Steve Kerr?

Steve Kerr’s physique is perfect for a professional NBA player. Even if he holds the head coach of the Warriors, Kerr’s measurements are still admirable. He weighs 82kg and is 1.85m tall.

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3. What is the annual salary of Steve Kerr as the Warriors’ head coach?

With successfully leading a team to the NBA championships, Steve Kerr’s salary is certainly not low. According to reliable sources, Kerr earns $5 million per year.

Final Thoughts

During his professional career, Kerr played under the direction of many talented head coaches. After becoming a head coach, he learned and saved those quintessence from reviving a team to its heyday.

Are you excited about steve kerr rings? With a total of eight NBA championships, including five in competition and three as a coach, Kerr’s track record is impressive. 

Thank you for your interest in this article!

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