How Much Is a NBA Championship Ring Worth?

The championship ring is now an essential cultural feature of the NBA. It made countless players fight for it. Thus, it naturally shows its dignity. So, how much is a NBA championship ring worth?

There are many efforts involved in the NBA championship ring price. It relates to the player wearing it, the team owning it, or the history behind that ring. 

Overall, the NBA rings cost is exceptionally high. The average price of the NBA championship ring is in the range of $15,000 to $20,000. The most expensive championship ring is even more than two million dollars!

In this article, Langley Rams will help you answer questions related to this prestigious ring.

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How much is an NBA ring?

NBA Championship Rings Overview

To understand “how much does an NBA ring cost,” we must first know what championship rings are and their built-up materials. Let’s find out with Who has the most rings in the NBA.

1. The Meaning of Championship Rings

NBA championship rings are in-kind rewards for the best performing team of the season. The NBA rings are given to that winning team at the NBA finals of the season. It’s like a gold medal in other sports. 

The NBA has had a tradition of giving rings to championship team members since its inception in the 1946-47 season. And it has been customary to give championship rings to the championship team of the season since 1932.

2. Built-up Materials of NBA Championship Ring

Generally, championship ring manufacturing takes about ten weeks. It takes an average of 75 to 100 people to do it manually. 

Most rings will be “made” of gold or white gold by countless precious stones and diamonds inlaid on them. The ring artist will engrave essential elements such as name, number, team logo, championship year on that ring. 

Thus, the cost of the NBA championship ring is so valuable. 

3. How Do NBA Championship Rings Look Like?

This video shows you the appearance of the NBA championship ring through the years.

How Much Is a NBA Championship Ring Worth?

Indeed, there are many factors involved in NBA ring worth. However, the following three elements are the key: team, player, and history. 

1. NBA Team

The origin of the rings from different teams will cause them to have different values.

Your safe must be pretty heavy if you want to buy rings from legendary names. For example:

  • LA Lakers 2001 or 1987 ring.
  • Boston Celtics 1986 ring.
  • Chicago Bulls 1996 ring.

The championship ring price from these teams is so valuable.

2. NBA Player

The player brand is also one of the factors to determine the NBA ring cost. In other words, for example, the ring of Michael Jordan or LeBron James must, of course, be many times more expensive than the ring of a middle-class player.

In addition, Kobe Bryant is a great player in the history of the LA Lakers. So how much is his NBA championship ring worth?

Kobe Bryant’s NBA ring is worth about $150,000. The NBA championship ring of Kobe Bryant is also one of the most expensive in the world.

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3. The History Behind

The historical factor also determines the NBA championship ring value. Rock history records unforgettable performances in the hearts of fans. The rings of that era are worth more than other lackluster seasons.

We can mention the NBA Finals in 1994-95. History that year called Hakeem Olajuwon to the failure of the Orlando Magic. 

The highlight belongs to the Houston Rockets with top performance. Therefore, the Houston Rockets’ championship ring worth is so high. It’s worth a fortune (USD 300,000).

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The price of an NBA ring is so valuable.

The Most Expensive NBA Championship Ring

The Raptors 2019 championship brings them the most expensive ring in the NBA history. So how much is the NBA ring for the Toronto Raptors? The ring is worth about $150,000.

This ring was “created” using more than 640 stones. This ring is the pride of not only the Toronto Raptors but the entire Canadian sports history

You will get “surprised” at the grandeur of this ring when you learn about its design. The first is the giant diamond which presents for the Larry O’Brien trophy. 

You can also easily recognize the Toronto skyline and the CN Tower. In addition, it is also “engraved” with the word North. 74 diamonds represent the team’s winning number. If you wonder who made this ring, it’s Jason Arasheben.

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The ring in NBA history.

NBA Teams Won the Most Championship Rings

Below are the legendary teams who won the most championship rings in their NBA career. 

1. Boston Celtics Won 17 NBA Championships Rings

The team was one of the first basketball teams in the NBA. The Boston Celtics demonstrated their dominance across the league throughout the 1950s and 60s. During their careers, they won 11 titles in 14 years from 1957-1970.

Their dominance doesn’t stop there, as the Celtics saw success in the 1980s and 2000s. The Boston Celtics have always been a stellar factor in the league to date.

2. Los Angeles Lakers Won 17 NBA Championships Rings

The Los Angeles Lakers had early success in the 1940s and ’50s. The Los Angeles Lakers were the only team better than the Celtics during the NBA’s golden years in the 1980s. 

They also had multiple titles in the 2000s with three championships. 2000-2002 and again in 2009-10.

In which the excellence of LeBron James must be “mentioned.” He is one of the best NBA players of all time. He also won the MVP title of the league within four consecutive years.

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LA Laker rings.

3. Chicago Bulls and Golden State Warriors Each Won 6 NBA Championships Rings

The Chicago Bulls & Golden State Warriors have gone through different paths. Both have achieved six championship rings for each team. But the fact is that they are still at number 3 on the list.

Chicago Bulls Bulls are “remembered” more as Michael Jordan’s team in their six titles. The Golden State Warriors have already experienced much success recently, winning three titles in the past five years.

Bill Russell – NBA Players Won the Most Championship Rings

Bill Russell is the most incredible winner in professional NBA sports history. He also topped the list of the most rings in NBA history.

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Russell has won 11 championship rings.

Bill Russell is the most outstanding defensive player ever to play the game. Moreover, the players who accompanied him were also the most fabulous teammates ever.

Russell has won 11 championships, all while he was with the Boston Celtics. Then there’s Sam Jones, who won 10 rings in just 12 seasons of play. Tom Heinsohn and KC Jones also won 8 championship rings in just nine seasons.

Russell’s biggest rival in his playing career was Wilt Chamberlain. Chamberlain was “praised” as the better and more dominant scorer. But Bill Russell was the complete NBA player and almost always outplayed Wilt when they faced off.

Let’s recap the historical moments of the greatest champion – Russell, in this video.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What does the value of a championship ring depend on?

There is no correct answer to “how much are NBA championship rings worth.” In general, the value of an NBA championship ring depends on many factors. And three main factors are team, player, and history.

2. In the 1993 NBA Final, who did the Chicago Bulls defeat?

The loser of the Chicago Bulls that year was the Phoenix Suns. The final score of the 1993 NBA Final was 4-2 in favor of the Bulls.

Some of the prominent names of the Chicago Bulls that year were Michael Jordan, Stacey King, Scott Williams, Horace Grant, etc.

Final Thoughts – How Much Is a Championship Ring Worth?

Are you surprised with this “how much does an NBA championship ring cost“? The article also gives you the players with the most NBA rings. 

We rarely have the opportunity to see authentic NBA championship rings for sale on the market. However, a few NBA players auction their prestigious rings for hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars.

Thank you for reading!

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