10 Best Football Cleats For Running Backs 2023

In professional rugby football or amateur rugby football, people often focus on the style of play. This style of ball control requires the player to handle the ball easily and quickly. Professional rugby football usually takes place very quickly.

This is why players need to control the ball and manage it effectively. Thus, football shoes help the players to control the ball. How? This content that we learn about the top 10 best football cleats for running backs 2023 from famous brands.

Best Football Cleats For Running Backs 2023

Nike Men’s Vapor Untouchable Pro 3 Football Cleat

Designed for the most active and explosive athletes on the court, the Nike Vapor Untouchable Pro 3 offers a comfortable fit, easy breathing, perfect support, incredible grip and skill, and incredible acceleration. These Nike best football cleats for running backs, which have carbon fiber plate, have a revolutionary rivet pattern that sinks deep into the ground. These running back cleats allow agile players to cut, manipulate and rotate until they reach the end zone. 


  • This is very comfortable.
  • The upper fit to the foot and provides a sock-like fit. 
  • These football bars have a flexible arm that does not require entry time. 
  • Fit true to size.
  • Very easy to put on.
  • The outer sole in carbon fiber plate is very elastic and responsive.
  • Provides excellent performance during hard cuts and acceleration in the field.
  • It is one of the best football running back cleats rated by most users on social media. 
  • The best running back cleats feature very light and very breathable. 
  • The lockdown is excellent.


  • Part of the cleat becomes very dirty.

Nike Vapor Pro Low TD Football Cleat

A well-designed running back cleat with premium features, the Nike Vapor Pro Low TD is offered at an affordable price. The fans were amazed at the comfort of this cleat and the impressive quality of the materials. Again, some people were quick to point out some quirks, like the small studs and the unusual outsole. All in all, these football boots offer great performance from cost to cost, worthy of the best running back cleats.

61KaG92sdIL. AC UY500


  • One of the most comfortable running back football cleats.
  • The price is amazing.
  • The best running back cleats with high-quality material.
  • The tongue is connected across the length of the cleat.


  • It is not suitable for wide food.

Nike Vapor Untouchable Varsity 3 TD Men’s Football Cleats

The Nike Vapor Untouchable Varsity 3 TD football cleats combine everything you need to help you play. The durable synthetic upper is complemented by the fit. This pair is a good ally in the field; you do not have to worry about the price because this pair is not too dangerous for the pocket and has a very good value for your money.

81ArtR T9BL. AC UY500


  • This football cleat has a great fit.
  • These football running back cleats are a bang for the buck.
  • Fit customization and foot lockdown.
  • No need for a break-in period.
  • Very comfortable.
  • Elastic and responsive.


  • This football cleat is a bit narrow.

Nike Men’s Vapor Shark 2 Football Cleats

Looks like Nike took another win with Nike Men’s Vapor Shark 2. Almost everyone with a pair likes spikes, and it’s nice to have a pair. According to the owner, these low heel soccer shoes are comfortable, supportive, and make you feel quick on the field. These Nike shoes are hard to beat in terms of price and performance.

71qFiJgtvLL. AC UY500


  • The best running back cleat helps to increase the player’s speed on the field.
  • These Nike football shoes are lightweight.
  • Easy to sprint in.
  • It looks sharp.
  • The price is affordable with its high quality.
  • It fits perfectly.
  • These cleats are very comfortable.
  • It is very supportive according to user reviews on social media.


  • There is not enough evidence about the disadvantages of the Nike Men’s Vapor Shark 2.

NIKE Men’s Lunarbeast Elite Football Cleats

The best Nike NIKE Lunarbeast Elite cleats. After four years of research, despite the lack of a Flyknit cable, the Flyknit cover is still excellent. The new removable base design provides special grounding (FG). All Nike NIKE Lunarbeast Elite boots are designed to make them the best starting speed ever. Even Nike can hardly beat it. 

71h40z8cQlL. AC UX500


  • A comfortably snug fit.
  • Minimalist design.
  • It is light and thin.
  • High quality for its price tag.
  • The cleats offer a softening feel for the feet.
  • These shoes are responsive on the pitch.


  • It may take a long time to break-in.

Nike Men’s Field General 3 Elite TD Football Cleat

The Nike Men’s Field General 3 Elite cleat is a luxury item, despite the usual price. The Flyknit technology at the top provides soft, high ventilation for the front leg. Flywire recording technology provides support and ultimately stability, with an attractive compression sleeve wrapped around the ankle of the cleat, making it difficult for the cleat to pass.

61crGtg24ML. AC UY500


  • It has an eye-catching design.
  • It is very stylish.
  • No-crease Flyknit technology.
  • It is flexible and lightweight.
  • The  price is reasonable.
  • Looks very attractive.
  • The cleat has nice traction.


  • It is hard to clean.

Under Armour Women’s Speedform MC Football Cleat

The high-quality brand movement Under Armour Women’s Speedform MC comes from an interesting surprise from the brand. Under Armour has developed a unique cleat that incorporates various technologies to create a high-performance. This model of Under Armour has achieved it. It is rated five stars for leisure and activity. 

There are also no complaints about unwanted bubbles. In terms of comfort and grip, these Under Armour bases have exceeded the required standard. 

8188SoVmTKL. AC UX500


  • It has a high level of comfort.
  • Does not require break-in time.
  • It can accommodate most foot.
  • Provides excellent cushion.
  • The cleat aids fit customizability.


  • Blisters in the heel area is a common issue complained about by some users.

Under Armour Men’s Blur Select Low Mc Football Cleat

Under Armour Men Blur Select Low Mc cleats are more than just a fashion design. Many wide footballers like the comfort of these low, not necessarily big football cleats. The quality and features of this hybrid cleat, realizing how it improves overall work performance, sometimes do not like longer rest periods, but the Under Armour Blur Select Low Mc men for men remains the best fit. Popular with many soccer players.

51ufz9YJzEL. AC UY500


  • It is thin enough to provide foot protection.
  • Giving a barefoot sensation.
  • The design is lightweight which helps boost the performance.
  • It is extremely comfortable.
  • It wraps the foot perfectly.
  • High quality of material.
  • Snug fit.
  • These cleats look great.


  • There are some complaints about lacking cushion.

Nike Vapor Edge Speed 360 Men’s Football Cleat 

The Nike Vapor Edge Speed 360 Men’s Football Cleat is an affordable non-slip cleat that offers great performance in the wild. These shoes provide the speed needed for games. Players love the speed and agility of these shoes. 

61uG0OVa5GL. AC UX500


  • Boost your performance on the field.
  • It has excellent quality.
  • It holds up very well.
  • Has a great fit.
  • It is affordable.
  • It has an impressive traction.
  • Have a very ankle support.


  • It is not suitable for wide-footers.

Nike Men’s Lunarbeast Pro TD Football Cleat

The Nike Lunarbeast Pro TD deserves its reputation. This remarkable creation from Nike is well suited when it comes to design. This easy and quick start gives a feeling of comfort to the skin. Due to the high quality of this duo, it is no surprise that the prices are also steep. But please do not misunderstand me; this cleat is a good investment.


  • The cleat has a great fit.
  • It is very comfortable to wear.
  • The cleats are lightweight.
  • It has a stylish look.
  • Deliver a good touch and control for your foot.


  • It takes a bit longer to break-in.

71tSQ6waHDL. AC UX500

Types of Running Back Cleats

Choosing the right pair of cleats greatly affects the effectiveness of the game, as well as maximizing the player’s skill and minimizing injury. Not to mention the shape, the material, just the cleat soles, and nails, there are many types.  In this article, we are going to share with you 8 types of running back cleats and how to distinguish them.

High-collar football cleat

Nike football boots were first launched. At the 2014 World Cup, the company released the first two versions of Nike cleats in the final round. Two models, the Nike Mercurial Superfly IV and Magista Obra I Made of woven fiber fabric with a proud neckline. Nike has found a way to bring textiles (Flyknit) and soccer cleats. The fabric production helps Nike eliminate the traditional rod, design the cleat like a sock and present a high collar called Dynamic Fit Collar.

high collar football cleats

High-collar football cleats

This elastic neck has the benefit of increasing the leg’s embrace and protecting the user’s heel. It helps you speed up, fast even the game…

Low-collar football cleat

Low-collar football cleats are probably too familiar to football fans. Such a football cleat has the oldest history. In low-neck cleats, you can use pasternocks techniques. The advantage of this low neck type is its high air permeability, comfortable ball play in hot weather. In wet and rainy weather, water penetrates easily, which makes it quite uncomfortable. And this low collar makes it easy to access. 

Medium-collar football cleat

Medium-collar football cleats are also elastic but don’t reach to the ankles. This elastic neck section also provides moderate grip and is also much easier to step on than the high neck. It can be said of this type of football cleat that there are not too many advantages or disadvantages too prominent. 

The collar is not too high, making it easier and more comfortable to apply pedicure techniques. For the weather, only rain can affect your running steps. Because they don’t hug the legs too much, the ability to breathe better is better than high-necked shoes. 

TF football cleat

TF is a very popular coastal turf soccer cleat. It would be the perfect choice for long-lasting artificial surfaces with dull, dull grass and low rubber porosity. Artificial grass is perfect for TF cleats. 


IC type cleats are often designed to play on flat surfaces such as futsal courts, concrete courts, streets. These shoes are widely used nowadays. Young people also want to use cleats like this to play football when they go out, go to school. IC cleats usually have a smooth surface but lines are engraved on the soles to increase grip.


FG cleats are the nail used in professional natural soccer field soccer. These nails are usually designed with 11 studs and offer a good grip on natural grass. In professional courts, the grass is cut to moderate length with FG nails. If you run in the field, high nails will be stuck to the ground to create grip and move smoothly. 

AG and AG-Pro

Traditional AG cleats are often designed with a crown and made of synthetic plastic material. This cleat is of a moderate height suitable for play in new artificial areas, with good quality, thick grass, beautiful, and rubber with good porosity. The use of AG cleats increases the grip on the beautiful artificial turf surface. However, it will be more difficult to play AG nails on the dull artificial turf of poor quality. 

The AG-Pro nail is an innovative nail design from Nike. Compared to traditional AG nails, AG-Pro nails have slightly higher and lower nails. This allows the nail to play on two types of fine grass, natural and artificial. The AG-Pro nail can also be referred to as the MG (Multi-Ground) nail because it supports play on many different terrains. 


FG/AG nails are Adidas designed nails (popular 2015-2016). This type of cleat is considered quite similar to AG-Pro Nike. FG/AG supports playing on 2 types of natural grass and good artificial grass. This is also a type of cleat called MG (Multi-Ground). 

SG and SG-Pro

Purebred SG nails are designed with 6 iron nails and fastened to the cleat sole like screws. SG iron nails are generally longer than regular FG nails (for better grip). These nails are best used on the surface of natural grass with a wet and muddy garden. Hay meets hail heaven. The smaller number of nails prevents mud from getting stuck under the cleats. Nike has also introduced the SG iron with its Anti-Clog technology to prevent mud traps.

Provided that the natural grass is managed well regularly, SG pure iron nails are gradually replaced with SG-Pro iron nails. SG-Pro iron nail cleat is designed with 11 nails, including 6 iron nails and 5 plastic nails as FG. Players use SG-Pro barbed wire on both sides of an ordinary natural grass but will experience wet rain conditions or porous terrain. 


HG cleats are only available in the Japanese market. In Japan, pure FG cleats are rarely used, they usually use HG (Hard Ground). The reason for this is that the natural turf surface of this country generally has a hard and less porous surface. The HG nail is designed with more nails than AG nails and has the same height as the AG-Pro nails. In fact, this nail can play well on artificial grass with beautiful porous turf. 


MG cleats are the common name for rock nails that support playing in many different pitches. Typically, the type of cleat spikes that are designed to be played at two types of pitches is called MG spikes. Below are Puma’s MG nails that help play on artificial turf and beautiful grass and weeds. According to the estimate, however, this nail supports football on natural grass, which is not identical to the good AG Pro-Nagel FG/AG (because the nail is too short and too small). 


CG cleats are a versatile nail design from Adidas. This nail supports both artificial grass and futsal. However, this type of pointed cleat is not popular worldwide. 


TT cleats are the name Puma used to name its artificial turf cleats. The design of a TT nail does not differ from a TF pin with another large amount. This type of TT also supports very good games on artificial territorial fields.

types of running back cleats

Types of Running Back Cleats

Criteria for buying the best football cleats for running backs

For players or just regular footballers, choosing the right footwear is essential. It seems that football depends only on the skill element, but shoes are also the key to winning. So how do you choose the right football boots from many brands and what are the criteria for choosing them?

Criterion 1: Ball game position on the court

Maybe you do not know, the position to play on the field decides a lot about how you choose football boots. Choosing soccer shoes by position can make you most comfortable playing with the ball. In each position, we have different ways to choose shoes for ourselves. 

Criterion 2: type of football field

There are also some types of football pitches that we often play in. Whether it is tall grass, short grass, or artificial grass. Therefore, any kind of park needs appropriate cleats. Here are ways to choose soccer shoes for each particular garden type. 

  • Firm Ground: Firm Ground belongs to the type of cleat sole used on natural grass, but it is quite dry. The FG nail is made of carbon resin, suitable for thin and short grass. 
  • Soft Ground: Soft Ground is still used for natural lawns. In SG, however, there is low grass with fairly soft soil. These shoes are often played in areas with heavy rain or the grass is regularly sprayed with water. 
  • Artificial Grass: AG bases are widely used. This is understandable as the artificial turf grows more and more. In Indonesia in particular, due to the soil conditions, this country mainly uses artificial grass. Standard artificial grass dishes will have a fairly soft base with a smooth phenomenon. 
  • Turf: The TF base is also used for artificial turf. However, TF uses high and small nails that are only suitable for soft soils and artificial turf fields that are not too thick. 
  • Indoor: This cleat is usually only used on hard and flat fields such as futsal fields.

choose shoes based on the pitch

Choose shoes based on the pitch

Criterion 3: the weight of shoes

The weight of shoes is also an extremely important criterion for players. Currently, many ultralight shoes have been born. This is understandable when players prefer to wear lighter shoes to facilitate movement while playing ball. 

In contrast, light shoes give people a sense of insecurity compared to heavy shoes. The shooting force is sometimes more or less affected by the cleat being too light. Currently, forest weights of 10 oz or more are heavy. A range of 8 to 10 is normal, less than 8 is small. 

Criterion 4: Shoe size

The cleat size or in short and easy to understand how to choose a football cleat that fits the foot is very important. Let’s say you have luxury shoes yourself, but if the size is wrong for your feet, then it is considered discarded.

A pair of cleats that are too small will cause problems with movement and playing ball. This can affect your own feet. If the cleat is too wide, the ability to move and control movements will greatly affect it.

When choosing shoes, pay attention to the distance between the toe of the cleat and the toe of the foot, do not choose shoes that are too close to the feet. Cleat capacity must be at a certain level, creating a feeling of comfort. When trying on shoes, you have to do everything you can to try them on. Take a few jumps, get up, and sit down to see if you feel comfortable or not.

Criterion 5: choose the shape of the shoe

The shape of football boots from different cleat brands is often not very similar. For example, Nike is always known for its cleat shape that fits well on the feet, suitable for long and small feet. 

Meanwhile, Adidas and Puma often have more comfortable cleat shapes, and those with plump feet will easily do that. easy to meet. When choosing football boots, you need to understand your foot type to choose boots with a comfortable or comfortable shape that is more suitable. 

  • Tight leg shape: The ankle strap is a very important element of soccer shoes. However, with shoes with high feet folded, elongated, horizontal. It will be difficult to get used to those with slightly thick feet. So ask about the shape of the soccer cleat you have chosen to see if it is an arm or a comfortable shape.
  • Comfortable shape: football shoes with a tight fit are often more popular and make it difficult to choose the right cleat for those with big fat feet. So look for soccer shoes that have comfortable, stretchy, and supple leather that gives you better comfort. 

Criterion 6: High durability of shoes

Authentic football shoes generally have very good leather resistance. We don’t usually see problems like blasting or peeling of the skin while playing football. The raw materials for the production of shoes are carefully selected and processed. With the industrial shoes of artificial leather, it is easy to make your feet gasp. Mobility problems can easily be caused by discomfort and you can pose serious injury risks.

Football shoes with too soft leather are usually prone to problems when they get wet. Problems such as peeling or cracking of the skin occur after rain. With the development of leather and shoe manufacturing technology, leather shoes made of a thin layer of plastic have high durability, good water resistance, and a lot of smoothness. Therefore, pay attention to choosing waterproof leather shoes if you have frequent wet football matches.

If possible, however, choose authentic football shoes for a longer wearing time and a better wearing feeling. A good pair of shoes will also help you get in better shape in every game and also protect your feet better. 

choose high quality shoes

Choose high-quality shoes

Criterion 7: Good appearance

Confidence is very important during football. Wearing eye-catching soccer cleats will make you feel safer on the soccer field. It is this trust that will help you create beautiful memorable situations on the court. Choose shoes that make you feel safer. 

Good looks are important, but football shoes need many things. If you understand and choose the right elements, you can have a great cleat to shine on the artificial terrain. Choose a pair of shoes for yourself with a nice design that suits your style. 

Criterion 8: Shoe soles

The soles of football shoes are usually made of monolithic rubber or a two-layer sole (rubber and foam pad). Often the only problem with the soles is the rapid wear on the game. Rubber buds can be worn, broken, or even cut and trimmed by artificial turf. This usually happens when the game is played for about 5-6 months (when the shoes are not broken, it is possible to wear the soles).

Football boots with very soft soles are more likely to wear faster. The point is, authentic boots have a much stiffer rubber sole than cheap football shoes. Therefore, do not overestimate the sole of the soles when buying shoes. Because during the ball game, the sole will soften a lot when you train with high intensity. The molded sole with moderate softness is harder to wear when playing ball. 

The most important thing when choosing shoes for the running back is that you have to be careful whether the sole is firmly attached to the cleat body or not, or it breaks easily while you are walking (there is an open glue in the sole with the cleat body or not).

criteria for buying the best football cleats for running backs

Criteria for buying the best football cleats for running backs.


Football cleats are sports shoes specifically designed for running backs. The best football cleats for running backs make it easier to move with high intensity. A special design that keeps the feet and sole in place to reduce slippage facilitates the athlete’s performance. Therefore, choosing a football cleat is extremely important to provide comfort and the most effective support for football. 

Why trust Langley Rams

At Langleyrams.com, we have a team of experienced consultants, including Scott Fujita. At the moment, Fujita is an advisor, author, and writer for Langleyrams.com. Fujita has many years of experience working on the football field as an athlete, consultant, and manager. Since 2003, Fujita has made many achievements as well as a great deal of experience in choosing the right soccer cleats for all ages to help you achieve the best results without any limitations. 

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