Top 5+ Best Soccer Cleats For Wide Feet 2023 – Reviews & Buying Guide

The best soccer cleats for wide feet is the topic that many players concern. Soccer cleats are essential for sport and the best soccer shoes are designed for optimal traction. In this article, we’re going to look at the different types of soccer cleats for people with wider feet that you can choose. Below we’ll focus on traction for a variety of materials and styles, as well as looking at the surfaces that are best suited for each shoe. 

Best soccer cleats for wide feet 2023

1. Adidas Nemeziz 19+ Firm-Ground Soccer Cleat

The Adidas Nemeziz 19+ soccer surprises the soccer player with wider feet. While in general, expectations are not too high for this model. But this soccer cleat for wide feet is also worth consideration. Many users have praised the comfort and fit of this shoe. The price is not too bad.  Therefore, it is one of the best soccer cleats for wide feet.

At first glance, you can’t think of the cleats Adidas Nemeziz 19. 2 as a takedown cleat. If you look at the design of the shoes, you will like them. With the characteristic of the Nemeziz line, the top covers the fabrics and strips. The combination provides a convenient landing for users. In addition, lacings are added to the cleat. This is not only fit, but it also guarantees a secure lockdown on the foot.

The outsoles of these cleats Adidas model are made of TPU. There are a total of 11 studs in this area. Seven studs are located on the forefoot, while the heel part has four studs. The structure of this model uses a combination of ground and oval studs. This composition of Agility stud configuration works best with firm ground courts.

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  • It is very comfortable to wear for people with wider feet.
  • It is well-liked by many users thanks to its sock-like fit.
  • The design is cool and impressive.
  • Great quality wide soccer cleats.
  • Very lightweight.
  • The shoe is flexible.
  • Reasonable price tag.


  • A little bit hard to put on at the first usage.

2. Adidas X 19+ Firm-Ground Soccer Cleat

These Adidas X 19+ laceless wide soccer cleats are loved for comfort and weight, or they can be taken off and are a perfect fit for players with wider feet too. Some users think it feels like barefoot. In general, in spite of high prices, they are a pair of shoes worth investing in.

These cleats bring us closer to the design of modern soccer shoes. The models use three-stripe technology, making the experience even better. The low-top is made of soft and light X-Laykin material. Due to thin composition, you feel like walking barefoot.

Although laceless, the cleats are still designed to lock the foot in the middle part. This reinforcement is the Claw Collar stability factor. The 3D-shaped heels also provide a stable fit. 

Sprintframe technology is integrated into the surface of Adidas for flexibility and comfort. Eleven studs are placed throughout the area. They integrate triangular and round studs for better traction and grip.

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  • It is comfortable to wear.
  • Offers a great ball touch for wide feet players.
  • It promotes speed thanks to its lightweight.
  • More snug and better fit.
  • The design of these wide soccer cleats is aesthetic.
  • Impressive traction and grip level.
  • It is worth the price.


  • It is pricey.

3. PUMA Men’s Evopower Vigor 1 FG Soccer Cleats

The Puma Evopower Vigor 1 FG Soccer Cleats are designed to improve shot velocity and accuracy. These wide cleats have a wonderful fit that is confirmed by many owners with wider feet. At the first use, these wide cleats are quite tight, but after a while it loosens. There are also no major problems with this Evopower model which makes it worth the price.

Puma created the EvoPower line to meet their demands for attack power and precision. These best soccer cleats for wide feet take on a new meaning of lightness for a better sense of shine. 

The Puma EvoPower Vigor 1 Graphic Firm Ground uses AdapLite material for the upper part. These microfibres increase resistance by providing excellent flexibility, like a barefoot kick. It also allows natural movement of the foot. 

For shooting accuracy, the soccer cleat for wide cleat is depending on AccuFoam design, with 3D foam dots to add texture to the upper. This additional detail improves grip and accuracy when connecting with the ball. It also enhances comfort. 

These wide soccer cleats are also secured with GripTex on the upper. This function is used to provide better ball control and easier handling. It also provides an even gloss level even in wet conditions. 

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  • Its look is impressive.
  • Great quality wide soccer cleats.
  • Support better performance in the pitch.
  • It makes the player feel comfortable.
  • Have a pleasant shooting experience.
  • It is very responsive.


  • Some complaints said that it required time to break-in.

4. Adidas Mens X 15.2 FG/AG Firm Ground

This is an affordable model, Adidas Mens X 15.2 soccer cleats fit perfectly for players with wider feet. Even though it is not expensive, it does not make the buyer seem fascinated by the beauty. 

The shoe has a curved sole designed to work on suitably artificial turf areas. There are no major durability issues yet. Overall, this football shoe is a good choice as it proves comfort, durability, and price. 

These best wide soccer cleats have a low design with soft material. Its lightweight design allows for better contact with the ball. The Adidas football boot (Adidas) uses a central lacing system to lock the foot in place and further personalize it for wearing. 

The outsole of the Adidas Mens X 15.2 FG/AG studs is designed for the best grip on hard terrain and artificial grass.

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  • It is very comfortable to wear.
  • Cleat’s lock is praised by many users.
  • It has a good trip.
  • Budget-friendly price.
  • It is worth the money.
  • Do not need any time to break-in.
  • Suitable for firm ground and artificial ground as well.
  • It is lightweight.


  • The tongue is a bit hard, stated by some users.

5. Zephz Wide Traxx Cyan/Black Soccer Cleat

Zephz is ranked fifth among the best wide soccer cleats. Although it is not the only flagship brand on our list, these cleats are still popular because of their good price, good online reviews. It is specially designed for wide feet. 

This shoe is perfect for weekend soccer hobbyists who need a wide feet shoe. It’s worth noting that this shoe is not as durable as a leather shoe, but it comes at a great price. And if you’re serious about playing soccer, you’ll have to switch to top brand shoes, but Zephz is still the perfect choice for players trying to kick a ball with their friends. 

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  • Affordable price.
  • Very suitable for wide feet.
  • It is a light model.
  • Softness and moldability.
  • The quality is good.


  • Not being a top brand cleat.

6. New Balance Men’s Furon Dispatch Turf V6 Soccer Shoe

The New Balance Furon v4 Dispatch Firm Ground offers an appearance that follows its premium counterparts, albeit with different features. However, these lower-priced models offer the comfort and performance that most players guarantee with wider feet. Some of them may mention some minor issues with the durability of soccer cleats. Overall, however, this New Balance model offers an excellent price-performance ratio. 

It is one of the best wide feet soccer when it comes to explosive acceleration and precision. The brand has developed these innovative wide soccer cleats to help all soccer players reach their goals. 

Notable features are the synthetic upper that provides a firm grip around the foot, the detailed upper with partial textures that allow for a better sense of touch for better control and precision. In addition, a lightweight mesh lining is suitable for comfortable feet.

The tightness of the upper part is a central lacing system placed in the middle of the foot. The laces allow players to adjust freely. At the same time, a traditional feel is placed under the strap to provide some cushioning to the midfoot. 

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  • The design looks great.
  • It is comfortable for wide feet players.
  • It has a lively colorway.
  • Good value of money.
  • Fit true size.
  • A good option for customization.
  • One of the best soccer cleats for wide feet


  • Some users feel it is a bit narrow.

7. New Balance Men’s Audazo V4 Pro Indoor Soccer Shoe

The New Balance Audazo V4 Pro wide soccer cleats are designed for explosive indoor play. The surface of these NB-wide cleats is made of synthetic leather. This product is breathable and lightweight. It seems that the toe is integrated into the sole which can protect the toes from wear and tear and improve durability. 

To personalize the fit and promote foot lockdown, the traditional lacing system has become part of the shoe design. The middle section of this pair from New Balance is made from REVlite foam. This innovation from New Balance keeps the response rate up and keeps NB at 30%. It is also designed to last for a long time. The outsoles of these best cleats are made of rubber. This area has a handle that is best suited for storage and stability in the inner courtyard. 

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  • High level of grip and traction.
  • Very comfortable and lightweight.
  • Many players are satisfied with its quality.
  • Excellent value of money.
  • Great support for wide feet.


  • Not yet having any complaints about these best wide soccer cleats.

Buying Guide – How to Choose the Best Wide Soccer Cleats

Knowing your correct foot size

To choose the size of soccer cleats for wide feet, we need to follow the shoe size charts provided by the shoe manufacturers. First, you need to measure the length of your feet and first understand the shape of your feet. This is important for players with wide feet. 

After the size of the foot length, you can choose the size by comparing the size conversion table of contents of the standard soccer cleats of shoe companies such as Nike, Adidas, Puma. 

Choosing the wrong shoe size that is too small or too large will damage your feet and toes and result in injury. When you buy a pair of soccer cleats, try them on to make them more comfortable to wear.

Knowing your correct foot size

Knowing your correct foot size


Different soccer materials cleats are made – the most important factor that determines the durability and comfort of soccer cleats. The cleats body and lining should be selected as types with good sweat absorption and breathability in order to keep your feet smooth. 

The soles of the soccer cleats are usually made of soft plastic or rubber with high elasticity, which increases the player’s movement, resistance to water, or the abrasion caused by playing football on the pitch.

  •  100% real leather is always the most expensive shoe, leather cleats have the longest durability and the best performance in the field. If you are a serious gamer or if you focus a lot, choose leather cleats. 
  • Synthetic material cleats are cheaper, but they are not as durable as leather. However, they are the perfect option for kids to quickly add to their cleats or for hobbyists who do not really need the highest quality product. 
  • Combination soccer cleats for people with wide feet offer a good balance between price and durability. But I find it pretty good at the price point. 




When choosing the wide soccer cleats, users should always be careful about buying genuine products from reputable brands. Ensure high-quality materials, foot safety, standard shoe shape, accurate digital size, built-in features that are useful for playing the ball effectively, improving movement, and striking performance. 

Big brands constantly use the best technology to create the perfect soccer cleats for wide feet. There are many different brands on market. Nike, Adidas, and Puma are definitely the leading brands in the soccer cleats industry.



Game position

Choosing a soccer shoe that suits your playing position may seem a bit of a challenge to you as you do not know much about the line and its features. Here are tips for choosing the wide soccer cleats based on the player’s position.

  • Goalkeepers

A real goalkeeper’s shoe requires a solid bottom stud. Goalkeeper cleats must be comfortable. At the same time, he can carry the ball and take the goalie’s jumps after the kicks. 

The toe part of the soccer cleats is closest to the big toe and the sole of the sole needs to be strengthened. Because in parallel with the catch, the goalkeeper has to take a long shot. Make it easy for them to take steps. The weighting factor may also be interesting or not. Because most goalkeepers stand to keep the goal and jump. 



  • Defenders

It is the defender’s job to protect the goal and the home field. That is why defenders often move a lot and kick actively. Choosing soccer cleats based on the position of defenders must ensure standards of weight and materials.

Defender cleats should be light and comfortable. Help players move easily and run faster to follow the ball. The body of the shoe should be strengthened with care. Help defenders provide security during defense and conflict. At the same time, it makes the defender more advantageous when he hits the ball high. 

  • Midfielders

Take on the role of coordination with the defender to protect the pitch. While they are the formation’s attack center. Hence, the weight of the soccer cleats is also the first factor that midfielders should consider when choosing cleats. A light and comfortable shoe gives the player better control of the ball. It is also easier to make precise passes. Keep grip when you need a defense against the ball. 



  • Wingers

The requirement for a winger is the ability to move quickly. Free enemy players. And make quick passes. Therefore, the low weight of the cleats has always been the main goal of the wingers. The flip flops should be light and have a cushion inside the shoe lining. To help the player better control the ball and feel comfortable when he has to move a lot. 

  • Forwards 

The forwards are in the attacking squad. People in this role need to hurry. At the same time treat the ball from the bottom line with sensitivity. Therefore, as with other positions, the weight of the shoe must also be taken into account. And forward should choose a shoe that is as light as possible.




This is the part that many of you are interested in. Recently, more and more lightweight designs are being introduced, so there will also be more people who are interested in the lightness of the cleats. The lightest shoe currently drops around 160g/unit and the heaviest around 310g/unit.

At 200g or less, this model will be considered light, 200-225g is a light shoe, 226-285g is a normal shoe and 285g or more will be a fairly heavy shoe. Choosing cleats by weight depends on your preferences, but remember that the lighter your shoe is, the more sensitive it becomes and on the contrary, the heavier the cleats become. 


Prices for wide soccer cleats range from $20 to $200. 

By buying the expensive best pair of cleats, you are more likely to get the best soccer cleats for wide feet. This will give you comfort on the field. You can also get a product that lasts longer and will not cause blisters. 

Cheaper wide-feet soccer cleats (less than $ 100) should be bought primarily for those who are still growing or playing soccer as a hobby. 

High-quality soccer cleats for wide feet (over $ 100) are perfect for serious players looking for sophisticated, durable, and high-quality sports in this price range. If budget is not an issue, cleats in this price range are ideal for player development. If you’re a football fanatic, you always have to invest in more expensive cleats just for durability. In the long run, you can save money by buying a comfortable wide football shoe instead of a few pairs. It’s not expensive. 

Playing style

Playing style is also a factor to consider when buying the best soccer cleats for wide feet. 

  • Control: the pair of cleats is designed to help ball control in places commonly used for passing or controlling the ball.
  • Power: cleats increase the power for kicks as well as for closing or passing. 
  • Accuracy: helps you with curves (swirls), dives (falling stones, falling yellow leaves) with kicks or long passes
  • Speed: you get a lightweight shoe to maximize your speed on the track. They are usually designed to be very simple, have less material, and use the lightest materials possible. 

based on playing style

Based on playing style


Soccer cleats designed for grass generally need traction, so they come with short stubby nubs. And if you want to play on soft ground, you can opt for soccer shoes with better cushioning. 

Comfort level

When your feet are wider than what is considered normal, buying soccer cleat can be a challenge. But this does not mean that you have to compromise on your comfort level as it is a game priority. You can improve your performance by finding the right partner for you and giving you good stability. 


Soccer is a sport you play for fun, or it can be a sport that is important for serious performance. In any case, you will show off your best performances on the court with a pair of supportive cleats. 




Most wide-feet soccer players tend to hold the oldest cleats, fearing that they will not find the perfect one. You too can even fall in love with a new pair. So it is best to choose the one that can withstand the effect with regular use. The best option is to find a product that can last a long time, even if you have to add a few dollars to your budget. 


There are different types of cleats designed for different surfaces. Some play mainly on the artificial territory, while others play on the natural territory. The buying of soccer shoes depends on the surface you are playing on. 

  • Firm Ground (FG) cleats are designed for natural grass surfaces. Today’s modern turf cleats are also largely accepted for use on artificial turf, but as always you should check with the seller before you buy. The solid surfaces on the deck are designed for use in rare rainfall areas. 
  • Soft Ground cleats are perfect for soft floors due to heavy rain. These boots usually have replaceable studs. It is best if you live in an area with humid weather. 
  • Indoor cleats are designed for use in modern indoor fields. If the ground is very flat, this is probably a good choice, they will help you move without studs.

Buying Guide How to Choose the Best Soccer Shoes for Wide Feet

Buying Guide – How to Choose the Best Soccer Shoes for Wide Feet

Frequently Answered Questions

Are There Any Wide Soccer Cleats Available?

Yes, wide feet soccer cleats are designed for wide football players and these cleats are available on market. If you can’t find wide football boots, you should wear natural leather cleats, as natural leather is adjusted according to cost. 

Do Cleats Hurt Or Cause Pain?

Yes, if it’s a fitting wide soccer cleats problem. Common foot pains caused by footwear are injuries to Achilles tendon injuries, heel pain, blisters, and ankle pain.

Do Cleats Hurt Or Cause Pain

Do Cleats Hurt Or Cause Pain?

Should My Cleats Tightly Fit Into My Feet?

A fitting cleat is essential for a player to have a good grip or an optimal touch. 1/4 inches is required to match a player’s feet. Soccer cleats that are larger than your wide foot can cause injury while playing. 

What Are The Different Parts Of A Soccer Cleat?

When considering the fit of your wide foot shoe, make sure the insoles and heels are in place. The forward position is called the instep, which adds extra cushioning to the upper. Finally, give the cove the desired shape and size. 

What Are The Different Parts Of A Soccer Cleat

What Are The Important Features Of A Soccer Cleat?

You need to evaluate three important features of football protection, including grip, adjustment, and touch of your foot. This helps reduce the risk of injury caused by using shoes that are too small or too large for your foot. 

What Are The Types Of Soccer Shoes Available?

You can find designer soccer shoes for every style, from the road to the field, but making the wrong choice can cost you a lot of money and hurt you. 

Does Your Playing Position Matter When Choosing Soccer Cleats?

Yes, you need different comfort levels for different positions on the court. If the cleats are not comfortable, you will have a hard time working them. These cleats are full of features and styles so you can easily find the right shoes for goalkeepers, defenders, midfielders, and forwards. 

Does Your Playing Position Matter When Choosing Soccer Cleats


So, Langley Rams just offered the best soccer cleats for wide feet. In soccer, choosing the right footwear for your feet is very important. Because it protects your feet and creates a feeling of comfort. From there, you can do your best in the field. 

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