10 Best Football Gloves For Wide Receivers In 2023

For receivers and running backs, it is very important to have lightweight and flexible football gloves. With an enhanced palm grip and durable pair of gloves, it will help to easily control the ball while maining quickly on your feet. Nothing beats a pair of gloves that feature maximum protection and powerful grip to enhance your performance. The top 10 best football gloves for wide receivers will help you up the game.

Best football gloves for wide receivers 2023

Battle Double Threat Football Gloves – Ultra-Tack Sticky Palm Receivers Gloves

When it comes to the best gloves for footballers, Battle does not hold back at all. This famous brand ensures that you will have the ultimately imaginable experience on the field with their highest quality gloves, including Double Threat Football Gloves – Ultra-Tack Sticky Palm Receivers Gloves.

This pair of gloves is equipped with superior grip and traction that offer maximum durability and protection against any high impacts. In fact, this Battle Football Glove meets all the standards of NFHS, NCAA, and NOCSAE which provide the best type of safeguard. With a secured wrist and flexible fit for your hands, you can remain active during the whole match.

Comfortable, breathable, well-ventilated, these sports gloves have reinforced wear point stitching for longer wear. Moreover, this allows freedom of movement for receivers to catch every ball, even with the toughest passes. This glove has unlimited durability, is the only one supplied with a 90-day guarantee. 


  • PerfectFit material offers maximum comfort, even during extended use.
  • Provide a 90-day durability guarantee. 
  • Palm grips for improved stick limit.
  • A well-ventilated system keeps your hands cool.
  • Meet all the standards and requirements of NFHS, NCAA, and NOCSAE. 
  • Velcro wrist straps help to hole the gloves firmly.
  • Offer a wide range of color combinations.
  • Perfect fit for both adults and youth. 
  • Comfortable and breathable.


  • Any type of dirt or dust easily renders gloves.
  • Do not work in wet conditions.

Battle Ultra-Stick Football Gloves – Ultra-Tack Sticky Palm Receivers Gloves

The Battle Ultra-Stick is the best brand providing football gloves. The gloves are designed with the highest quality tackified material, Ultra-Stick, to make the player easier to hold onto the football. These best football receiver gloves are loaded with other premium features, including enhanced grip and durable stitching. 

Ultra-Tack Sticky Palm Receivers Gloves are thin and ultra-lightweight to provide maximum comfort for football players. The breathable fabric keeps your hands cool and dry when you are playing in a fierce match. With the Velcro wrist straps, you could hold the gloves firmly in position while catching the ball correctly.

Battle Ultra-Stick football gloves are made for aggressive linemen with reinforced stitching and wear points. These gloves are available for both youth and professional adult sizes and a wide range of color combinations. Blade span technology allows for enhanced flexibility and snug fit for optimal performance. Ultra-Stick is the highest quality for receiver or lineman football gloves in the industry. 


  • Durable stitching.
  • Flexible wrist strap for freedom of motions.
  • Made of the highest material, Ultra-stick, to catch the toughest passes.
  • Maximum protection for longer wear.
  • Ultra-lightweight and thin.
  • Offer optimal performance.
  • Work well in different weather, even in the rain.
  • A wide range of sizes for both youth and adult football players. 
  • Blade span technology for freedom of motion.
  • Hook closure wrist straps for proper fit. 


  • Do not have a machine washable. 

Seibertron Pro 3.0 Elite Ultra-Stick Sports Youth Football Gloves and Adult

On the list of top 10 best receiver or lineman football gloves, Seibertron is yet to disappoint patrons, especially for wide receivers. And one of the top-rated football gloves on the market is Seibertron Pro 3.0 Elite Ultra-Stick Sports Glove. 

These adult and youth football gloves have a lot of traction padding that covers your bottom three fingers. The center of the palm in gloves also stretches all the way to securely lock the ball in place. With such a special design, it helps receivers to catch the ball accurately and settle in the right place of your hand as soon as the ball touches this grip. 

In addition, the best football gloves for wide receivers feature adjustable wrist strap to provide comfort and flexible fit. You should be able to slip your hand into the non-compressing fabric easily. This Seibertron Pro 3.0 Elite Ultra-Stick Sports glove has a budget-friendly price for both children and adults to use. 

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  • Superior performance durability.
  • Have true to fit sizes.
  • Made of durable and flexible materials backing.
  • Perform well in many different types of weather conditions. 
  • Have the machine washable. 
  • Adjustable wrist support strap.
  • Flexible and ultra-lightweight fabric guarantees non-slippage.
  • Palm grip for secured lock the ball.


  • Less protection than other receiver’s gloves. 
  • Could be a little lighter. 

Franklin Sports Youth NFL Glove

If you are finding the best American football gloves for wide receivers, it would be very flawed without Franklin Sports Youth NFL gloves. Officially licensed by the NFL with an authentic logo and color, these gloves are ideal to support your favorite team. 

With extended thumb and forefinger coverage combined with one piece tacky silicone palm, it makes these football gloves super sticky to catch the toughest passes on the field. The contoured neoprene wrap with wrist straps ensures a flexible and comfortable fit for your hand. Therefore, it provides maximum comfort and performance for the receivers and linemen. 

Additionally, Franklin Sports Youth NFL football glove is made from lightweight polyester hand back, providing a full range of motion. Your hands always keep dry and cool, even in fierce matches. Wear these football gloves, it is perfect for game day at a tailgate or even in the backyard.

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  • Have hook and loop closure.
  • Officially licensed by the NFL. 
  • One-piece tacky silicon palm for a secure lock.
  • Provide extended thumb and forefinger coverage.
  • Tight customizable fit to your hand.
  • Offer maximum comfort and performance. 
  • Made of lightweight polyester hand back for a wide range of motion.
  • Perfect for all weather conditions.
  • Flexible and breathable. 


  • Some complain this pair of gloves started to peel off only after a couple of days.
  • A little baggy and non sticky.

Cutters Game Day Football Glove, Silicone Grip Receiver Glove

This pair of gloves offer extra protection in the key area on the back of  the hand so that you are less likely to suffer severe injury and pick up those annoying cuts. The paneling is divided into many parts, which means that it will not interfere with your fingers as the glove grips. 

The padding is designed to leave a section between your knuckles and wrist to provide complete freedom. The C-tack material on the palm is even perforate, providing extra ventilation. The combination of these two features makes quite a difference for Cutters Game Day football gloves that offer premium functions. 

These best football gloves for receivers pairs their excellent performance with an outstanding design. Thanks to customizable fit, Cutters Game Day sits very snugly on your hand. This compressive does not limit your movement, the gloves themselves counters that by featuring extreme flexibility. Your hands perform a full range of motion from a glove. 

Cutters Game Day Football Glove, Silicone Grip Glove finish off their impressive features with breathability. Their mesh back of hand allows plenty of circulation and keep your hand cool from overheating or excessively sweating.

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  • Have a budget-friendly price.
  • Light padding.
  • Offer a wide ventilation area.
  • Excellent tackiness.
  • Durable and flexible. 
  • Machine washable. 
  • High-speed grip silicone palm.
  • Meet SFIA standards and requirements for NFHS or NCAA play. 
  • Compressive fit to your hand.
  • Great breathability with C-tack performance grip material. 


  • Not as durable as other receiver football gloves.

Adidas Adizero 9.0 Football Glove

This version of Adidas gloves brings an amazing feeling of comfort due to their exclusive technology in material production. Specifically, most of their materials come from polyester, silicone, nylon, Chloroprene Rubber, and Spandex. Therefore, these football gloves allow you to always be ready for any play.

Thanks to their high-quality material, Adidas football gloves are also a great palm treatment, especially features GripTack, which provides unparalleled grip and excellent performance in any weather conditions. When you wear those gloves, you will become a more expert football catcher.

You will never have a sweaty-palm feeling again when wearing these football gloves. Relying on the AeroReady technology applied on the backhand of gloves, superior Adidas gloves will supply the exceptional moisture-wicking function to keep your hand always dry and cool

Again on the special material, these gloves are engineered with 9.0 PrimeKnit mesh, which provides an optimal structure aiming to support a more productive performance in football play. additionally, they are also ergonomically designed like natural hand movements and motion to match normal hand bones without making any uncomfortable feeling

Adidas best football gloves for wide receivers are structured with an advanced box fingertip which will not make your fingertips be pinched. Also, there will have an injection molded rubber tab customized to create a perfect glove fit.

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  • Exceptional comfort and grip to keep up with intense gameplay.
  • Completely secure.
  • unbeatable fit for your fingertips.
  • Always be cool and dry.
  • Amazing grip and performance in all weather conditions.
  • Providing supreme accuracy in catching.


  • Not durable as expected.

Xenith Football Youth Precision Glove

Xenith, a famous brand in sportswear and sports equipment strikes back with another best football gloves for wide receivers on the list. Of all Xenith gloves, Xenith Football Youth Precision Glove is top rated. This glove is specifically made from engineered palm material to provide a superior catching surface. With the maximum grip, it makes them more flexible and gets the most of every impact point on your hand. 

At the same time, this pair of gloves ensures a cool and ventilated interior throughout strategically placed mesh panels. From now on, the receivers or linemen will not be feeling sweaty palms and gloves sticking to their fingers on the field.  Xenith Football Youth Precision Glove also provides maximum comfort. Sweat-wicking poly blend fabric is very soft to touch and stretch. Strap closure offers a lock-down fit for all hand sizes. 


  • Made of sweat-wicking materials.
  • Durable and flexible.
  • Provide excellent wrist support.
  • Maximum protection across both sides of your hand.
  • Strap closure ensures a compressive fit.
  • Offer a superior catching surface from the palm to fingertip.
  • Mesh panels for enhanced airflow.
  • Accommodate all hand sizes for adult and young football players. 


  • Quite bucky.

Cutters Gloves Rev Pro Football, Best Grip Glove

Cutters Gloves have been offering high quality football gloves for both professional and amateurs receivers. And this brand continues its outstanding line of products with the REV Pro, Best Grip Glove. 

These Cutters gloves made their name as one of the best selling gloves for receivers in the presence of C-Tack technology and Rev Tack recharge technology. The C-Tack material layer allows for maximum grip on the field, even during the fiercest match, which makes it easier for players to hold on to the ball with minimum effort. This special feature not only increases the execution of plays but also makes players perform their best. 

No basic pair of football gloves can offer the stickiness as the Cutters Gloves Rev Pro Football, Best Grip Receiver Glove can. These Cutters gloves also have a stylish and cool look to wear. With the best features, this sports equipment meets SFIA specifications so that you can play like a pro-machine washable. It performs best with you to every game in any weather conditions. 

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  • Feature a special C-Tack material to provide a better gip.
  • REV-Tack recharge mid-game for boosted grip. 
  • Provide a cooling effect and zone panels for a snug fit. 
  • Made of highly breathable materials.
  • Long-lasting pair of gloves.
  • Best grip available. 
  • Huge variety of styles and colors to choose from.
  • Available in different kids and adult sizes. 
  • Can be machine-washed and machine-dried.
  • Its appearance is stylish and looks cool to wear.
  • Support well in all weather conditions. 
  • Great feature, airy feel.


  • A little bit pricey compared to other gloves.

Franklin Sports Supratak Football Receiver Glove

The Franklin Sports Supratak Football Receiver Glove is a good example of the highest quality football. This, combined with an ultra high-tack silicon material, offers increased grip on the ball to complete difficult and tough catches while preventing drops. The back of the hand is made from durable hi-flex fabric for a comfortable fit and provides the maximum range of motions in your fingers. 

In addition, these gloves are engineered pre-curved to the size of the hand for perfect fit, comfort, and performance without bunching. The adjustable self-stick wrist is specifically designed to stay close to hand for all football layers. Moreover, the fabric used in these gloves is made to wick away all sweat and moisture from your hand and prevent the glove lose inside. 

These Franklin Sports Supratak Football Receiver Glove are SFIA approved for competitive matches in youth, high school (NFHS), and in college leagues (NCAA) as well. 

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  • Ultra-lightweight fabric provides breathability. 
  • Wick away sweat and moisture while playing. 
  • Have ultra-high grip to catch the ball accurately and prevent drops.
  • Durable hi-flex handback for a comfortable fit.
  • Provide a maximum range of motions on your hand.
  • Specifically designed to have pre-curved to the shape of hand.
  • Perfect fit design.
  • Offer comfortability and best performance with no bunching. 
  • Adjustable wrist closure. 
  • Have a budget-friendly price.


  • The gloves tend to get worn out quicker. 
  • There are limited sizes and colors.

Cowboys Blue Star Football Gloves – Dallas Receiver Football Gloves 

To complete the list of top 10 best football receivers gloves, Cowboys Blue Star Football Gloves – Dallas Receiver Gloves are highly rated gloves in the market. They are extremely well-crafted gloves that provide you the best features. 

Play like your favorite NFL team with these high-performance Cowboys Blue Star Gloves. This cool design glove features a high ultra silicon grip to make every accurate catch. With the breathable and flexible cloth, it makes much comfortable for receivers to wear. Cowboys football gloves are considered as durable receiver gloves ensured by their premium features such as advanced tech stitching, wrist strap, and extra-stretch material thumb grip. 

Please be noted that to make sure the durability and palm stick for this glove, it is recommended to wipe it down with a soft cloth for cleaning dirt.

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  • Silicon ultra high grip gloves for receivers to warrant the ball catch.
  • Breathable and flexible. 
  • Combine premium features: advanced tech stitching, extra – stretch thumb grip, and top neoprene cuff. 
  • Cool and stylish design.
  • Available on demand for different players from youth, kids to adults.
  • Ultimate comfort and performance. 
  • Highest quality cloth, grip, and wrist strap. 


  • Not as durable as the expectations of some footballers. 
  • Non-machine washable. 

Features of the Best Football Gloves

It is very important to understand what feature of football gloves that fit your needs. The best pair of gloves should provide these components as below:

the best football gloves for wide receivers should deliver premium features

The best football gloves for wide receivers should deliver premium features.

Excellent grip quality 

One of the premium features is grip boost that football gloves provide is the ability to hold on and control the ball. Receivers need to make sure that the ball is still in your hand when playing. Gloves that provide a lot of traction are ideal for this job. 

The surface quality of gloves will enhance grap quality if you choose the highest quality materials built into the gloves. And for some hygienic purposes, these gloves are easy to clean without compromising the grip quality. 

Offer enhanced protection

a football glove with enhanced protection is an ideal choice to protect receivers from the toughest catches

A football glove with enhanced protection is an ideal choice to protect receivers from the toughest catches.

You are playing as a wide receiver and are going to be the main target in the field. A glove designed specially to offer enhanced protection is the best choice. These best football receivers gloves add more layers of padding to the outer portion of your hands and case the back. Some also extend their protective feature to the wrist and half of the arm. Nothing beats a pair of gloves that deliver maximum protection and a powerful grip boost. 


You need gloves that push your ability to perform your best job. Gloves made with flexible and durable material should be on top of your list. This potential sports equipment helps your fingers be able to flex. Therefore, it is easier for you to catch the ball accurately or launch it in the air. 


Good ventilation is a key component of all the best football gloves. Wicking away the sweat and keeping your hands as cool as possible is both very necessary. The tackle palm in receiver gloves usually lacks breathability and ventilation. Therefore the rest of the glove is designed to help counteract this feature as much as possible. 

the best receiver gloves must be well ventilated lightweight and breathable to keep the hands cool on the field

The best receiver gloves must be well-ventilated, lightweight, and breathable to keep the hands cool on the field.

Lightweight, highly breathable gloves are desirable, as are any vents designed to make the airflow. Wide receiver gloves have a lot more material to catch the ball accurately. Therefore, well-ventilated gloves are absolutely ideal for them. Without good ventilation measures, a receiver glove can deliver uncomfortably during the match, which is obviously not desirable. 

Provide the most comfort and other premium features

Last but not least, your football gloves have to be comfortable to wear and this seems to be a top priority. Other features that your gloves should have are to keep your hands dry and well ventilated and also look cool on the field. After all, you should wear the sports equipment that talks about your personality. 


The surface of football gloves loses its stickiness during a long playing time as gloves become dirty. Their stickiness must be machine washable to ensure the best performance over time. During the game, even the best football gloves for receivers can become dirty. Therefore, the players must be able to wipe the gloves off to make them sticky again. 


Depending on your needs, padding in football gloves can help increase or decrease your mobility while playing. With more padding, you are well-insulated in the cold weather, however, you will not feel the impact from the ball exactly. By contrast, less padding means you could feel and squeeze the ball better, but your hands could get a little uncomfortable when the weather gets colder. 

the receivers should choose the best gloves with padding that suits their needs while playing

The receivers should choose the best gloves with padding that suits their needs while playing.

Buying Guide: To Help You Choose the Best Football Gloves

Football has never been a place for weakness but inflicts a lot of stress on the football player body with high-speed concussions. And your hands are even more likely to suffer from severe injuries. This guide is what you should look for when deciding on the best football gloves in the market. 


This separate part will provide a lot of traction padding while playing. With these best football gloves for wide receivers with grip boost, it will increase your ability to catch on and hold the ball. While you show your best performance, the grip will help you to land the pass in the right way instead of dropping. 

how sticky the surface of football gloves are played an important role to help receivers catch the ball

How sticky the surface of football gloves are played an important role to help receivers catch the ball.


No player wants to be soaking when they put on football gloves, especially in those intense ball-hustling moments. Therefore, a breathable fabric that is lightweight, comfortable is ideal to catch, pass and rush through the finish line. 


The fitness of the gloves is very important. If the gloves are too tight, it will lose a lot of air circulation and reduce your on-field movements. On the other hand, if the gloves have too much space, you will end up swimming in those gloves. If you do not clearly know the football glove size is fit for you, do not worry because most gloves are designed to include a flexible fit or adjustable straps. 

choosing a perfectly fit glove delivery comfortability feel during the game time

Choosing a perfectly fit glove delivery comfortability feel during the game time. 

To get your right size, you will need to know the length and circumference of your hand. Firstly, take a measuring tape and measure from your tip of the middle finger to the bottom of your palm. To find the circumference, place a measuring tape below your knuckle and measure all the way around your hands.


Another buying guide you should look for before choosing the best football gloves for wide receivers is waterproof. As slippery or wet conditions will easily make the ball slip off from your palms. 

Gloves made of high quality material will allow for better performance in any weather conditions. Non-waterproof gloves will cause non-hand hugging and slip during the game time. The material should also retain medium heat to keep your hands warm in the cold weather. 


the top rated football gloves need to be durable over a long time of playing

The top-rated football gloves need to be durable over a long time of playing.

The material must be abrasion-resistant to be sure that the gloves stay intact and continue to protect receivers during the game. They must also be able to withstand machine washable during their lifetime. The high-quality gloves must not lose their stickiness and their stiffness. 


You should look for unlimited defective guarantee gloves and at least a 90 – day durability guarantee when choosing a football glove. 


What are the benefits of the best gloves for wide receivers?

Football is a sport with a lot of fun, but it inflicts a lot of stress on the human body with painful injuries. As delicate as your hands are, they are more likely to suffer from severe collisions compared to other parts of the body. This is the reason why football gloves have been used in the football match. Not only do football gloves protect your hands but they also lessen the occurrence and the severity of injuries. 

football is a fierce sport that requires necessary equipment to protect the players

Football is a fierce sport that requires necessary equipment to protect the players.

They ensure a better performance while playing and to some extent, offer the players with an edge over their opposing teams. Even then, the best gloves still feature the extra grip boost and comfort when you control the balls in the air. Thanks to the enhanced comfort and protection that these football gloves provide, the players can be more confident on the field. 

How many kinds of football gloves are there all over the world?

There are two main kinds of best football gloves for wide receivers:

  • Linebackers: are usually designed for various purposes including both defense and offense positions. Breathability as well as hyperextensions are used to enhance the catching and throwing ability of football players
  • The receiver is different from the linebacker due to its use. This type of gloves aims to help you slow down the ball speed even its actual distance or velocity. As a consequence, fumbling and dropping possibilities will be likely lower.

How can you know your actual glove size?

Firstly, you have to measure your preferred hand from the top of your longest fingers, normally the middle fingers, along the way to your wrist to clarify your actual hand length.

Remember that you should wrap gently and comfortably your gloves around your hand to make sure that your blood flow could not be restricted. Though, please do not care too much due to most of the best gloves are possibly adjustable.

to get your right size gloves you need to find the length and circumference of your hand

To get your right size gloves, you need to find the length and circumference of your hand. 

In addition, the size charts are usually calculated in inches so remember to measure your hand length in the right unit.

So how do you keep your best football gloves clean?

Based on various surveys, we find out the optimal result. That is washing those gloves in the washing machine with some conditions such as delicate mode of setting and cold water. When your gloves are washed, please hang them up and dry naturally.

What is the longest time for the best gloves?

A high quality football glove for receivers needs to deliver durability during the game time. However, they are usually expected to last several months but not several years. Simply, if you buy a pair of gloves for your kids, we would surely determine that you will buy another pair in the next season due to their growth.

the best football gloves for wide receivers is really important

The best football gloves for wide receivers is really important.

Why are some football gloves stickier than others?

Depending on your needs, you should choose the right gloves that offer suitable stickiness. Those football gloves are mostly receiver-kind, so they are used to catch rather than a throw. Therefore, if you intend to throw instead of catching then those shouldn’t be on top in your shopping box.


Selecting a pair of best football gloves for wide receivers helps improve your on-field performance while providing better protection. Even seasoned players still need football gloves with sticky and light palms to hold on to the ball better. The best gloves, in general, should combine all these necessary features together and be the most effective sportswear. Any color or pattern combination can make your gloves more stylish. 

Why trust Langley Rams

Langley Rams is a team of professional and experienced consultants in football. All of these advisors, Scott Futija is yet to disappoint with her advice in choosing the best football gloves that suit your needs. Having played as a linebacker, Fujita has achieved a lot of experience on the field. Utilizing his skill, Fujita has become one of the best authors, and advisors in Langley Rams since 2003. 

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