The Best Soccer Cleats For Kids 2023 – Top-Rated And Buying Guides

The best soccer cleats for kids are an essential object for child games. Imagine how the kids can go on the field and play without a good pair of soccer shoes. Soccer cleats are the first supporting element for children who conquer their sports dreams. And if you are looking for the best soccer shoes for kids, then this is the article for you. 

Best soccer cleats for kids

Adidas Predator Mutator 20.1 FG Soccer Cleats 

Adidas Predator Mutator 20. 1 Solid ground is not just the newest 2023 model thanks to the latest improvement in three stripes: Demonskin. This technique is designed to improve grip and ball control. First, in the strike zone, these spikes are positioned to be aligned with the main point of contact with the ball. Inspired by Dragon Komodo scales, these rubber spikes not only improve performance but also bring them lethal-looking aesthetics. 

On the other hand, the knitting between the outer sole looks like a sock that extends to the wearer’s ankle and provides the same stability and support as the Adidas Predator 19 1 FG in front. The boundary section enables fit customization.

This outsole has a total of 11 studs. There are 8 studs on the forefoot and four in the heel. This configuration offers maximum traction in firm ground courts. Hence, it is one of the best soccer cleats for kids.



  • Very comfortable to wear.
  • Most of the users claim that the cleats are fit.
  • Impressive grip level and ball control.
  • The shoe is flexible.
  • Great traction.
  • It is worth the value.


  • It is pricey.

Adidas Kids’ Copa 19.3 Firm Ground Soccer Shoe

One of the best soccer cleats for kids 2023 that I want to mention here is Adidas Kids’ Copa 19.3 Firm Ground. 

The cleats are low-tier models which do not necessarily mean that they are low-quality shoes. Adidas Copa 19. 3 FG shoes have calfskin leather in the upper part exceeding the feet of a player for a good fit. When the fit begins, as the material expands to fit the outline of the player’s foot, the fit of both will gradually improve over time.

The modified Britotan material also provides a perfect fit for the shoe. The elastic lace-up shoes bind the tongue inside. This feature improves leg padding. The adaptation of FIT is enchanted by the central system. 

The TPU outsole consists of eleven chevrons and a conical stud designed to provide grip on hard floors. 

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  • Comfortable and great fit.
  • The overlook of the cleat is impressive.
  • A budget-friendly cleat.
  • It offers a lightweight feel.
  • It is well-padded.
  • Decent ankle-support.
  • Provides great ball control.


  • Some users claimed that the shape of the tongue created a bulky feel.

PUMA North America Spirit Iii Fg Jr Soccer Shoes

PUMA North America Spirit Iii Fg Jr appears in the football field with bold colors and unique graphics that most users welcome. Therefore, it is rated as one of the best kid’s soccer cleats.

Fans of these best soccer cleats for kids mention not only the beautiful design but also the excellent quality and extremely comfortable fit. Overall, PUMA North America Spirit Iii Fg Jr is still very impressive. Furthermore, the price is very reasonably priced. 

71iz5qmaR5L. AC UX500


  • The shoes are beautiful-looking.
  • Provide a comfortable feel.
  • The quality is impressive.
  • Reasonable price.
  • Offer a great performance.
  • The overall satisfaction of customers is good.


  • Some customers said it is a little bit tight on the foot.

Nike Youth Tiempo Legend VIII Academy MG Multi-Ground Soccer Cleats

One of the soccer cleats for kids Tiempo Legend VII Academy Ground shoes is the calfskin covering the spikes. The leather surface is soft and very strong. Thanks to the added texture, this kids soccer cleat provides excellent touch and response, thus improving the overall control of the ball.

To support the mid-foot, the plastic blades are connected to the elastic lining on both sides. This accessory can hold the tongue in place during the performance to prevent the blade from being pushed aside.  On the other hand, the laces are connected to the net to keep the feet in place and create comfort when hugging. 

71Xl8BuBq0L. AC UX500


  • Remarkably good.
  • The quality is impressive.
  • Good value of money.
  • Comfortable fit.
  • Many users love its design.


  • Some users claim that it is quite thick.

PUMA Kids Boys Future 5.3 Netfit Fg Ag 

Puma Kids Boy Future 5. 3 NetFit FG AG gives the user a sense of lightweight. Puma’s Nitfit system is located above the top of the midfoot. This innovation is net-like and the opening can be used as a lace hole. This gives more lacing options for a truly personalized fit. The strike zone also has 3D elements. Thus, it is the best youth soccer cleats.

Additionally, there is a low-top collar design that provides wearers a full range of movement.

The design of the shoes contains different aesthetic items relating to the Puma brand. One of them is the Puma logo printed on the side of the upper area. The Future silo name was also incorporated in the heel part. In addition, Netfit’s branding has been printed on the tongue of the cleats.

The outer parts of this kids’ soccer cleat are covered with Rapid Agility technology. With the same stud, pattern, and sole as its predecessor, a combination of conical and bladed studs is used. A total of 13 positions are used, including nine in the foot and 4 in the heel. This setting is suitable for artificial grass and hard soil. 



  • It fits comfortably on the foot.
  • Provides a good boost on artificial grass and firm ground.
  • It fits true size.
  • The break-in process is easy.
  • The Netfit lacing makes it become one of the best soccer cleats for kids.


  • Some users complained it was a narrow fit

Adidas Unisex-Child Nemeziz Messi 19.4 Firm Ground J Soccer Shoe

Adidas Unisex-Child Nemeziz Messi 19.4  is specially designed for superstar Lionel Messi enthusiasts. With the aesthetics and functionality of the player theme, the overall comfort and quality left a deep impression on many. This is why many people believe that its price is very fair.  Whether you are a Messi fan or not, this best soccer cleat for kids is an inexpensive way to achieve quality and convenience. 

Equipped with a flexible upper touch, the lining is guaranteed zero break-in due to its synthetic microfiber properties. It is also designed to be durable with an absorbent water composition. The inner heel frame on this football shoe is padded with a heel pad that acts as a non-slip element for the shoe. Triangular studs in the outsole configuration are ideal for an experienced and versatile player with a wide range of steps. 


  • It is very nice.
  • The comfortable fit makes many customers satisfied.
  • It is worth the value of money.
  • It provides a light feel.
  • Some users say it is easy to clean.


  • Some users claim its material gets dirt easily

Nike Kids Jr Bravata II FG Soccer Cleat

The Nike Jr. Bravata II surface is made of a lightweight synthetic leather material that offers durability and ease of use. In addition, the insole has micro-textures, which can enhance the natural feel of the ball while dribbling and running, which can make it the perfect kids soccer cleat.

Also, if you look at the design, you will immediately notice that the asymmetrical tone resembles a soft fashion statement. But the main purpose of this feature is to control and attract more balls during the game, and the extra lighting in the decks makes them the best choice for lasting comfort. It helps prevent preventative effects like blisters or leg pain and increases the length of your game every mile. 

91zoBwAhN6L. AC UX679


  • Provides great ball control thanks to micro-texture.
  • It has an extra grip due to its rubber soles.
  • Impressive design.
  • One of the best soccer cleats for kids.


  • One customer review it is running small

Diadora Kids’ Cattura MD Jr Soccer Shoes

If your child starts playing football, then these children soccer cleats from Diadora are the right choice for your child. These are the best football cleats for kids, so thanks to their wide sole, they give the necessary stability to a beginner. 

It also includes 14 studs for extra traction, reducing the pressure on the kid’s legs. They are made of soft polyurethane and have an additional lining on top to protect them. Besides, the pads are equipped with cushioning pads to absorb strong beats and cotton wrap for EVA foam. 

71XHFO4bPoL. AC UY500


  • Available in 5 colors.
  • It has a nylon ankle collar.
  • Molded rubber sole included
  • The bigger size is available for bigger kids
  • Provides a very good maintaining balance


  • The size might smaller.

Adidas Kids’ Goletto VI Fg Sneaker

As one of the best sports brands, Adidas offers you a solid Goletto VI kids soccer cleat designed for children aged 4-8. As the name implies, these teenage soccer shoes are ideal for use on strong solids (FG), such as dry natural turf. These classic non-slip nails have 100% artificial leather nails and are durable for stability. 

The Adidas Goletto VI Firm Ground Shoe is made from lightweight synthetic leather, a sewn fore sole for increased friction and ball control, and a modified lacing system. The outsole has a total of 11 studs designed and configured for maximum grip and traction on firm support. 

71%2BLBnTCv9L. AC UX500


  • It fits comfortably.
  • It is a good value of money.
  • The design is good-looking.
  • Very easy to put on.
  • Personalization fit due to the central lacing system.
  • One the best soccer cleats for kids.


  • There are still some controversies about its true size

Adidas Unisex-Child Copa 20.4 Firm Ground Boots Soccer Shoe

The Adidas Unisex-Child Copa 20.1 Firm Ground soccer boot from the iconic Copa range lived up to expectations. It offers a complete and rich experience on a solid basis. Both use premium materials and incorporate Adidas technology into their construction, perhaps most notably the comfortable kangaroo leather, a blend of Primeknit and Fusion Skin. Although the shoe is very expensive, buyers quickly agreed that it was worth it. 

These are the best soccer cleats for kids that you should not miss. The top of this model was cast with high-quality kangaroo and vampire X-ray leather. This design gives a good shiny feeling. In addition, Primeknit material used in the back heel is delivered to the socks. The traditional lacing system allows players to customize personally. In addition, this setting will be attached to the foot and gives the player more stability. 


  • This youth soccer cleat is comfortable to wear.
  • It is lightweight.
  • High-quality children soccer cleat.
  • Worth the price.
  • Suitable for wide feet.


  • Not yet have any complaints about this soccer cleat.

Factors to consider when choosing the best kids soccer cleats


When choosing to buy the best soccer cleats for kids for professional or amateur needs, users should always be careful about buying genuine products from reputable brands. Guarantees high-quality materials, foot safety, standard shoe shape, precise digital size, built-in features useful for playing ball efficiently, improving movement, and striking performance. 

choosing kids soccer cleats based on the brand

Choosing kids soccer cleats based on the brand

Player position

Each kids soccer cleat has its own characteristics and a suitable level for each position on the field. If your child is an attacker, likes to pull and kick quickly, choose the best soccer cleats for kids with good grip and lightweight. In the midfield position, defenders must have accuracy and stability in the ball phase and choose lightweight shoes that maintain good ball control. 

  • Goalkeeper

You need a lot of grip in order to move around a lot and flexibly in the smallest of spaces. Goalkeeper kids soccer shoes often have a strong and comfortable nail so they can stand up after jumping. And the body of the shoe prioritizes the shoe nose to support long shadows for teammates. With fewer movements, you don’t have to worry too much about the weight of the cleat.

  • Defender

Because your kids have to squeeze the ball, hit a lot, and play ‘burn’, a good protective shoe gives you peace of mind. Most you need is a protective, durable shoe design. And the sole of the shoe must be large to make the foot stronger and more comfortable. 

  • Midfielder

Children need comfortable, best kids soccer cleats for good ball control. Since the midfielder has to run and run a lot on the pitch, comfort is key when you have to drive for at least a few tens of minutes. Also, the element that helps to control the ball helps them more. The weight of the shoe should also be noted.

  • Attacker

The choice is rather a shoe that supports the ball and can also accelerate light and create a surprise. 

buying based on the position

Buying based on the position


A variety of children’s soccer cleats products are manufactured – the most important factor determining the durability and comfort level of the shoes. Choose the shoe structure and lining with good sweat absorption, breathability, to keep your feet smooth. 

This soft and thick lining material moderately creates a sense of the legs touching the ground, protects your feet efficiently, supports the foot structure while running. 

The shoe soles are mostly made of soft plastic or rubber with high elasticity, which increases the player’s motion, resistance to water or barn due to movements on the field. 

Foot shape

The shape of soccer shoes from different shoe brands is often not very similar. For example, Nike is still famous for footwear, suitable for long and small feet. Meanwhile, Adidas and Puma often have more comfortable shoes and those with large flat feet will easily get to know each other. When choosing soccer shoes, you need to understand the type of footwear to choose shoes that are more comfortable or comfortable to fit. 

choosing kids soccer cleats based on the footshape

Choosing kids soccer cleats based on foot shape

Personal preferences

Have you noticed that players sometimes choose shoes differently than others? It’s not about understanding the way the shoes fit their style of play. We can see that Ronaldinho always uses the line “Nike Time Defensive Shoes” or the attackers F. Torres, Raul chooses “Adidas Predator midsole”. That is, they chose shoes according to their style of play. Here are some shoe features that can help you choose a shiny shoe.

Ask your kids who are their role models in soccer, then you can buy them the best soccer cleats for kids based on their personal preferences.

Factors to consider when choosing the best kids soccer cleats

Factors to consider when choosing the best kids soccer cleats

Frequently Answered Questions

Why do kids need soccer cleats?

Soccer shoes are one of the most important parts of the soccer set for kids. In general, soccer shoes can provide good grip and traction while protecting your feet throughout the game. Depending on the surface your child is playing on, they may need a special type of cleat,

What are authentic soccer cleats for kids?

Authentic soccer shoes for kids are real shoes that poor-quality are produced by reputable brands such as Nike, Adidas, Under Armor. Nike and Adidas are two of the most popular brands and they have very good prices compared to other brands. 

Because of the popularity of these brands, children often want their parents to buy these branded shoes, but due to the high cost, many parents still consider it when deciding to buy soccer shoes even when they have a good financial situation.

Although authentic kids soccer cleats come with a high price tag, the quality and safety of the child are guaranteed. So first choose shoes from well-known brands. 

Whats the average price for soccer cleats for kids

What are authentic soccer cleats for kids

Can the shoes be used for both genders?

Yes, football boots are genderless. This means that both girls and boys can wear children’s soccer shoes. 

Can the shoes be used for both genders

Can the shoes be used for both genders?

Do soccer cleats for kids help them run faster?

The answer is both yes and no. That’s because the shoes help protect the feet and from there they will run faster with a certain degree of self-confidence. However, football boots can become slower if you choose poor quality shoes and heavy materials. 

Do soccer cleats for kids help them run faster

Do soccer cleats for kids help them run faster?

At what age can kids start wearing soccer cleats?

It is said that children under the age of five do not need football boots; Regular kids soccer shoes are not good for them, but soccer shoes can help children practice soccer from a young age, but they must learn to balance when walking or running. But as a parent, you know your children very well. So, if you think your kids are ready, buy them a pair of soccer shoes. 

What’s the average price for soccer cleats for kids?

The price range largely depends on what the couple has to offer or which brand is sold. Regular rates for younger generation shoes can range from $ 20 to $ 50 anywhere. But it takes into account different features and styles. 

Whats the average price for soccer cleats for kids 1

What’s the average price for soccer cleats for kids

Are soccer cleats long-lasting?

Usually yes. However, the useful life of these cleats depends on how well they are kept and the materials from which they are made. It is said that synthetic materials, for example, have a longer life than other materials and are easier to maintain. That being said, shoe length will be considered more than any other factor related to how the player plays and the long-term level of care. 

Frequently Answered Questions

Frequently Answered Questions


Basically, this article has presented to you the best football cleat for kids on the market. We understand that parents need to think hard about choosing the best kids soccer shoes for their kids. The best soccer shoes for boys should be of good quality, but at the same time ensure the financial situation of the family. That’s why the article shared with you the best shoes for kids and shared experiences when buying them.

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