Funny Fantasy Basketball Names – Make Your Team Sound Impressive

After two “unsatisfactory” NBA seasons, you desire to go all-in the next year, and that begins with a clever, unique, funny, fantasy basketball team name.

Of course, you will try your best to dominate the draft with overall and positional rankings, a list of must-have breakouts and sleepers, and a detailed cheat sheet.

But before you figure out fantasy basketball team names, your fantasy basketball season is not ready to start. Defenses can win championships, yet what instills pride is a fantasy league name. So, like a fantasy football team name, don’t take it too lightly.

We’ve looked high and low and referred loads of sources to come up with these brilliant lists of fantasy team names. Enjoy reading!

Fantasy Basketball Team Names: TV and Film-Inspired

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A movie or TV show can be your inspiration.

We would like to mention funny NBA fantasy team names relating to TV shows and movies on the first list. If catching the television is what you frequently do in your free time, we bet some suggestions will match your taste.

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  • Beverley Hillbillies.
  • Hield or High Water.
  • Fultz In Our Stars.
  • Poeltl Fiction.
  • King James Landing.
  • Kleber Lang.
  • Zero Darko Thirty.
  • Return of the Cedi.
  • Cool Hand Luka (our favorite fantasy basketball league name).
  • The Darko Knight.
  • James of Thrones.
  • Mahinmi Vice.
  • Uncle Festus.
  • Midnight Kawhiboy.
  • Easy Ridnour.
  • Apocalypse Noah.
  • Welcome Back Korver.
  • Strange Dragic.
  • Afflalo Creed.
  • Maxiell Overdrive.
  • Howard’s End.
  • Clear and Present Granger.
  • Granger Howard’s End Seed.
  • Seed of Stuckey.
  • Kobe Wan Enobi.
  • Lone Granger.
  • Odom and Odomer.
  • King of All Blatche.
  • The King and I.
  • There’s Something About Amar’e.
  • Atomic Biyombos.
  • Jrue Grit.
  • Metta World is Not Enough.
  • Beauty and the Beasley.
  • Blaking Bad.
  • I Speights On Your Grave.
  • Bogans Heroes.
  • Sinking of the Bismack.
  • Dahntay’s Peak.
  • Chronicles of Redick.
  • Lin City.
  • Rafer Madness.
  • It’s Harden Out Here for a Pimp.
  • Batum Goes the Dynamite.
  • Kemba Berries.
  • License to Lillard.
  • Kawhi So Serious.
  • Dirty Wroten Scoundrels.
  • Loul & Order.
  • You Can Act Like a Manu.
  • Shved’s Dead Baby.
  • Luol Rider.
  • Brokeback Motiejunas.
  • Full Metal Jokic.
  • Big Dieng Theory.
  • Fifty Shades Of Klay.
  • Every Kiss Begins With Klay.
  • Infinity Warriors.
  • Adam’s Family.

Funny NBA Fantasy Basketball Team Names

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NBA teams can also spark many interesting ideas.

Picking a fantasy basketball team name based on NBA fantasy basketball team names is also an intelligent idea.

Many would prefer to use common titles, like Los Angeles Lakers or Chicago Bulls, while others are more into puns like LeBron James and Miami Heat. Some people simply aim to be as weird and one-of-a-kind as possible.

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Focus here if you wish to wow the spectators and other teams as soon as they first hear the name. The list of basketball team names fantasy below recommends the most humorous and interesting ideas. Check it out:

  • Charizards.
  • California Rollers.
  • Rovers.
  • Avengers.
  • Dynamite.
  • Blue Thunder.
  • Teal Terminatiors.
  • Pumpkin Munchkins.
  • Screaming Eagles.
  • Bubble Gum Babes.
  • Stealth Bombers.
  • Gorgeous Grizzlies.
  • Blue Blazers.
  • Black Razors.
  • Teeie Wahines.
  • Gray Sharks.
  • Digiboys.
  • Snappy Dragons.
  • Blast.
  • Killer Cardinals.
  • Purple Tornadoes.
  • Security Smurfs.
  • Explosion.
  • Just Peachy.
  • Goal Diggers.
  • Blackout.
  • Lll’ Devils.
  • Star Bursts.
  • Golden Girls.

Funny Fantasy Basketball Names: Meme and Pop Culture

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A humorous name can come from meme culture.

Typically, wonderful fantasy basketball team names come from humor or funny things around us. It is easy to find many different walks of life, but note that you need to ensure close association.

There are tons of themes and memes originating from NBA tournaments and seasons. Consider them as a reference and turn them into your team’s fantasy basketball team name.

It’s also cool if you know how to play on words from the name of a legendary star, even when they no longer perform on the field and are retired.

Note that team names fantasy basketball related to stars need to show gratitude, appreciation, and respect towards their achievements.

Feel free to walk through any pop culture source of choice and put your creativity into practice. After all, the key is fun and humor. Don’t forget that.

  • Big Baller Band.
  • Brick & Morty (a super funny fantasy basketball league title).
  • Kareem Cheese or Kareem of the Crop.
  • Dwayne Pass Me The Rock Johnson.
  • The Averagers.
  • Karate Kidd.
  • Monster Squad.
  • Metta World Peace Pipe.
  • Kobe Wan Kenobi.
  • Run, Shoot, Steal.
  • Cuban Miss Out Crisis.
  • Flat Earth Society.
  • Magic’s Johnson.
  • Someday Starters.
  • Game, Blouses.
  • (The) Real MVP.
  • Talkin’ About Practice? or Practice.
  • The Dirk Knight.
  • Duncan’s Donuts.
  • The Love Train.
  • Sham Yao/Yao Know What I Ming?
  • I Like It When You Call Me Big Popovich.
  • The Phil Jackson 5 (our favorite team title).
  • Blow Me In The Ear.
  • Shaq Fu.
  • The Wolf Pack.

Best Fantasy Basketball Names: NBA Players

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Why not name your team based on an NBA player?

When talking about funny fantasy basketball team names, it will be a huge waste to ignore this superb creative material: skilled, talented players.

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Young basketball players usually give their groups a fantasy basketball team name based on the name of their favorite star.

To make it easier to decide, we’ve curated a list of top 20 fantasy basketball drafts with daily fantasy sports and the interesting fantasy basketball team names along with them.

  • Anthony Davis: cool fantasy basketball team names
    • Davistated.
    • Bow to the Brow.
    • Brow Shakalaka.
    • Brow Chicka Wow Wow.
  • Nikola Jokic: good fantasy basketball team names
    • What a Jokic.
    • Can’t Take a Jokic.
    • Jokic It With Me.
  • Ames Harden: cool fantasy basketball team names
    • It’s Harden Out Here For A Pimp.
    • Harden’ Slow.
    • Geodude used Harden.
    • James Gives Me A Harden.
    • Ice-Cold Beard.
  • Damian Lillard: best fantasy basketball team names
    • Dame Time.
    • License to Lillard.
    • Dame of Thrones.
    • Head in the Dame.
  • Giannis Antetokounmpo: best fantasy basketball team names
    • Freaky Friday.
    • Giannis This The Real Life.
  • Joel Embiid: best fantasy basketball team names
    • Embiid of Some Service.
    • A Friend Embiid.
  • Stephen Curry: clever fantasy basketball team names
    • Pimpin’ Aint.
    • Steph Infection.
    • Curry on my Wayward Son/Kyrie on Wayward Son.
    • Beal Me In.
    • Beal Me Later.
  • Karl-Anthony Towns: impressive fantasy basketball team names
    • KATastrophe.
    • KATmandu (recommended fantasy basketball team name).
    • KAT in the Hat.
    • KAT-man.
    • Kawhi So Serious License.
    • Big Girls Don’t Kawhi.
    • Kawhai Bother.
    • Kawhaii Five-O.
    • Kawhi Me A River.
    • Kawhi of the Tiger.
  • Lebron James: good fantasy dream team names
    • James of Thrones.
    • The King and I.
    • All The King’s Men.
    • LeBrontourage.
  • Paul George: funny fantasy basketball team names

funny fantasy basketball names langleyrams 6

Paul George is a cool inspiration to come up with a team title.

  • By George! (highly recommended funny fantasy basketball team name).
  • Keep it PG.
  • Better Call Paul.
  • Kyrie Irving: good fantasy team names
    • Uncle Drew.
    • Kyrie On Baggage.
  • Andre Drummond: intelligent fantasy basketball names
    • Little Drummond Boy.
    • Everybody Loves Drummond.
  • Jimmy Butler: NBA season dream team names
    • Butler? I Barely Know Her.
    • The Butler Did It.
  • Kemba Walker: good fantasy team names
    • Walker This Way.
    • Stat Walker.
  • Nikola Vucevic: uncommon fantasy basketball names
    • Can of Nikola.
    • Scratch Your Vucevic.
    • Vucevictory.
  • Jrue Holiday: humorous fantasy basketball names
    • Jrue Let the Dogs Out?
    • You Can’t Handle the Jrueth.
    • Jrue of False.
  • Rudy Gobert: good fantasy basketball team names
    • The Gobert Report.
    • Gobert or Go Home.
    • Booker an Uber in the Morning.
    • Booker? I Barely Know Her.

Inappropriate Fantasy Basketball Team Names 2021

funny fantasy basketball names langleyrams 5

There are some unsuitable names to avoid.

Like a fantasy football team name, Since fancy, exclusivity, and somewhat “craziness” is what today’s basketball teams want to show in their fantasy basketball league names, they might be too immersed in that.

However, sometimes you may go too far from the appropriateness due to the temptation of promoting creativity and intelligence.

We’ve summarized some ideas considered unsuitable or inappropriate for this year’s tournament contenders.

Steer clear of using these names unless you want your team to appear ridiculous in front of the spectators.

  • Wall Don’t Lie.
  • Wake and Blake.
  • Blake Wall.
  • Go Harden in the Paint.
  • WebEmbiid.
  • Gun’s N Roses.
  • Roses Heard.
  • Grand Theft Rondo.
  • Help Me Rondo.
  • Heard it through the Grape LaVine.
  • Ball Lives Matter.
  • My Precious.
  • Big Baller Brand.
  • League Patrick Star Williams.
  • On Topp of the League.
  • Vernon Carey My Team.
  • Toppin It Off.
  • The Big Dieng Theory.
  • Team Wiseman Say.
  • The Gobert Report.
  • The Big Lebronski.
  • The Price is Dwight.
  • The King and I.
  • The Zion King.
  • Vucci Mane.
  • There Goes Ty Herro.

Final Thoughts

Ultimately, you can either take the most fantasy basketball team name for you from the lists above or rely on them to come up with your own unique, distinctive, and ear-catching basketball team name.

A fantasy funny team name is an exciting way to start a thrilling, aggressive season and make your spectators and opponents slightly smirk. Isn’t it a champion’s true mark?

We hope our post of funny fantasy basketball names can inspire you to give birth to an extraordinary title!

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