NBA Training Camp 2021-22: When Does NBA Training Camp Start 2021?

NBA training is the most anticipated event of the year when members have the opportunity to relieve fatigue and prepare for a new season. So, when is NBA training camp 2022? The start of NBA training camp 2021 is Tuesday, Sept 28, 2021.

Langley Rams will share related information about NBA training camp 2022 and some key dates you should remember in this article. 

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Players practice in camp NBA

When Does NBA Training Camp Start?

As official information from the NBA, the NBA camp 2021 starts on Sept 28th. It is two days earlier compared to the start of the regular season. 

Due to the complicated situations of the Covid pandemic, the 2021-22 NBA season may take place with many hiccups. However, the NBA has managed to bring things back to a new normal this season.

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Although the plan is still only a draft, some sources have revealed about the start of training camp. Accordingly, the regular season will start from 19th October. There are only a few days left before the team begins the new 2021-22 season camp.

This intention has been the expectation of organizers and players for a long time. Things went off course due to the devastation of the covid pandemic. The organizers expressed their expectation for a smooth NBA training camp season this time.

On the other hand, the NBA has also scheduled the NBA Draft for June 23. The time for Game 7 of the NBA Finals is four days before. The schedule from the original arrangement caused confusion for the teams entering the NBA finals 2021 season.

If the start time of the 2021 camp is 28 Sept, then the 2 bottom teams will only have 68 days to return to the new season. Compared to last year, the Miami Heat and Los Angeles Lakers were the two teams going to the final match. They only have 51 days to rest before starting the NBA camp.

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The NBA camp 2021 starts on Sep 28th.

What Is NBA Training Camp?

Training camp NBA is an annual event organized by the NBA. This time is a time for players in teams to become closer to each other. NBA training camps are also the time for the players to get ready for a new season

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During this time, teams will do their team evaluation. It includes team members, staff, newcomers, returning players.

In addition, this is a time for coaches to layout strategies and plans to get ready for a new season. NBA summer camp is an excellent opportunity for members to understand each other and their playstyles. So after the color ended, they became good teammates again.

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Lebron James

After every theatrical season, camp is a time for players to recover and replenish their health. It’s like the students’ summer vacation, so they have a better school year. After each camp, the players are ready to enter the arena with all confidence and energy.

For example, rookies can raise their level by joining the NBA Summer League or team activities in camps. The rookies will have three weeks accompanied by a few games to prepare for the first stepping stone to their first NBA season.

At camp 2019-20, the Los Angeles Clippers had their camp in Hawaii. It is an exciting event that any member of the team is looking forward to.

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Miami Heat in their camp

How Long Is NBA Training Camp?

It will last three weeks, from Tuesday, Sept 28, to the day before Oct 19. 

Key Dates for 2021 22 NBA Season

As updated information from NBA, the critical dates of this season are as below:

Time Events
2021 2nd August 6 p.m. ET Teams can start negotiating with free agency
6th August 12:01 p.m. ET Teams can start signing free agents.
8th – 17th August NBA Summer League at Las Vegas MGM Resorts
28th September NBA Training camp starts
19th October NBA Regular season starts
2022 18th-20th February BA All-Star 2022 in Cleveland, Ohio
10th April Regular season finishes
12th-15th April Play-In Tournament
16th April NBA Playoffs will begin
2nd June NBA Finals will begin
19th June Game 7 of the NBA Finals (if any)
23rd June NBA Draft

Key dates for 2021 22 season

When Does Lakers Training Camp Start?

Before the official season starts in more than one month, the Lakers training camp 2021 will begin on the upcoming 28 Sept. 

After that, Los Angeles will have less than a month to prepare for the encounter with the Golden State Warriors on Oct 19, 2021. You can see some activities of the LA Lakers in their training camps in this video. 

Final Thoughts: When Do NBA Training Camps Start?

NBA training camp is the scheduled event and a need for every player before the official season begins. In this article, Langley Rams has given you the exact number of the start date of this event. However, no one can predict anything if covid 19 does not let us go. 

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