Who is the poorest NFL owner? Meet NFL’s 10 poorest owners

The question of who is the poorest NFL owner may sound funny, but it’s very interesting. Becoming the poorest owner in the NFL is like being the hungriest person in a buffet. By the fact that they may be the poorest amongst the richest, but they are generally doing well.

The NFL football league is famous for the bosses who have a lot of money, but in fact, not all owners are as rich as you often think. Let’s find out who are the poorest owners in the NFL league.

Who is the poorest NFL owner?

Who is the poorest NFL owner? The answer is Mark Davis who is the owner of  Oakland Raiders. Mark Davis is probably the poorest boss in the NFL league with a net worth of about $ 500 million. 

Mr. Davis inherited the Oakland Raiders club from his father. And it is he who has contributed to the team’s upcoming performance in Los Angeles.

Like his father, Mark Davis never had an agreement to save money he did not like. Davis hopes to become the largest professional team in Las Vegas’ growing sports community, lifting him out of the abyss of his poorest owners and taking him to the next level. 

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Raiders’ assets are valued at $ 970 million. With the increase in the value of the sports club and the decline of other factors, as well as the potential value of Las Vegas when the team moves, it is unlikely that Davis will lose in the near future. 

Like his dad, Mark Davis is always different from other NFL bosses. He played by his own rules. Although he is rich, he has no other assets outside of the team to depend on. That’s why he is considered the poorest boss in the NFL. 

Who is the poorest NFL owner

Who is the poorest NFL owner

NFL’s 10 poorest owners

Mark Davis, Oakland Raiders 

Mark Davis Oakland Raiders

Only nine NFL owners are not billionaires, and David is one of only two non-billionaires in the poorest NFL owner club. Mark’s total net worth is $ 500 million.

Davis inherits the franchise from his late father Al and will move to Las Vegas in the next few years. Returning to head coach Jon Gruden (Jon Gruden) for a bold move that lasted for decades was the turning point in Davis’ time. 

Mark’s father, Al Davis, was an assistant coach at USC and Chargers, and later became an assistant player, head coach, general manager, and the AFL commissioner. And eventually becomes the owner of Raiders

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Mike Brown, Cincinnati Bengals

Mike Brown Cincinnati Bengals

Brown is the general manager of the team and is also a more professional owner than most. Its net worth according to Forbes is $ 925 million.

His father Paul, co-founder of the Bengals and the 82-year-old president, has been criticized for years, but Cincinnati is experiencing a renaissance this decade. 

Brown may need to fire coach Marvin Lewis and find a good quarterback for Andy Dalton for the Bengals to become the playoff winners. They are 0-7 for Lewis after the season and Dalton scores 57.8 points. 

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Pat Bowlen and family trust, Denver Broncos

Pat Bowlen Denver Broncos

Pat Bowlen, who is the poorest NFL owner, has a net worth of $ 1 billion.

Despite being on this list, the ownership of Denver has completed missions and won many championships. According to Forbes, a Broncos value of 2. 6 billion dollars this year and ranks 26th in terms of value globally. 

The 9NEWS revealed in June that Brittany Bowlen (28), the daughter of Pat Bowlen, will be the leader and will accept the role as controlling owner. Bowlen Sr. left management in July 2014 after being diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease. 

Art Rooney II and family, Pittsburgh Steelers 

Art Rooney II

Art Rooney II and his family, the owner of the Pittsburgh Steelers, have a net fortune of $ 1.2 billion.

The Rooney family has a rich legacy in Pittsburgh and has won six Super Bowls and created several Hall of Famers, including founder Art Rooney. 

Given the stranglehold on AFC North in recent years, there is speculation that the Steelers will win the Lombardi title again over the next two seasons. 

Virginia Halas McCaskey and family, Chicago Bears

Virginia Halas McCaskey

Virginia Halas McCaskey and family, owners of the Chicago Bears, have a net worth of $ 1. 3 billion, according to Forbes. 

Instead of the usual way to get rich on their own and then buy a football team, the wealth of the McCaskey family came from leading the Bears for a century. Virginia’s late father, George Halas, bought the equipment three years before he was born.

The bear’s headquarters is called Halas Hall. The road to the Professional Football Hall of Fame is George Halas Drive. Halas co-founded the NFL, founded a franchise, and played for the Bears, where he owned and managed the team for more than a year. McCaskey is part of the heritage as she is the sister of George Halas Jr. and at age 95 was still the primary owner.

Chicago has revamped its team and appointed new coach Matt Nagy to start hoping for a new 2018 growth period.

Zygi Wilf, Minnesota Vikings

Zygi Wilf Minnesota Vikings

The owner of the Minnesota Vikings is Zygi Wilf, with a total net worth of $ 1.3 billion.

The Wilf family business is Garden Homes, a national leader in commercial, residential, and commercial development. Wilf’s father Joseph had survived the Holocaust and moved to the United States shortly after Zyg’s birth in 1950. 

In 2013, a New Jersey court convicted the Wilf family of defrauding two former business partners as homeowners in order to defraud, violate contracts, violate fiduciary obligations, and violate the state’s civil extortion laws. The case spanned more than 20 years, with a court of appeal ordering Wilfs to pay the defendant $ 32 million. 

Amy Adams Strunk and Adams family, Tennessee Titans 

Amy Adams Strunk

Amy Adams Strunk and the Adams family are the owners of the Tennessee Titans with a net worth of $ 1.3 billion. Strank is a shareholder who owns a third of the Titans’ shares and helped her take over the company from her late father Bud Adams in 2013.

The rich legacy follows the former Houston Oilers, who served as a founding member of the American Football League under Adams’ leadership. 

The franchise is still seeking its first NFL title, but there is a promising young quarterback in Marcus Mariota who led the Titans to victory in the semifinals last season. 

Martha Ford, Detroit Lions

Martha Ford Detroit Lions

Martha Ford has a net worth of $ 1. 4 billion and is the owner of the Detroit Lions. The Ford Hump family runs a Michigan-based Ford Motor Company. She is a descendant of Henry Ford, an automobile manufacturer best known for inventing the Model T assembly and production line which is considered the fastest automobile available to the public.

As heir to the car family, Ford has removed the leadership from the Lions by taking over the franchise to restart in 2014, and this has struggled in recent years. 

The Lions have completed their third winning league season in a four-year period for the first time since 1997. Two of the decade’s most popular players, Barry Sanders, running back and wide receiver Calvin Johnson, are retired. 

Michael Bidwill, Arizona Cardinals

Michael Bidwill Arizona Cardinals

Arizona Cardinals owner Bill Bidwill has a net worth of $ 1.4 billion. The Bidwill family has owned the Cardinals since 1932, and Forbes estimates the franchise amount for this year to be $2.15 billion.

Cardinal is a family business. Grandfather Charles Bidwill, a Chicago attorney, purchased the franchise in 1939. William Bidwill’s son owned it until his death last October. He moved the team from St. Louis to Arizona in 1088. And Michael has been chairman since 2007. 

Since moving to the desert about thirty years ago, Arizona has seen one Super Bowl game and five playoffs. Rookie picked Josh Rosen to become the team’s quarterback and improve the team’s image.

John Mara & Steve Tisch, New York Giants

John Mara

New York Giants owners John Mara and Steve Tisch have a total net worth of $1.7 billion. Forbes currently estimates Tisch at $ 1.2 billion and Mara at $ 500 million in 2015, according to ESPN. Both of their fathers were owners of Giants, and the franchise continues to thrive and becomes one of the strongest brands in professional sports.

Mara joined the Giants in the 1980s because his family was involved in NFL history from the very beginning, and Tisth had a successful filmmaking career before moving to football. 

According to Forbes, The Giants tied with the Los Angeles Lakers for $ 3 as the eighth-most valuable sports brand of the year. 

Steve Tisch


The article has just been shared with you who is the poorest NFL owner. In most people’s minds, NFL owners are certainly super-rich. The truth is, they are incredibly rich, but there are still owners with less wealth. Despite being called the poorest, their total assets range from hundreds of millions of dollars to billions of dollars. And these are really impressive numbers, so we call them the rich among the super-rich. 

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