Who’s Playing Thursday Night Football Tonight

For the football fan, there is nothing better than to watch their favorite team play in a big game. But what about for those who want to watch a game without being able to find a TV or people to talk about it with? And so who’s playing Thursday night football tonight?

Who’s Playing Thursday Night Football Tonight?

Thursday Night Football

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For those who haven’t heard of it yet, the NFL Thursday Night Football is a series of National Football League games that are played on Thursdays. Ever since 2006, NBC has had the rights to broadcast all of the games that have taken place.

Even though this is a great opportunity for NFL fans to see more football action than they really could have asked for, not everyone is happy with it.

The NFL has been criticized for Tuesday Night Football, because it is the only game that is played on a weekday. Because of this, it places an even greater priority on this game than the other ones.

Some Famous Football Teams

Tony Romo

The quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys is going to be playing against the New York Giants on Thursday night.

After a few years of having less than stellar games from their team, they are starting to play as well as they did when they won Super Bowls.

Injury can be a big factor in what happens during the game, but because the entire season has been played already, they both have an advantage on knowing exactly what their team does and does not like to do.

If this game goes according to plan, then Romo will be able to be the difference maker as he has been all season long.

New York Giants

The New York Giants are going to be taking on the Dallas Cowboys on Thursday night.

Like the other teams in the league, they have had a great year so far. Now there are only 2 games left to play and they are still in 1st place in their division.

They have done an excellent job of putting themselves exactly where they wanted to be. They can either continue their streak and make it all the way to their 6th Super Bowl or they can give it up now, but the Giants are definitely going to be a force to be reckoned with.

Their quarterback is Eli Manning, who has been doing well at beating up on other teams in the league. This is his first year in the league and he has already made it one of the seasons that he will always remember.

With so much positive energy around him, there is no reason for him to not do even better than he already has. He and his teammates will be looking to finish off the year in perfect fashion. There is no need for them to start thinking about next season yet; they have more work to do this season.

What Time Is Thursday Night Football?

thursday night football tonight langleyrams 2

Thursday, October 4th at 8:30pm EST. For those who don’t get out to watch football games live or online, they will have to wait until October 3rd for their chance to tune in.

The last time that Thursday Night Football took place was back on September 22nd, when the Baltimore Ravens took on the San Francisco 49ers. The game ended up taking place in overtime, with San Francisco coming out as the victor.

The first game of the 2014 NFL Thursday Night Football was going to take place between Washington and New Orleans, who have already played each other this season.

Just as all of the other games before it in this series, this one will be broadcasted live for football fans all over to watch at home.

This game is going to be even more exciting than the last one, since they are both playing at the top of their level right now. Both teams played each other on September 11th in a home game for Washington.

The opening kick-off started the game out, and it ended with New Orleans being the victor by a score of 31-6.

What Channel Is Thursday Night NFL Football on?

It is going to be broadcasted exclusively on NFL Network, channel number 505.

The cable service used for this show is going to be ESPN.

A lot of fans aren’t going to be able to watch this live on Fox Sports 1 because the program has already been moved over to cable.


The NFL Thursday Night Football Game is a great chance for these teams to show what they have been working on recently. There is no better outlet than the NFL to play in front of the country, which leaves them with no excuse as to why they aren’t playing up to their potential. With so many games left for everyone, this one is going to be a close match-up with an exciting finish.

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