Randi Martin Bio: Who Is Patrick Mahomes’ Mother?

Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes is undoubtedly one of the biggest rising stars of the NFL over the past couple of years. 

The sky’s the limit for the young man after winning the MVP in 2018 followed by a Super Bowl win and MVP in 2019.

But he doesn’t like to talk about or show off his achievements. Instead, those close to the star quarterback do the talking for him.

Mahomes’ mother, Randi, has a very active social media account. The mother of the MVP quarterback likes to take to Twitter to defend her son.

Today, Langley Rams will clue you in on some interesting info and latest news about an imperative, indispensable woman in the NFL star’s life – his mother.

Quick Facts

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Patrick Mahomes Mom is 45 years old.

Before getting into details about the NFL star’s mother, here are some quick facts.

Full Name Randi (Martin) Mahomes
Birth Date January 18, 1976
Birth Place Tyler, Texas
Nick Name Not Available
Religion Christian
Nationality American
Ethnicity White
Education Texas High School

Rice University 

Horoscope Capricorn
Father’s Name Randy Martin
Mother’s Name Debbie Bates Martin
Siblings Three; Jill, Lori, and Joey Martin
Age 45 years old
Height 5 feet 8 inches
Weight 148 lbs
Hair Color Blonde
Hair Color Brown
Body Measurements 38-26-38 inches
Shoe size 7 (US)
Dress size 4 (US)
Figure Slim
Famous For Mother of NFL Player, Ex-Wife of MLB Player
Residence Tyler, Texas
Shoe Size Not Available
Marital Status Divorced
Ex-Husband Patrick Lavon Mahomes, Sr
Boyfriend None
Kids Three: Patrick, Jackson, Mia
Net Worth Approx $2 million
Social Media Instagram, Twitter
Last Update December, 2021

Randi Martin: Biography

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Patrick mahomes mother  – She has a profound influence on her son’s career.

Patrick Mahomes’ mother Randi Martin was born in Tyler, Texas, on January 18, 1976. Her parents are Randy Martin and Debbie Bates Martin.

She is the youngest in the family with two older sisters, Jill Herrington and Lori Deal, and older brother Joey Martin.

Her father, Randy, was a school principal who prioritized his kids’ education before anything. She exhibited good academic performance when she graduated from Texas High School.

She married Patrick Sr. in the late 90’s and gave birth to Patrick Mahomes Jr on September 17, 1995.

In her early life, she was honored with the Claude Pepper Award from the National Institute on Deafness and Other Communication Disorders (NICHD).

Her Psychological Science case study analyzed how language processing or sentence processing, working memory or short-term memory breaks down as a result of brain damage caused by stroke.

Martin and her colleagues have researched different types of short-term memory loss and its impact on word learning and sentence comprehension.

Her research team uses neuroimaging (fMRI) to study language processing in individuals who have experienced brain damage or injury as well as in healthy individuals.

Martin Randi and Patrick remain extremely close with their quarterback son’s superstardom, as well as very supportive of it.

Randi is often seen to quote in interviews that they are a close knit family and how her son Patrick is a blessing along with Mahomes’ two other siblings, Jackson Mahomes and Mia, and their unconditional love for each other.

Randi is a homemaker, dedicated to staying deeply involved in the lives of all three of her children and is very protective of her children.

She hates it when people make fun of Patrick’s voice, and has made that quite evident in the media interviews.

Both Randi Mahomes and Pat Sr, may have influenced their son’s athletic career. She was very high on the academic side of things for her son and Patrick being a student-athlete.

She always made sure to remind him that “student” came before “athlete”. Randi is very content and satisfied with how her son is truly living the dream.

She has mentioned in an interview earlier that although it is a little overwhelming, she takes the process, one day at a time and enjoys it wholeheartedly.

When it was time for Patrick to make a decision on whether to go for the MLB draft or to take a college football scholarship, Randi showed her utmost support all throughout and helped him make the fitting decision.

She helped him through the process by reminding him of the great opportunity a college education posed for him.

Randi Mahomes has an amazing custom with her son’s signature No.15 jersey with “QB Producer” written on the back when she regularly attends his games.

Randi Martin: Marriage and Kids

The issue that people are most concerned about when it comes to Randi Martin Mahomes is her married life and her children. Let’s learn more in this section.


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Although they’re divorced, they still have a good relationship.

Randi Martin’s previous husband was Pat Mahomes Sr. He was a pitcher at Major League Baseball (MLB). Pat Mahomes showed himself to be very gifted in sports when he could play well in baseball, football, and even basketball.

Thanks to that outstanding athletic ability, the Minnesota Twins had their eye on him in the Draft. Pat Mahomes did not go to college despite receiving many valuable scholarships and offers.

The list of teams in Mahomes’ career also includes other formidable names. Some of them include the Boston Red Sox, New York Mets, and Pittsburgh Pirates.

Pat Mahomes has had a remarkable 11-year career in the MLB.

Randi Martin met Mahomes when they were in high school in the 1990s. They started to make good impressions and were constantly entwined with each other. Randi Mahomes has played an integral role in Mahomes’ baseball career.

She has always been supportive and a great housewife during the marriage process. Despite this, the couple divorced years after having children.

Contrary to popular belief, both Randi Mahomes and Pat Mahomes maintain a friendly demeanor. They consider each other as good friends and raise their children together.

In some special events, the whole family still took pictures together.


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Randi has three kids.

Patrick Mahomes II – a successful quarterback in the National Football League – is the son of Randi Martin. His birthday was on September 17, 1995.

Like his father, Patrick Mahomes has athletic genes in his body. He played professional baseball with his father’s support. Mahomes II’s career took a different turn when he attended Texas Tech University.

He started playing professional football in sophomore year. Mahomes II’s first achievement was leading the NCAA Division I in multiple categories. They got him on the 2017 National Football League Draft roster.

The Kansas City Chiefs picked Patrick Mahomes in 10th place. And, obviously, the Kansas City Chiefs made the right decision.

Patrick threw more than 5000 yards, made 12 interceptions and 50 touchdowns in just his first season. That achievement puts him on par with other stars like Peyton Manning and Tom Brady.

In the 2019 season, Patrick took the Chiefs to their first Super Bowl title in 50 years. He also received the MVP title as well as featured on the All-Pro and Pro Bowl lineups.

Her second child, the younger Mahomes brother, has become an internet star, gaining over 700,000 followers on the popular social media video platform, TikTok.

Martin Randi received a lot of attention after her son Patrick Mahomes had incredible success. Few people know that she still has another son, Jackson Mahomes – a social media star. He currently has more than 700,000 followers on Tiktok.

She also has a daughter, Mia Randall. The father’s identity is entirely confidential.

Randi Martin: Career and Net Worth

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She used to be a full-time mother.

Martin Randi married Patrick Lavon Mahomes, Sr, almost immediately after high school so that she couldn’t continue her further education. 

Soon after, they welcomed their first child, so she opted to be a full-time mother and wife. She focused on raising her children and being a supportive wife.

However, she used to be the Quarterly Journal of Experimental Psychology and now works as a private events coordinator for Hollytree Country Club in Texas.

Regardless of being a working mom, she is very present in all of her children’s lives. She is supportive and plays an integral role in all of their lives.

Randi Martin has a net worth of about $2 million. This number is highly reasonable when her son owns one of the most expensive contracts in NFL history.

Other information about Randi Martin’s career is quite vague. A source claims that she is working as an event organizer in Texas. Randi Martin also loves charity and organized a fundraiser for Variety KC on her birthday.

In high school, Randi Martin was also a cheerleader.

Final Thoughts

Who is Patrick Mahomes’ mother? That person is Randi Martin.

Regardless of personal life information, it is undeniable that Randi Mahomes has had a significant influence on her children. Her way of educating and taking care of her children has contributed to building the young NFL hero later.

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