How Long Is a Football Game? You Might Be Wrong!

Many people have questions about how long is a football game. Some people may wonder what the length of a football game is, or what average length of NFL game is. This article will address these questions and give answers to them.

A typical NFL game lasts for about three hours from start to finish including both halves of play. By the time the clock runs out, around 150 minutes must have transpired.

What is NFL Football?

NFL is the National Football League. The league consists of two conferences, the AFC and the NFC. The two conferences each have sixteen teams. In each conference, four division winners qualify for the playoffs and a wild card team qualifies in each conference as well.

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What Types of American Football Game?

There are various types of American football. There is high school football, college football and professional football. The most popular game is professional football, which is played in the National Football League.

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College football games are played by the best players from colleges around the country, while high school games are played by young adults in high schools across the US.

How long is a Football Game?

A pro-football game lasts longer than a typical college game as the NFL games last for more than three hours. A football game often lasts more than four hours in length, including overtime periods if applicable.

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High School Football Game

High school football games are shorter than college football games. A typical high school game lasts for about two hours from start to finish. By the time the clock runs out, around 90 minutes must have transpired.

NFL Football Game

An average National Football League game lasts just over three hours in length and takes place over two halves of play

Teams in the National Football League take turns playing each other on normal week days at 4pm EST and an hour before their local time of home venue. A football game often lasts more than four hours in length, including overtime periods if applicable.

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What Time Does a Football Game Start and Finish?

Football games usually start late in the afternoon. Most games are played late in the afternoon. However, an increasing number of games are scheduled for night time play. These games are typically played on Thursday and Monday nights.

What Is the Length of Football Game When Overtime Starts?

Football game times generally increase when overtime begins in the playoffs or after one team gets a winning streak long enough to trigger a point differential rule (for example, eight straight wins).

In these cases, a game may last well over four hours. When this happens, it is typical for each team to receive two timeouts during overtime, and most of the time the overtime periods are twelve minutes long.

What Is the Average Length of a Football Game?

The average length of an NFL football game without any stoppages or interruptions in play is about three hours and fifteen minutes

This number changes slightly depending on how much time has elapsed from the last time that a stoppage occurs, such as when there is an injury timeout or penalty enforcement.

In a typical NFL game, about thirty to fifty minutes is spent by halftime and the end of the game. This means that an average football game lasts three hours and fifteen minutes from start to finish.

How Many Plays in a Football Game?

NFL games have between 60 and 80 plays during each half of play. This number varies slightly from year-to-year depending on how much time is used in the first half, but roughly 60 to 80 plays are used.

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Each side of the ball is allowed to call one play at a time. There are limits on the number of plays that can be run in a quarter, but these limits are sometimes adjusted by the coaches.

Who Invented Football?

It is not known who invented football. However, some historians believe that it was probable that several different games had come into existence simultaneously and independently in various places of the world. Let’s find out with When was the NFL founded.

For example, American football developed from rugby and soccer, while Canadian football evolved from rugby and Australian rules football.


The information about NFL football rules and Football is the most frequently asked questions about the sport. It’s easy to understand that these facts are important to know for any player, fan or only person interested in reading more about this American sport. If you’re interested in the NFL, you can check the NFL stats page and feel free to browse other articles as well.

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