[REVIEWS] Top 10 Best Youth Football Cleats 2023

Best youth football cleats are important for players who are kids. Currently, the market for real football cleats is increasingly diversified, with more options from well-known footwear brands, with the constant launch of new products and improved quality and technology. From early 2022 until now we have received many new collections from NIKE, ADIDAS, PUMA, or Under Armour. 

Best Youth Football Cleats 2023

Nike Kids Alpha Menace Shark BG Football Cleats

The Nike Kids Alpha Menace Shark is a cheap football cleat with lots of strokes in Groeslon. This brand cleat is comfortable to play with and offers the necessary support and protection, as well as excellent traction on all aspects of the game.

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  • Kind to wide feet. 
  • Snug fit. 
  • One of the best cleats has catching-eye design.
  • It is a fantastic shoe for its price.
  • These best youth football cleats are very comfortable to play.
  • Quite durable. It also adheres well when wet. 
  • This brand cleat has a great grip.
  • These best cleats provide adequate support for the heel and ankle.
  • Suitable for baseball and softball.


  • Takes some time to turn around. 

Under Armour Kids’ C1n Mc Jr. Football Shoe

Under Armour, C1N MC Jr is a high-quality football shoe that works well on the court, which according to the owner, these cleats are very stylish, comfortable, and nice, but buyers can get them. Get the same or even better gaming experience with cheap cleats like UA Highlight MC.

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  • A nice football cleat.
  • These top youth football cleats fit like gloves. 
  • Quite comfortable to play. 
  • Works well as expected.
  • Have good ankle support. 


  • According to many buyers, Under Armor C1N MC Jr is expensive. 

Adidas Performance Men’s Crazyquick Mid D Football Cleat

The Adidas Performance Men’s Crazyquick Mid D for men is a high-performance football cleat best suited for active safety guards, with toes, quick and agility. The toes provide a fast, natural, and balanced movement. If you are a high-performance football player or love to hit the ball then these cleats may be the right choice for your kids.

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  • Great traction.
  • Provides flexibility, comfort, and support
  • This Adidas cleat provides more natural foot movement
  • One of the best cleats allows for quick movement which is ideal for a beginner or youth players.
  • This brand shoes is very light.
  • The cleats are well ventilated. 
  • The cleat corresponds to the size desired by most wearers. 


  • Some customers have commented that these shoes are difficult to clean.

Nike Kids’ Vapor Edge Shark Shoes

These best football cleats are fast on the field and hardly comparable in price and performance. Find a good value for money and improved performance with the Nike Kids’ Vapor Edge Shark football cleat.

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  • The Nike Kids’ Vapor Edge Shark accelerates on the football field.
  • These Nike top ten football shoes are light and easy to sprint.
  • The Nike Kids’ Vapor Edge Shark looks sharp. 
  • The price is very good for the quality. 
  • Very comfortable. 
  • Provides a good grip on the pitch. 
  • These shoes are very supportive.


  • There is no complaint about this product.

Under Armour Kids’ Hammer Mid Rm Jr. Football Shoe

Kids Hammer Mid RM is a great budget from Under Armor. The die-cut EVA offers comfort and stability in hand-to-hand combat. Middle and upper dentures support the foot by providing flirting.  Overall, Under Armor Kids ’Hammer Mid RM is a good choice for competitors looking for a comfortable support cleat that will last the entire football season. 

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  • This is good quality cleats for the price.
  • Very comfortable at the mid-range price.
  • Ankle support
  • Hold up very well
  • Stylish with black and white
  • Comfortable for wide feet. 


  • Kids’ Hammer Mid RM needed more cushioning.

Nike Kids Alpha Shark 2 3/4 Bg Football Cleat

The Nike Boys Alpha Shark 2 3/4 Shark BG is an affordable shoe that delivers great performance on the court. Synthetic leather upper for great comfort and good support. Nike Fastflex technology also gives football players a firm grip from all sides. So if you’re on a budget but still want reliable performance, the Nike Boys Alpha Shark 2 3/4 are the best youth football cleats 2023 you should consider for kids.

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  • The best cleats with great performance
  • Well made and well maintained.
  • These Nike shoes are very fitting
  • The Nike Boys Alpha Shark 2 3/4 Shark BG is affordable.
  • Very comfortable to wear.
  • Good traction.
  • Good ankle support. 


  • May not be a good option for people with wide legs.

Under Armour Men’s UA Highlight MC Lacrosse Cleats

Make plays impossible like normal matches with the Under Armor Highlight MC shoes. The newly zoned upper improves stability, while a stepped-away handle improves the mowing motion in all directions. 81pdR%2B9dLuL. AC UX695


  • A great product for football and  lacrosse.
  • Under Armour cleats are very light.
  • Has a very good grip. 
  • Very comfortable.


  • Many buyers complain that the MC Highlights UA is narrow.

Nike Alpha Pro 2 TD Low Silver-Volt Men’s Shoes

Nike Alpha Pro 2 TD football cleat provides cushioning and support with low precision, ideal for technical football players and defenders who have a marginal impact on the game.

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  • Very comfortable on the feet.
  • Amazing because of the price.
  • High quality of the materials.
  • Affordable price.


  • Some owners have noticed that the Nike Alpha Pro 2 TD is small.

Under Armour Men’s Spotlight Franchise Rm Shoes

With Under Armor Spotlight Franchise RM you are ready to shine on the soccer field. The full-length midsole offers unmatched comfort, while the trio with upper and lower focal points provides stability. 

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  • Very comfortable to wear.
  • Reasonable price.
  • Eye-catching design.
  • These youth football cleats 2016 are very durable. 
  • Have high quality.
  • Provides good ankle support. 


  • Not enough reviews found for this section. 

Nike Youth Mercurial Superfly 7 Shoes 

The Nike Youth Mercurial Superfly 7 is designed to accelerate and drive project innovation to a new level. This offers comfortable driving in the field. It also has the best grip. For parents who want their kids to speed up the field without spending too much money, this pair of cleats is your child’s fighter.

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  • Soft and light.
  • The Nike cleats are perfect to be out of the box. 
  • The traction and grip of this cleat profile work well. 
  • Good control even in wet conditions.
  • Reviewers say that this mid-pair has a secure fit. 


  • Belongs to the top price range.
  • This limited edition design is a challenge to get this shoe.

Necessary factors when choosing to buy football cleats for youth

Football cleats should offer comfort for feet 

First and foremost, comfort is the first thing you should focus on. The primary goal should be to make sure that the shoe fits so that you do not cause unfortunate personal injury or wear and tear by having the wrong size, not the right size. It sounds difficult but quite simple. 

This is the first criterion to focus on when choosing children’s shoes. Choosing the right products for youth increases comfort while moving. Besides, it also avoids the risk of leg injuries. Or, limit scratching if you wear shoes that are too tight. When choosing pair of cleats for youth, you need to let them try on the shoes and let them go a few times to feel. If the child feels comfortable without discomfort, it is the right shoe for feet. 

shoes need to ensure comfort

Shoes need to ensure comfort

Parents should try to get their children to try on the cleats and ask them if they feel uncomfortable or uncomfortable walking. 

Choose the right size

Children grow up quite quickly, so when choosing children’s shoes, you should focus on their feet. Make sure that pair of cleats for youth that will not be used for a few weeks is the correct size.

Always make sure you have a little more than your kid’s toe when wearing shoes. You can use the toe to press down on the toe of the shoe. If it exceeds 1-1. 5 cm from foot to foot is appropriate. Choose comfortable, comfy shoes that provide comfort when you move. Here are some notes when choosing shoes for children:

  • Do not choose cleats for youth with the same normal shoe size. Should choose a pair of football shoe size which is 1 size smaller than normal boots.
  • For children with wide feet, it is advisable to choose a reasonable shoe shape. 
  • Football cleat may be redundant, but be sure to hold legs and avoid slipping.
  • Ensure comfort, avoid obstructing blood circulation. 

Choose cleats for youth according to the gameplay

Cleats with different construction will suit different positions. Quick kick, focus on hitting goals, you need to choose light shoes, good grip, and not thick leather. Solid stone, rhythmic coordination, should choose shoes with density, slightly thick skin to facilitate control and place the ball. Choose basic cleats for a new football player. 

choose shoes according to playing position

Choose shoes according to playing position

Match the ground

Not only is it important to choose the right shoe size, but also to choose the right shoes for the pitch to safe. You need to choose a pair of shoes with a good grip to avoid slipping or losing momentum as you increase your speed of movement.

At the moment, according to the types of football pitches, you are divided into many types of football cleats as follows:

  • TF: This type of football cleat is widely used in Vietnam. TF shoes are suitable for artificial territory, low or inert territory. The pin is designed with rubber to maintain a good grip. Besides, the sturdy shoe sole can help achieve smooth movements, which aids the safety of children in all activities on the football field. 
  • AG: These types of football cleat is suitable for artificial terrain. Especially suitable for the garden with a certain residence and a thick grass surface. These shoes cannot be played on concrete yards. 
  • IC: These are football cleats for children that are suitable for play on the school grounds, concrete fields, or on the street. This is a flat football shoe that is great to hold on a hard flat field. 
  • FG: These are professional football cleats that can be used on both grass and artificial grass. However, this product is quite expensive, so parents should consider it when buying for children. 

Buy authentic shoes

Currently, on the market, there are countless imitation cleats for youth from top brands. They have a special thing about being beautiful, cheap, but on the other hand, the quality is pretty poor. Meanwhile, there are genuine shoes with very soft prices, the quality is more assured and fully guaranteed. Depending on their circumstances, you need to choose a football cleats for you.

choose genuine shoes

Choose genuine shoes

Reasonable price

To ensure the safety of children who play football, it is very important to choose the appropriate quality football cleat. This does not mean owning expensive shoes. Therefore, there are many factors that you have to rely on and make the final decision when choosing a pair of shoes for kids. 

Choose the brand, material, and color shoes 

Currently, there are many brands of soccer shoes for kids like Nike, Adidas, Under Armour which are very popular. There are many famous players representing sports shoe brands like CR7, Neymar is the representative of Nike. Messi represents the shoe company Adidas. Parents can choose the shoe brand according to their small interests or Idol preferences to create inspiration and motivation to play.

choose the right shoe material

Choose the right shoe material

When choosing the material for children’s football shoes, parents should choose synthetic leather. Since this material has good durability, it is easy to clean. Or choose leather shoes that are very soft and shaped the most comfortably. However, it is somewhat difficult to clean and preserve.

Listen to your kid’s preferences before choosing a shoe color. Because color is a way to express a child’s personality on the field. 

Consult for advice

If possible, contact the experts for a moment. Experienced people make it easier to choose cleats for youth.

Choose s good football cleat selling address

Once learned and summed up many experiences of buying a pair of cleats for youth. The main thing is to choose a reputable store address or reputable e-commerce site for example amazon com. Choose an authentic high-quality sales address. Say no to counterfeit, counterfeit, and poor-quality products.

Necessary factors when choosing to buy football cleats for youth

Necessary factors when choosing to buy football cleats for youth

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of football cleats for youth are they?

There are many types of football cleats for youth on the market, but the most popular are FG, SG, AG. 

What are authentic football cleats for youth?

Real kid’s football cleats are shoes of real origin. Many brands produce genuine kids’ soccer shoes like Nike, Adidas, Under Armour. Nike and Adidas are the two most famous brands and have very high genuine prices compared to the brands.

With the popularity of these brands, children often want parents to buy shoes from these brands for themselves. However, with the high price tag, many parents are still curious when they choose to buy youth football cleats for their kids (despite the financial surplus). 

The reason is that children get bigger, so their legs will grow very quickly and have to change shoes constantly. This creates more waste, otherwise, the shoe will become unusable after a few months because it is tight. 

Can the shoes be used for both boys and girls?

Yes, football cleats have no gender. Does some kind of question feel like sex is different because the legs of men and women are different? Of course, pay attention to the size of the shoes, usually, the sizes of the boys are larger than those of the girls.

Should youth football cleats be washed in the washing machine?

Football cleats for youth can not be washed in the washing machine. 

best youth football cleats 2021

Shoes may be damaged during machine washing

Can football cleats for youth cause harm to children?

Likely. As mentioned above, some shoes have sharp metal knobs and can easily cause pain and injury. 

Do Football cleats for youth help kids run faster?

This is a difficult question to answer. Do best youth football cleats make kids faster? Yes, shoes can allow the children to move faster. Some football supports are made of lighter materials to make driving easier, and even upper features like pointed profiles help ensure stability and acceleration. 

Can children’s shoes be repaired if damaged?

Technically, yes. They are all made from different materials, so if you already know the method and needles, you can theoretically make it yourself. However, there are still a few shops that specialize in repairing football boots. If you notice that your shoes are in very bad condition, put on new shoes. 

Can football cleats for youth help children play better?

The answer is “maybe,” football boots, especially authentic football boots, can help kids reach their full potential by improving their skills.

best youth football cleats

Frequently Asked Questions


Above you will find information on how to choose football cleats for youth, as well as the top 10 popular 2023 football cleats on the market. Hopefully, with these evaluations, parents or coaches will have more options for choosing good shoes that will help facilitate the development of the country’s football talents. 

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