Who Has The Most Buzzer Beaters In NBA History?

Game-winning buzzer beaters have always been a mysterious factor that makes every NBA game unpredictable and exciting. What could be better than a comeback victory in the final seconds of the game? The players who make a lot of buzzer beaters are always in the minds of fans.

So, who has the most buzzer beaters in NBA history? Michael Jordan with nine buzzer beaters. Although he has retired, Jordan’s shadow is still difficult to overcome.

Except for Michael Jordan, do you know any other names? Let’s find out the top 10 game winning shots NBA of all time with Langley Rams.

Who Has The Most Buzzer Beaters In NBA History?

We already know the top spot belongs to “His Airness,” but what about the rest? This section will help you learn about the owners of powerful buzzer-beaters and their achievements.

Let’s start from 10th place.

10. Kevin Garnett – 5 game winning buzzer beaters

  • Position: F/C.
  • Seasons: 21 (1995-2016).

who has the most buzzer beaters in nba history langleyrams 1

Kevin Garnett

Kevin Garnett is the only non-perimeter player on this list. His greatest strength lies in his overwhelming power. Garnett’s dunks always make the opponent’s basket wobble.

Four of Kevin Garnett’s five two-point clutch shots were with the Minnesota Timberwolves. The last one was the most crucial shot as it helped him grasp his first and only championship with the Boston Celtics.

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9. Vince Carter – 5 game winning buzzer beaters

  • Position: G/F.
  • Seasons: 22 (1998-present).

who has the most buzzer beaters in nba history langleyrams 2

Vince Carter

Vince Carter is the next person on the list to own the most game winning shots in NBA history. Known as an all-round scorer, Carter has eight appearances in the prestigious All-Stars squad.

In the later stages of his career, Vince Carter transformed into a formidable three-pointer.

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Of the five buzzer beaters he owns, the most famous one came in Game 3 of the first game-round of the NBA Playoffs in 2014. Thanks to this three-point corner shot, the Dallas Mavericks had a memorable win over San Antonio. Spurs.

8. Andre Iguodala – 5 game winning buzzer beaters

  • Position: G/F.
  • Seasons: 16 (2004-present).

who has the most buzzer beaters in nba history langleyrams 3

Andre Iguodala

One of the Philadelphia 76ers’ key shooters, Andre Iguodala, is next on the list. He is an all-around basketball player when he possesses good late-court defense.

During his time with the 76ers, Iguodala performed brilliantly with three buzzer beaters that sealed the victory. After moving to the Golden State Warriors, he went on to add a few more shots.

Being on the All-Stars list is an inevitable part of Andre Iguodala’s achievements. His career culminated with three NBA championships with the Warriors. Iguodala currently plays for the Miami Heats.

7.  Gilbert Arenas – 5 game winning buzzer beaters

  • Position: G.
  • Seasons: 11 (2001-12).

who has the most buzzer beaters in nba history langleyrams 4

Gilbert Arenas

Agent Zero was one of the coldest goalscorers on the court at his peak. The fact that all five game winners of Arenas have no support from teammates is the most evident proof. He’s done all of them during his stint under the Washington Wizards.

The buzzer beater in the confrontation with Utah Jazz made a strong impression on the audience. Not just because it was a game-defining throw but also because of Gilbert Arenas’ confident attitude. Even before the ball went over the net, he gave the victory sign with both hands. Impressive!

6. Dwyane Wade – 5 game winning game buzzer beaters

  • Position: G.
  • Seasons: 16 (2003-19).

who has the most buzzer beaters in nba history langleyrams 5

Dwyane Wade

Dwyane Wade – the legend of the Miami Heat – has shown himself that he can shine. His five legendary buzzer beaters for the Heat were all without team support.

Wade showed bravery very early. In his sophomore season, the three-time NBA winner performed the buzzer-beating three times. All Miami Heat fans will never forget the three-point buzzer beater that sealed the win over the Golden State Warriors.

Coincidentally, his last goal came in his final touring season. Maybe that’s how a legend says goodbye.

5. Paul Pierce – 7 game winning game buzzer beaters

  • Position: G/F.
  • Seasons: 19 (1998-17).


Paul Pierce

In his heyday, Paul Pierce is bringing us the hottest buzzer beaters performances. With seven clutch shots, Pierce made his name on the list of NBA most game winning shots.

He has an incredible spirit of steel and will. Six of Paul Pierce’s seven throws occurred in isolation. Most of his goals have come during his time with the Boston Celtics.

In the 2017 Playoffs, Pierce scored his last goal under the Washington Wizards shirt.

4. LeBron James – 7 game winning buzzer beaters

  • Position: F
  • Seasons: 17 (2003-present).

who has the most buzzer beaters in nba history langleyrams 7

LeBron James

Despite many criticisms of LeBron James’ lack of “clutch gene” in the first years of his career, the King still shines. The four-time NBA champion proved to be a defining piece of the puzzle with seven career buzzer beaters.

LeBron James’ first buzzer beater hit the Cleveland Cavaliers in the sixth season of his career. After that, he rose and kept scoring. James’ last throw was also for the Cleveland Cavaliers, sealing their win over the Toronto Raptors.

Since wearing the Los Angeles Lakers jersey, LeBron James has yet to score another buzzer beater. We can still hope for his clutch shots in the future while LeBron James is still in his heyday.

3. Joe Johnson – 8 game winning buzzer beaters

  • Position: G/F.
  • Seasons: 17 (2001-18).

who has the most buzzer beaters in nba history langleyrams 8

Joe Johnson

With seven buzzer beaters taking place in isolation, the nickname Iso Joe is the most appropriate name for Joe Johnson. In the game’s decisive moments, he always knew how to shine with his precise, rational throws.

The regular seasons are when Joe Johnson shines the most with a total of seven winning shots. On his final hit, he helped the Utah Jazz win over the Los Angeles Clippers in Game 1. The win was their first win in the Western Conference first-round series.

The seven-time All-Star almost didn’t give up. He still wants to take part in the NBA with his excellent scoring ability.

2019 was the most memorable period in league history for Joe Johnson, as Iso Joe led his team to victory at the NBA Finals. The MVP title is a worthy gift for him.

2. Kobe Bryant – 8 game winning buzzer beaters

  • Position: G.
  • Seasons: 20 (1996-16).

who has the most buzzer beaters in nba history langleyrams 9

Kobe Bryant

One of the legendary NBA players – Kobe Bryant – holds second place on the list. He is famous for his postseason buzzer beaters.

When there was a team trailing at the time of the shot, no player exceeded five buzzer beaters. The only exception was Kobe Bryant, with a total of six hits. It shows his ability to control the situation very well.

Between 2002 and 2004, Kobe Bryant shot four mighty buzzer beatings. He then signed up for a shot again in 2006. Bryant had a quiet three-year period before returning with three clutch shots in just a month.

1. Michael Jordan – 9 game winning buzzer beaters 

  • Position: G.
  • Seasons: 15 (1984-93, ’94-98, 2001-03).

who has the most buzzer beaters in nba history langleyrams 10

Michael Jordan

His Airness is the champion of this list. He is one of only two NBA players to finish two rounds of Playoffs with buzzer beaters. The other is Damian Lillard of the Trail Blazers.

Michael Jordan shows his form through each period in which he competes. All of his buzzer beaters are all jumpers. Jordan is also an individual who shines as seven of those shots have taken place in isolation. Let’s find out with Michael Jordan Position

In the nine games where Michael Jordan won the whistle, he averaged 34.4 points. This number is the highest in NBA history for the players on the list.

While we can’t predict if anyone will be able to break Michael Jordan’s record in the future, he’s still number one for now.

The Definition Of A Buzzer Beater

A buzzer beater is a goal scored at the closest point near the end of the game. When the whistle blows, the scoreboard changes and determines the victory for a team.

If you’re on the winning side, everything will be so much easier. But for the losing team, the buzzer beater is a nightmare. This video will give you a more visual look at these winner shots.

No matter how you think about it, the buzzer beater is still an indispensable element in basketball games. It creates drama and suspense until the last minute.

Final Thoughts

A successful buzzer beater throw means you’re the hero of the match in the eyes of your fans. Perhaps that’s why the NBA players on this list are so admirable.

So, do you know who has the most buzzer beaters in NBA history? Michael Jordan truly deserves the GOAT title when we look at his achievements.

How about you? Who is your favorite basketball player on this list? Please share with us.

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